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I logged in for a bit, but you were really just eating an omelet and complaining you hand was hurting. It's for a good a cause anyways, so good on you

The omelet was one of my four 20 minute breaks, my hand was aching - crazy spasms....
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Holy crap, somehow I didn't know you were... you know, you.

Yeah, I'm the guy who sat and watched you for almost 5 hours right at the beginning.

PlayMadness, I remember you, thanks again for your support, hopefully you can tune in this Thursday at 10.30 GMT?
Thanks, that was right at the end, I was almost dead!
For those that don't know, many people from The Pit supported me play guitar for 24 hours live over the internet for charity. The charity have done a write up (even though there are some errors e.g. the names of the "popular artists" are friends of mine... (not quite sure how that came around) and I thought the people of the pit would like to read it over here:

Also this Thursday Joe and I will be hosting our third episode of The Ben & Joe show live at The show normally attracts quite a few pit people, it's very interactive, and we would both love to see some new faces.

Thanks again for your support,

Midnight Blue (Kenny Burrell), Toxicity (SOAD), Blood Sugar Sex Magic (RHCP), Master Of Puppets (Metallica), Led Zep IV
I dont think its him but at the beginning I really thought it could have been
yeah your right, thanks for the support guys, show was great, see you in 2 weeks!
Thanks a lot, look forward to it were also on facebook:

and we'll be live at
Tonight The Ben & Joe show will be airing it's third episode live at at 1030PM (GMT).

A range of clips and topics including South Park VS The Simpsons VS Family Guy and loads of viewer interaction! Would love to hear your views.

Look forward to seeing as many of you there as possible!

Ben & Joe.
I'm from London. It's ok. Denmark St is the best thing about London. Screw the London Eye, Big Ben, Red busses, or any other tourist crap.
This has potential but if the above keeps happening it will end. Like it just did. (post 2)
Crucify him. Or just get a nail gun and have some fun for a while.
I cannot wait for Tekken 6 on PS3 25/09/2009! (UK). I was about to buy Soul Calibur 4 until I saw this... maybe I'll just get both as I dont have any fighting games yet...
The Count Of Monte Cristo - Very good
Clarkson, For Crying Out Loud - Funny
Freakonomics - Im in the middle of but am enjoying
Tom Clancy, Red storm rising - in the middle of and loving
The Rules of Life, Richard Templar - great
Jerusalem, the eye of the universe - religious but intresting.
I love metal and Jazz... but I wear a suit... most of the time...
My Chemical Romance. No idea.
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I had a look and saw so many different ones.

Anything in particular? Something for a novice photographer.

EDIT: I saw one for £13 but it was just the accessories , Whoops!

Spicer - did you steal my avatar? - nice.
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I just contrasted it up, blurred the background, and sharpened the foreground. I think it looks nice, but I'm colorblind, so I can't really tell.


I quickly cropped out the people on the edge, and photoshopped out the people swimming. I also changed the contrast, and increased the greens a bit. tell me if you like it.


Dude, thank you very much for that, I really appreciate it, I love what you've doen to both of them, especially the wall.
Your comments are greatly appreciated.

For those that don't know, this is the Western Wall in Jerusalem

And these are the natural water springs in Ein Gedi - shame about the people in the way.
I ran into a wall.

Soul Calibur 4 or Mortal Kombat VS DC Universe? PS3...
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The Departed

100% yes.
I'm thinking of getting Mortal Combat VS DC Universe - its less than £20 on - is it better than Soul Calibur 4?
I played guitar for 24 hours for charity live on the internet... some of you may recall this... do I get any credit in this?

Bullet in the head - RATM
I went to the USA for a holiday and discovered IHOP - a 24 hour pancake place? Perfect breakfast before hitting the Orlando parks...
Come over to where the Ben & Joe show will start in less than 10 mins! 10pm GMT!
One of the first discussion points is going to be "Can you have too much (something)" - start thinking pit! Let's see what you can come up with...
It's not going to be another guitar jam this is going to be a web cast. Details for the online schedule will be posted on the facebook group. The first intro cast will be at 10:30PM GMT this thursday (the 18th).


For those that don't know I did a 24 hour Guitar Jam for charity and there were plenty of people from the Pit there - you helped raise over £600.

To follow up a fortnightly web cast will be steamed live from and for those that are interested can join the facebook group here:

Look forward to seeing you there,

Ok, I am Ben Fraser (the charity guitar bloke) I just wanted to clear a few things up.

The charity is not a charity FOR jews, but it's run by Jews for anyone in the world that needs help to fight poverty. E.g. people in Africa.

I am not a guitarist. I am a bass player. Explains the poor tone and playing.

I had over 700 unique viewers, and so far have raised nearly £500.

Thank you.
Just thought I would let you know that this is happening tomorrow. 12PM, GMT.
I have watched every single episode and have only really enjoyed the finale of season 5.

I have no idea what the bloody hell is going on and in fact it makes me laugh out loud throughout every episode.

There were times when I gave up on Lost however I just keep coming back, I really just wanna know the answers! I suppose like everyone else... I'm happy that the stupid desmond pushing a button thing has been confirmed but why the numbers hold any significance to the rest of the world is beyond me.

I've concluded as follows; The island is something extremely supernatural and weird things happen. Because these things are so weird, they dont need to be explained and so the writers are just going to take us for the fastest ride of our lives until there is no more money left in the world to pay them....
media has been contacted, and I am taking requests. The thing is I'm really a bass player but I've been playing guitar for 8 years.... Requests are upon donation to the charity through
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That sounds overly nice of you, I suspect your his friend posting on his behalf.

That's funny. Because he's not. XerxesBenario on the other hand is - he posted earlier letting me know he was coming...