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When I'm writing metal stuff, I think less about theory and more about "does it sound good?" Trying to approach metal from a theory standpoint will probably be difficult.

Theory just defines why it is that what ur playing sounds good.

To TS: u just need basics of theory to get ur composition to a different level. just learn intervals and how they work against each other. also read about different music arrangement styles, these apply to all types of music, metal or otherwise.
just got informed the one on the tyrant isnt a time capsule.. its actually the DMT nostalgia:

(read for more info here: )
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Wikipedia says that his sig guitars have regular Time Capsule neck pups, but I can't find much info to back that up elsewhere.

cool cheers man
i guess i'll just have to get the DMT time capsules and hope theyre the same ones!
Hey whats up guys,

i recently tried out the Dean Tyrant Bloodstorm (half way down the page):

and i really loved the neck pickup - Dean DMT Micheal Amott Time Capsule Pickup
(refer to specs on the site)

i would like to ask...
is this pickup, the Dean DMT Time Capsule:

the same as the one from the tyrant?

I would really like to get the same pickup from the tyrant installed as it sounded fuucking sweet..

Anyone know about this?

Thanks in advance.
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Isn't this what Google is for? the post carefully, i already mentioned in the post that i looked online but couldnt find anything decent.
yo whats up dudes,

hows it going,

i wanted to ask, would any of you know any institutes/schools that teach shred guitar?
i mean theres that Guitar Course at Musicians Institute, but maybe a cheaper alternative to it?

i've looked online for a while and all i can find are websites with lessons on them or tabs...
i would prefer to actually attend a class, face to face with the instructor.
theres no info about such classes, especially something around Philadelphia..
so i was wondering if any of you guys could suggest a course or a teacher?

(im not interested in hearing that it can be learned at home. i'd much rather actually attend a course and learn from someone who already knows how to shred face to face as i feel its better for me. so please if u could just refer me to some teacher/course, it'd be much appreciated!)

anyways thanks!
also check us out on Youtube! !!
yo guys!

Check out my new band, Paradigm!



We're currently also looking for a bassist and a drummer in the London area!!
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Would love to be an Audio Engineer.

find it in/near your country and DO IT!
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It's getting harder and harder to get into music, so you have to wear as many hats as possible.

by sound tech guy, u mean Audio engineer?
there's a lot to choose from in the field "sound tech guy"

promoters/advertisers just take ur money and do absolutely nothing.
so do marketing campaigners.
im a vocalist/guitarist/sound tech and also have quite a bit of
experience playing drums and bass as well --
looking to start or join a metal and/or punk band in London-
got 5 years of guitar playing experience and about 7 years of
vocal experience (mainly screaming and growling -- clean vocals
can be done by me, but growling/screaming is preferred)
about 3-5 years of experience on bass and drums as well
but nothing extraordinary.
My influences include anything metal -- for vocals mainly
CoB, Behemoth, Lamb Of God, Pantera, Maiden etc.
and for guitars, no specific influences, anything metal
but also bit of blues, jazz influence.
Also, im a studying-audio engineer, so am not a professional..
YET, but i can definitely handle recording demo's and doing
PA for small venues n etc.

So yeah, anyone in the London area seeking band members
for metal, let me know!

was hoping for dimensions, but i guess that works too
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uhh bro, if u havent noticed -- theres barely any real info out there..
they stopped making these in 02 (i think), so nothing about it on the
peavey site either.
yo guys,
what up ?

ok so recently i've been looking for a 7 string
-- i've been offered a Peavey Predator ST7 for £135
seems like not too bad of a deal ..
but only one thing i cant find specs for it anywhere

anyone who owns this guitar, could you please tell
me about the neck ? is it like those ibanez 7 string necks - thin/"fast"
or is it more of a fender C style neck ??
also overall is it good ?

any information is appreciated.

is any case included with it ?
Gear/Guitar Wanted: 7 string guitars, preferred brands:
LTD, Jackson, Dean, Ibanez, Peavey, Cort, Schecter

preferred models: Ibanez RG7321 (others will be considered as well but special consideration given to 7321s)

Case: if included, then thats great!

Location : London

International : as long as shipping prices aren't absurd

Price (include currency and if firm/obo): depends on guitar and condition.

please make your offers gentlemen!
yo bro
for the last couple of days i've been wanting to make a dubstep intro for a metal song...
and well.. how do u get that woofy distorted bass sound?!?!

is it from a vst specific vst or what ??
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I dont know if I meant "too low" but maybe too loose... everything ive ever played has been in standard so when I tried to get to B tuning the strings felt too loose so I didnt think that could be right... but Ill try again

yeah bro, i get what u mean

but yeah I, on the other hand, use 9-42s on my jackson kelly, and just recently tuned it down to GDGCEA (drop G) coz i wanted that low rumble... but had to tune it back upto to drop C coz it couldnt keep it tune properly as it was too loose...

now im getting a 7string for that low end crunch!
honestly bro, if i had 400-500$
i would just look into single pedals rather than a multi fx unit

but thats me

u check out any modeling amps ??

get a footswitch with the amp and u'll pretty much have a multi effects unit + amp in one!

yo bro
just uploaded my first review today
Zoom G1X multi fx unit

since u have a good budget, u might not wanna buy the G1X since u could probably get better options, but i'd still say check it out.. its damn good!!

check out Boss GT8, GT10
sounds good, will sound more epic with drums!
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so how do I get to B tuning with an acoustic? every time I tried the strings felt like they were getting way to loose.

thicker strings

if u still think its too low
buy a 7string string set

and use it without the high E
Quote by Mason1
But they all say B tuning which I think is too low for the acoustic.

get 13-56s or 14-58s
then it wont be "too low"
its in the same tuning as the original song ...
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Haha no worries That's what tl;dr is for man.

