I think people are looking at the GPS too much. Think about it this way... there was no tom tom and I just turned right by accident - £60 for turning right? THEY ARE TAKING THE PISS! I know I shouldn't have done it but I did and it was an accident. Theiving shits.
No America Isn't looking to bad right now but I think Canada has it for me.

I wasn't looking for sympathy. why is everyone on this forum constantly havign a go at everyone? I'm just looking for a place for everyone to share their storys/views/ and frustration.

How many times have you gone to get change for the pay and display machine and for the minute you are away you have come back to a £40 fine?! These people are taking the piss out of us.
At 2am you just expect what Tomtom tells you is good enough to go on. It was the first time I have ever used one and I'm never using one again.
I'm not blaming the tomtom - try and focus on the implications of the government rather than my frustration with tomtom:::

Yes I made a mistake and followed tomtom. But my rant is about the british government!

I hate this ****ing government! As cliché as it sounds, I really do hate this ****ing government (United Kingdom). Bands say it on stage, maybe to get kids to like them, maybe because it's their job and they feel they have to, but I mean it.

I pay road tax, petrol is at an all time high at an average of £1.20 a litre (that’s $9.60 per gallon for you in the US), I pay insurance, and I feel I just cant drive anywhere without having to constantly think; how fast am I going? Where can I park? Where can I drive?

I don’t speed, I'm a careful driver, I pay my taxes, I obey the law and this is how I get paid? There are scum out there who are stabbing people for ****s sack! There are scum out there who don't deserve to be on our streets.

They are doing this just to raise revenue. Where the **** is my tax money going?! Why is the government spending my money on things which I don’t agree with! I should be able to decide where the government spends my tax money!

I am not saying the government shouldn’t spend money on weaponry, they should. But for ****s sake, if your going to spend my money on shite like the Olympic logo for 2012 make it a good one and raise revenue in other ways and allow me to drive!


Show your rage to give a huge Middle finger to the UK gvt who are driving people like you and I out of this country that has so much potential!
^^ That's what im talking about...
Dont quote me on this but I think the TV has to be a colour TV for you to need a licence. I rented a flat last year and had to buy our own licence - why would the land lord need to buy it?
I went to see Serj Tankian in London the other day and this bloke with a camera was asking if we thought Rock fans were more creative.
Matty G thought it made it look like something was wrong with your TV - he also said that it was hte annimators choice and he thought it looked cool. Apparently the same annimators made the trees purple but that didnt catch on...
This is very plausable but I think you are forgetting something. There is a name for this... stealing?
Quote by Shyne

I cant believe you mentioned google... I gave it a go and even tried ticket master. They sasid that the only venues florida has had no events going on... doesnt make too much sense...
Dearest Pit,

I am going to be visiting Florida for Christmas and New Years Eve. It would be cool to see a gig whilst out there, can anyone recommend any venues to look up? Anyone from Florida here?

I am going to be staying in West Palm Beach and dont mind travelling a little bit, I know Florida is bigger than the UK and nothing is a short drive away...

Too many people say I look like Ross from Friends, also known as David Schwimmer... I really dont think I do, but then someone random in the street saw me and goes "omg that bloke looks like David Schwimmer" - occaisionally I even get called Ross and I hate it.

I was in a gig queue once and got talking to the people next to me and one of them goes "do you know who you remind me of?"... oh I got soo angry...
The Number of the Beast - 14
Electric Ladyland - 16
Appetite for Destruction - 12
Rust In Peace - 16
The Doors - 16
The Joshua Tree - 12
Master of Puppets - 14
Led Zeppelin: IV - 18
Dark Side of the Moon - 21 Heal
Abbey Road - 20
Back In Black - 15
The Clash - 15
Thriller - 14
Nevermind - 15
Imagine - 15
Ramones - 7 hurt
I get guitar and bass magazine which is ok sometimes but most of the time i dotn see the point n buying a guitar magazine as it doesnt come wit a a free demo disk to try on your playstation...
Cheese and Jam sandwich!
no one thinks its oral...
I'm looking for a new pair of headphones and I dont mind having the masssive over the head ones. Are the ones in the link below worth the money or are they just cheap?

Any recommendations for £15?
that santa isnt real... of course he is...
It's all about the bass player...
Whatever the offer you take it then demand more!
School? Oh yeh I remember that... ha it seems weird saying school after so long...
A love Mozilla - does anyone know what the differences are going to be? I dont think google would release their own browser unless they had something amazing lined up...
Serj Tankian... he knows what he's doing...
For everyone outside the US I'm a Quantity Surveyor, I dunno about in the US I think you have building lawyers or something...
yeh... what you gwan bout?
Scars on Broadway - Really love it and cant wait to see them in a couple of weeks!
Betty's Tea Room Blend - its amazing - Slightly posh but we can all pretend...
Anthony Kiedis... Kiedis! Kiedis! Kiedis!
Christina Scabbia is the winner by miles in my oppinion. If I had to to turn gay for anyone it would be Anthony Kiedis who is just beautiful, and I can somehow understand why some girls would really dig deep into Serj Tankian... Girls agree?
There are loads of women in the music industry. As for the instrumental side, Amy Lee from Evanescence is a great Pianist, Cristina Scabia can sing for Italy and theres that girl from Paramore...
I come in every so often... but today I've been fully loaded with work.... I miss pit!
Try Audacity. I know you can take out the vocals on that which is really useful.
"He's always hated me and now he wants to shoot my mum!"
I just got Drakes Fortune, I know it's old but I got it for 15£ and it's so much better than I thought it would be. I just love the non-stop action and cool jumps etc. It's given me a bit of a break from MGS4 - I'm still trying to get used to the idea that the enemy in this game just know when your around and don't have to see you like they do in MGS...
whites good to get pissed on and tastes alright when its cheap. red is to enjoy and have with a nice bit of steak!
I think thee age should be 21 everywhere. There are too many young drinkers here in the UK. Perhaps it should be legal to drink when your 18 in private but pubs when your 21... that makes a huge difference.
They both have a ginger beard but other than that I cant see much of a similarity.
Going down to Reading tomorrow! Yeaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh bboooooooiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!
I think R&C looks a bit childish - like crash bandacoot... Am I wrong? would a 20 year old enjoy it?