For Whom the Bell Tolls live at Reading 08
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My brother in laws dad owns axesrus

haha that's excellent.
I didnt mean the website I meant the pickups they are selling....
I'm building a tele and have found this great site that sell everything you could need but I'm not sure what I'm looking for in regards to pickups. I know I def want a humbucker

This is the body I am going for:

And here are the pickups:

Also can much go wrong in regards to the sound, once I have got the body, neck and pickups sorted?

But I dont want to wonder I just wat a definitive ending. mI'm gonna have to just hunt down david chase and get the answer out of him jack bauer style.
I don't want to believe he died. He's Tony Soprano!!!! If your going to say yes can we have backup to your answer? I dont wanna hear "yes because it all goes black at the end" help me -put me out of my misery!!!

I've heard things about Sil mentioning that when you get shot it's over before you know it - which is why it goes black but I just dont wanna believe any of it.
Can Someone Please Give Me An Answer Did He Die Or Not?!! Why Couldnt They Just Show Us?!!? Arrrrghhhh!!!!!
I've decided to build a tele just for fun but I also wanna make it sound good. to start I need to decide what body I want. I've found two which both have strings though body, but with these two models am I going to limit myself to two single coils? I'm worried about pickups...

That was pretty damn good. I've also got a UX2 but my tones are no way near as good as those.
Amp: Line 6 Spinal Puppet
Cab: 4 x 12 1967 Green 20s
Drive: 60%
Bass: 57%
Middle: 21%
Treble: 82%
Presence: 100%
Volume: 61%
Gate: -62 and 2%
Screamer: 77% 79% and 32%
EQ: Gains: 0, 3.4, 2.4, and 0
Freq: 100, 430, 2.5 and 3
Verb: Canvernous 0, 17, 50, 52.
Thanks for your feedback, I really appreciate it. I'm not a solo guitarist by no means but I just fancied a crack.

So this is a tone that I made with Gearbox and I really love it:

Amp: Line 6 Spinal Puppet
Cab: 4 x 12 1967 Green 20s
Drive: 60%
Bass: 57%
Middle: 21%
Treble: 82%
Presence: 100%
Volume: 61%
Gate: -62 and 2%
Screamer: 77% 79% and 32%
EQ: Gains: 0, 3.4, 2.4, and 0
Freq: 100, 430, 2.5 and 3
Verb: Canvernous 0, 17, 50, 52.
I'm using the one which came with the UX2 - Live lite 5.
I tried the tutorials but I can't be bothered with them - if you have learnt this from them then perhaps i'll give them a go when I get a chance. Thanks for your help.
So I've got a UX2 and loving it but i'm finding it hard to master the drums with Ableton Live.

I can make beats but can anyone tell me how I can ensure a beat starts on a certain frame and ends on a certain frame. E.g. start on frame 6 after a guitar intro and then end on frame 40 when another beat would start on frame 40 and end on 60 etc...

Thanks in advance.
I called it "Stage" - its my first UX2 recording and needs quite a bit of work - especially the solo. It's only short but your feedback would be greatly appreciated.
Line 6 Toneport. They have 3 really good models: I have the Ux2 which is awesome.
Infantry Python... sweet...
Any more of these?
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Holy ****ing shit i called my old budgie Ozzy. =( He was yellow, and amazing. But he died. Then i got a blue one called Brian, and he died after like 2 weeks from disease.

Yeah he'll die if you set him free, he wont know his arse from his elbow and other birds will kill him. Id prefer to die in whats been my home all my life than getting mutilated by some plauge filled flying rats. He doesn't know any better. As long as you let him out and socialize with him hell be happy.

haha that was damn funny. You've all helped me justify keeping him. I think Ozzy deserves a picture how do I include a picture into here? I can host it at my own website but how do I put it in a post?
Your all right. He has a good life in my room. I look after him but he used to have a life with about 20 birds in a pet shop and if he doesn't know any better I'm sure he remembers that.
About 2 and a half years ago I bought a Budgie and named him Ozzy. He's been loads of fun and has been great. The only thing is when I got him I felt kinda bad that he lived in a cage - so I let him fly around my room as much as possible.

But now I'm thinking it's not good enough. He must be bored stiff. If I let him free he will probably be killed and now is hardly the time because it's so cold outside. But I would hate to let him die in a cage - I would rather give him those few hours of freedom.

What do you think pit?
Check the links - just copy the item number into ebay...
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**** you. Just **** you. And anybody else in this cartel of yours. What a bollocks story. It was limited to 2 tickets per person per card. So **** you.

I know it was limited to 2 tickets each - luckily I managed to secure 3 sets for me and these are my mates extras... believe what you want... what do I care? I've got my tickets!!!
Yeh we got 2 spare tickets for Manchester and 6 spares for london of which 2 are seating...
Basically to improve me and my mates chances of going to see ACDC we all went online just to try and get some for each other and our bad luck left us hundreds of pounds out of pocket because a few of us got too many.

They are on ebay if you want and are still really cheap - mostly at face value.

Item number: ...
Item number: ...
Item number: ...
Item number: ...

They are for London and Manchester
I've got ACDC tickets! and I've got spares on ebay - we got too many for the group of mates who wanted to go. They are still under face value....

Item number: 300266876835
Item number: 300266877154
Item number: 300266877201
Item number: 300266886666
Me and some mates got together just to increase our chances of getting tickets and we have a few extras. They are on ebay if you want but I can understand why you wouldnt want to buy there because they are going to be way overpriced. Although mine are still under cost price. Up to you man....

Item number: 300266877154 and Item number: 300266877201
I managed to get my tickets! Because of the low chances of getting tickets a few of my mates just got as many as possible... our luck, we have now got too many tickets and have spent hundreds of pounds!!! argh!!!!

Theyre on ebay if anyone wants em;

Item number: 300266877201 and
Item number: 300266877154
My math says there is no missing $. 30-25-2=3....
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okaaaaayyy not really much of a druggo so can someone please explain what hookah and mono is?

a hookah is not meant for drugs it's basically a massive cigarette with flavoured tobacco - also known as a sheesha or a nargilla - google image;

mono is a disease you can catch orally - nothing major...
Practice practice and more practice.
If you can... move out!
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To a point, the difference is that inside a train the air resistance is consistant, if you jump whilst on the roof of a car the difference in air resistance may cause you to go arse over tits backwards off it.

I can always rely on the jackal... but thank you to all! I know it's just physics but I'm a Surveyor and I'm well tiered right now...

CASE CLOSED.. - How can I close this thread?
This reminds me of that south park episode where Stans dad jerked off in the jacousi with Kyles dad... its all wrong I tell you!
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^ For not being know to anyone

Jackal... I know you...
Absolute **** all. I spend most of my time reading rather than posting.
Anthony Kiedis and Serj Tankian. Tick.
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the only song i really liked off it was The Unnamed Feeling...


System of a down - Toxicity
So I was thinking about this and didn't know who to ask the answer - so I have come to the depths of the pit...

If you are standing on a moving car and jump into the air, the car will move away from underneath you and you will probably hit the floor quite bad... However if you are IN a moving train and jump you will land in the same place that you jumped from... HOW? Why does the fact that your inside make a difference? Surely if you jump inside the train the back of the train should come closer to you...