it better be as good as people are saying....
I just ordered Uncharted... it was 15 quid on - I think i got one of the last copies because mine says its being packed and now its out of stock! woo! I need a break from metal gear - ive had an overload...
Here is a question for all you wonderful PS3 boffs... I went into Game today and they have preowned games which all have a sticker saying "no online access" I asked what this meant and apparently they cant guarentee the online functions will work just incase the previous owner "used the code" - i take it they are referring to the serial code. Is this a load of crap because they had Assasins creed for 13 quid and it was 35 in hmv!
Why does it matter how many posts you have?
If not Gibson then Hendrix... If you forget the origins of those names they are actually quite cool names anyway...
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Final Fantasy is to RPG's as Metallica is to metal.

Everyone knows them, loads of people say they love them and claims to be the biggest fan etc, the fans are generally just annoying, and while they are good, there's a hell of alot better that most people have never heard of.

That's a damn clever analogy... well done... it wasn't directed at me was it?
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All Schecter's are beautiful. I love how this has turned into a good looking guitar thread rather than a good looking instrument thread.
Go with Gibson! Gibson should win!
I never really got into the Final Fantasy games at all - then again i wouldnt consider myself a hardcore gamer.
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mgs 4 uis teh gayist gme evr

I cant tell if your joking.. if you consider yourself a gamer in the slightest then you should automatically love MGS...
Gibson is a cool name for a cat....
I would say any guitar with Angelina Jolie on the front of it...
I just played out the end of act 2 (MGS4) and it was sweet. Really loved it. Raiden knows a few things about fighting... but now i've been kicked out my room for like 2 days! BTW how many acts are there in MGS4?
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yeah, the ps3 has no region lock for games...
online however...

edit:because the game's awesome!

no it's because i originally got a 40gb and bought MGS4 seperately,
then my ps3 froze so i took it back to get another one,
there weren't anymore 40gb's in stock so they gave me an 80gb free,
and that ps3 came with MGS4... it's too late to return it and
i can't be bothered to trade it in since i rent games first...

fair enough. I stand down.
They may have been special for their time but I am only 20 and have no love for them...
I knwo it's lame I dunno why people are generally like that. It's odd. It's like kids going "I had it before you so back off I deserve it more"

I hav eknown bands before they were big and now I dont like em, but there were fans out there that have known them only recently and love em more than I ever did. And vice versa.
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i would say no quoting pics, but you got BBE so nevermind
i have two copies of MGS4 but they're both NTSC... oh well i'll get BBE myself!

to fishy:
that is awesome!

Why would you have 2 copies?
QUESTION! I have a PS3 from the UK and I'm going to the States soon. Games are half price out there its crazy so I wanna stock up while I can. Is it true that all my plastation can play games from the US? I use a projector which is NTSC and PAL compatible....
I think it's Jordon init?
Blues 37
Metal 52 heal
Jazz 32
Ska 23 hurt
Rock 48
Punk 24
Slightly too large for fame. She deserves to lose her record deal.
This fits perfectly in the relationship thread.
ACDC - 24
Beach Boys, The - 4
Guns N' Roses - 24
Iron Maiden - 26
Queen - 25
Metallica - heal 25
Nirvana - 15
Oasis - hurt 13
Pink Floyd - 25
ZZ Top - 19
I got my Reading fest tickets yesterday woo!

The worst bit is im playing MGS4 and I just played an awesome scene!
I Wanna Play My Ps3!!!!! Still Another 2.5 Hours Of Work To Go!!!!
I bet most people have played those squir packs but my 10 year old brother has an accousit which has nylon strings and cost about 35 quid... its just not nice to play...
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When I'm in bed, I put my hand down my pants. :/

haha - dont make me laugh im at work!
Wait and Bleed or my plague - slipknot
The house you posted to WAS Hogwarts...
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How is a Jew different from a pizza?
A pizza wont scream in the oven.

Your a sick **** and whats with all the stingy jew jokes? I understand that Jews are stereotyped with money, but can someone please make up their mind are they rich or poor? stingy or not? I'm a jew and love jewish jokes and I know loads of jews that are at both extreams....
Your taking the piss right?
Tell them your girlfriends just gone into labour...
Dark side of the moon works... although I fall asleep instantly, wake up to Time, and then fall asleep again...
Never heard of this Monsoon-Tokio Hotel...
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Foo Fighters


Old Fan: "I wish they'd play some of there old songs at gigs instead of the radio singles, you can see all the different influences Dave Grohl has in his music through them, and the new album is a very well crafted and deeply layed album.

Apparently Maralyn Manson is supposed to be a genius. Serj Tankian seems quite clever. Musically I would put John Fruciante up there, his brain is just imense.
Really really wrong. But in answer to your question no it wont halm the baby (but dont quote me on that) and secondly it is impossible to get her pregant again... she's already pregnant.... are you old enough to have sex if you didnt know that?
Toxic (Britney Spears) - Local H