Should of just left the fly alone and gone to sleep...
Bloc Party or InMe - depends on what you deem to be bigger.
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Sorry to be unhelpful but I have no idea what bass that is exactly. I saw them last year and they did my head in.
Based on the look of the Yama I would go for the Squier by Fender Standard P Bass Special. Not only does your bass have to sound good but it has to damn look good too.
Bit of both really...
Learning scales helps. I never had any teachers so I just taught myself and the theory kinda camw with a load of practice. One day the penny just dropped and it all made sence.
Serj Tankian in my opinion but Chris Cornell is awesome too.
I've never been stoned but I hear tenacious D is good. Personally I would go for Dark Side of the Moon. It's my favorite album of all time.
Scars on broadway and the black keys - bit of diversity for you.
Pull harder on the strings is a great song. I saw a joke of it on youtube and when in clubs I cant stop singing the joke lyrics. It's a good song though.
I've got one on my Ibanez RG and I love it. Most people hate it because of the problems with tuning, but I have never had a problem. in fact unless I am moving my guitar outside I hardly ever tune it. I love nose diving but the only majour downfall is that when setting up the guitar or havign a service it costs more because it does take that little bit longer.
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I played for 4 years then switched to bass about 4 years ago. There are differences, it's not as simple as most people think. I would recommend that you go for it but havein mind that after the begining you may find it hard to progress if you just think about guitar methods. It's all about practice and just adjusting to the new feel. At the end of the day it is a brand new instrument.
I've got an Ibanez RG470 in black and to be honest I think it's slightly boring looking. So I've thought up the idea of puting on a pickguard, at the moment it has none. Are there any which can be screwed on? I'm willing to buy it from ebay or somewhere and then get a guitar shop to fit it - obviously there are no holes to screw it into and they have to be made... advice please?
I'm not so much of a fan anymore but The Arctic Monkeys debut album had loads of really nice bass lines that you could just play through the whole album to.
Well done. That's all I can say. I would love to give an 8 string a go, let alone have the courage to make one.
Thanks for all the replies. Those suggestions average around 100£ which is an alright price to pay I suppose. But now i've got so much choice, I may have to just try them out somewhere. Anyone know if any of the above can act as a preamp and are good for recording?
I'm thinking about buying a multi-effects pedal. Something with a Wah on it and possibly some bass effects too (if they exist). I have a medium sized budget but have no idea where to start. Anyone got any clues?
If you want and intermediate level solo, try one by metallica, it's not that hard it just takes a lot of practice.
I've seen this in transparent black and it looks awesome - ive never played one but would love to get my hadns on one, although i've never been a fan of a 5 stringer. What style of music is it best used for? Do they do a fopur string version? is it called the k4?
P-basses are cool because you can pretty much use them for any genre.
P-bass are great and good value for money - not sure how much you can get one for over in teh states, in the UK I think they are more than 150 quid (300$)
I had a Hiwatt 60w amp but it kept breaking (was a dodgy shop). They go for less than 200
They look really cool - It's similar to Dave Groul's signature (obviously a bass version). Maybe good for a beginners bass but there isn't much to go on from the pics.
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Black with a matt finish... lovely...
Quote by barb3rman
How about this one (discovered by thefitz):

It suits "all styles of play".

That's absolutely mental.
Either SOAD or the chili peppers. Thinking about it Rage have an awesome bassist too.
Hiwatt arn't bad but i just got rid of mine for a Roland Cube - Love the cube because you have so many built in options for other model amps...
I used to have a Spider line 6 15 watt - probs same amp - with all the little effects right? I put my bass through it and after a while it was never the same so dont bother!
Get a Thunderbird (preferably gibson) ive got the epiphone goth edition which is good for all round songs but Im sure they designed it with metal in mind.
Dont think about what your doing just practice and "let the fingers to the rocking!"
Cliffs of dover by Eric Johnson.
In my opinion bass starts off very basic and with a bit of practice anyone can fill a role as a basic bass player in a band but then when it comes to making bass lines and not just doing the standard things like playing the same notes as the guitarist, it can get harder and needs a lot more practice. I never had any lessons but I did learn guitar so its slightly different for me but enough practice can get you to play anything.
when you sense the funky ass flea bass running through your soul...
You can use a pick all you want but its all down to personal preference - I wouldnt ever use one because for me bass is all about using your fingers no matter how much strumming you might have to do - its all about the pain and making that sweet sound flow.
What I did was I picked different styles of music and just tried to copy what I heard either by tab or by ear.

2 other things I like doing is to either make up a bass line in my head and then work it out or take a bass line I know and change it to sound as different as possible for example take santanas Primvera and make it sound like a Chili peppers bass line just by changing the way I play it.