I paid 130 (including the charger that I bought with it so I dont have to waste money on battery after battery...)

damn for a mesa- sound alike -- thats nice!!

i should look into one of those too!

anyways bro,
have fun with ur new pedal!!
how much was it ??

(btw if u have already mentioned it in the post im srry, im just too lazy to read all of that)

anyways cheers!
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im definitely down if you wanna share some of your stoner metal secrets with me.

to start off,

its not really a secret what i'm about to tell u
and even if it is supposed to be, its not MY secret for sure... hahah

but yeah
pretty much what many stoner bands do is they use 7string-guitar strings and take off the really high string (the high E)
this adds to the whole bass-heavy ambiance of the songs n etc

also, i've known a few bands who actually use bass strings as their low E string and tune it down a bit --

those are just some things u can do to spice up ur music ....

but for now i'd say concentrate more on learning how to play the guitar and also learn about guitars in general -- once u have a good understanding of ur instrument then you urself will be able to come up with ways to make ur pieces sound unique!

anyways bro
happy playing!!
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Do you have an amp, if not you're gonna want one of those if you want to play with distortion, I'd suggest looking at modeling amps like the Peavey Vypyr or Line 6 Spider's (all but the spider 3)


spider II kicks ass!
ok so if u wanna play heavy music and have it sound good, ur gonna need the right equipment ... now this doesnt mean that u gotta go and buy top of the line equipment.. just look on ebay for good deals... i'd say something like ibanez, jackson, esp or dean...
look at their entry level guitars (beginner guitars) -- especially jackson and esp-ltd, both of those companies have very good guitars which are very reasonably priced as well..
im pretty sure u can find a used jackson or esp/ltd for about 100$ on ebay

anyways yeah.. im not familiar with the bands u've listed.. but i know some other stoner metal bands that have a unique way of getting their sounds .... if u wanna know more about that, let me know.

anyways bro cheers
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my bad, i didnt see that sub-topic
anyways cheers
yo folks,
just finished my first video review!

its on the Zoom g1x pedal ---

Quote by Tster
Get good Mics and camera and plug into a mixer then into your camera. Place them (the mics) wisely and you'll be sweet?

got all required equipment
just dont have the knowledge on how to connect
my mixer to the camera, since its a usb mixer ...

would it be possible to plug a cable from the "headphones"
outlet of the mixer going into the camera ?
(btw the cam does not have a 1/4" jack inlet, its got 1/8"
which isnt that big of a deal -- main worry is it should ****
up the cam)

Quote by Tster
Unless you're trying to do intricate fingerwork and fretwork, sound is more important.

thats true! even if do go insane on the fretboard, since
its a review sound would be more important...
but its just lot less of a hassle if i have everything
done together.. instead of recording audio through
reaper or cubase and recording video through some
other software and putting them together in movie
maker or something...
im a pretty lazy guy

anyways cheers guys!
yo folks
what up ??

recently, i decided to start making video reviews and
lessons about music stuff -- i.e. guitar, pedal, bass, amp,
recording equipment reviews; recording how-to's and
lessons ... (mainly focused on reviews for now)

im not really a professional guitarist or a professional
audio engineer (but soon i will be one!!), these videos
are just to help out other musicians beginner or advanced,
by giving em good information about the product.

now i would like to know 2 things before i can start doing this --

1. how do i set up my equipment so that i can have both
good audio and video -- i.e how do i set up my mixer to
a digicam -- or should i just run the mixer through a laptop
and use the webcam on that ?? (btw my mixer's an Alesis
MultiMix4 USB mixer)
-- what im really asking here is how to make videos like this:

2. I would like to hear some suggestions on what all i should
review and topics for lessons. what would YOU want to see
reviewed or what do YOU want to learn?

hope to hear from u folks!

thanks and enjoy!!
yo guys
just put up the latest song, "the day god dies"

check it out!

also, add us on facebook!

yo guys

what up

just finished uploading Scythe Impalement's new self-titled LP....

u can get ur FREE copy here---

Scythe Impalement:

Uploaded with
Quote by parsons19
At first I wasn't to sure but I actually really like it! Its a very interesting take on the song! I do really like it with the distortion and heavier sound

My Band (Buckarooski) will add you on myspace later It would be great if you coulod be our friend and also check out our tracks if you have time!

We too have some SOAD covers on our official website

cheers bro!!

yeah for sure, just send me the link or somethin and i'll check em out!!
yo guys
just partly finished the new song

Roulette - Scythe Impalement (SOAD cover)

the vocals on the track have to be redone but thats later

as for now.. check out the demo!!

first song on there!!

hahah cheers bro