Hi all,

A bit out there:

I'm trying to get an interesting sound from my bass (something which isn't a regular tone or distortion / overdrive). I've got a Boss ME50B but having tried to use the inbuilt synth effects, I find they sound pretty filthy.

Just wondering if anyone has used this board and mastered the synth sounds?

I'm looking for a tone which I can play over some clean piano and drums (sounds strange but I think there is a market for this sort of thing!!) - other ideas are welcome.

I'll listen to your's tomorrow? What did you think of the sound quality though?
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The White Stripes?

Somebody help this person!
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Holy cow! You're driving in the wrong side of the road!
The music isn't really to my liking but the mixing is good. I guess the riff is a bit catchy too. How did you record it?

Thanks for the comment.

I'm from London so we drive on the left! ha.

I used a Line 6 UX2 with Ableton Live. Very simple 4 track recording.
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Foo Fighters

Must buy: The Colour and the Shape
Follow up: Foo Fighters, One By One
Avoid: Echoes, Silence, Patience and Grace

I love ESPG, it's not their best album but it's def not one to avoid.
As nice as it is to see this working, I thought it be best if people request bands for you to answer. Read up and see the unanswered requests.
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Someone should probably do some of these for bands with really intimidating catalogs, like Fleetwood Mac, Neil Young, Queen and Pink Floyd.

Pink Floyd:

Must buy: Dark Side of The Moon
Follow up: Wish you were here, The Wall
Avoid: A Momentary Lapse of Reason
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Can somebody do Kyuss please?

Somebody help this man!

A useful tool.

Say you are looking to get into a band but have no idea which album to listen to, post the band name on here and someone should respond in the following way:

Must buy:
Follow up:

For example, someone wants to get into Metallica, you respond:

Must buy: Master of Puppets
Follow up: Black Album
Avoid: Load

Now I would like to start with Dreamtheatre. Thanks.
I put my finger in a blender to see what it felt like. I got a deep cut and a scar on the bend of my finger so you can't tell. Won't be doing it again.
Simply put Chrome works. Who doesn't use Google? It's even better when you have a Android phone: I search something on my PC and it's in my cache on my phone - great for postcodes for satnav etc.
Cash's cover of NIN's Hurt. In my opinion Cash made that song.
Linkin Park's Hybrid Theory and Michael Jackson's Invincible on the same day. Work that out.
I love CT's voice and wouldn't mind this happening. I will believe when I see it.
Anyone looking forward to Uncharted 3? I cannot wait, the first two are instant classics in my opinion.
Tonic water.

Should I start another band or focus on my career?
Papa Roach M-80.

Can't wait for their Milton Keynes show in the summer!
This is a seriously detailed list. Love the effort.
Cheers, I am considering an HTC desire but I'm not sure about the OWA as it's android... research to be done!

I need a new mobile phone, it has to do full OWA sync and cannot be an iPhone. It has to be a communications device not a toy. Your suggestions please.
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Got that. But i cant make it work. I set everything i want flip the On switch but i cant hear anything.

Check the audio output settings.
Love it. Hands down. Sploge some jam in the middle. Excellent.
Relax. It's all about practice. Tapping your foot helps, however when I first started out I found using a metronome that you can change into a drum beat was easier to keep to. Look for a programme called Gearbox by line 6, that has a good metronome that you can personalise. Also try tapping out the beats to a song, that way you will be more used to hearing it. Hope this helps, bear in mind practice is everything, I know it's an old thing to say but it's true.
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The only way I've been able to achieve this is by using GarageBand which has separate input/output settings.

This is what made me realise it is possible, but I still cant work it out...
Bit of help required.

I have had a Line 6 UX2 for quite a while now and am loving it, however the only way I can hear what I am playing is by plugging in some speakers into the headphone jack of the UX2 itself. Do any of you know how to route the sound to the computers sound card so I can keep my speakers plugged into the computer rather than the UX2? I know I can route all sound through the UX2 but I want to buy a surround sound kit and have it all in one place.

Thanks in advance.
The Sopranos, The Shield or 24 all amazing
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i agree with encores unless they are planned

This is exactly my point, all encores these days are planned. The crowd could have gone home and the band will still come out and play their hit song.

It seems like some bands are making the encore set as they go off after the main set. This is how it should be done.

I saw Staind recently and they played an amazing encore, just Aaron Lewis playing ACOUSTICALLY to a crowd he brought to perfect silence.

I was watching Biffy Clyro last night in London and the lead singer announced "We are Biffy Clyro and this is our last song, you've been great". Now everyone knew that they hadn't played their best song and they were going to come back on for an encore.

Surely a band should play their full set, then if the crowd demand an encore they should play something spontaneous rather than having something planned for the encore.

I know there are few bands that don't play encores, like System Of A Down, they just played their set and walked off, and then you have the other extreme that will play 6 encores like Metallica.

I think it would be cool for a band to play their set, then if an encore was demanded then they should take a request from the crowd. What do you think? But now days an encore is almost 99% expected regardless of the bands performance and so the crowd won't go home until the rodies dismantle the bands gear!
Alice Cooper on the Planet Rock breakfast show!
Going live tonight in 15 mins!
I'm having the same problem, the imported file looks great but there is no sound even after setting up an instrument because the notes are in the wrong key and I dunno how to change it!
Guitar Pro is a tabs program it's useful for people who aren't so great at timing and want to hear the notes as it plays it back to you. Apparently you can export the track as a MIDI file and hey presto you have your answer!
Dear Pit,

Once again Joe and I would like to thank you again for the Pits continuous support at our fortnightly shows - without you we are nothing! As we get such a large turnout from the pit we thought you would like to know the details of our next show:

Live tonight at at 22:00pm (GMT)

If anyone wishes to join our facebook group it is:

Hope to see you there!

Ben & Joe.