Hell no, you go and pay how you want. I tend to not use cash most of the time, and I'll use my card to pay for something of like £2.99.
I don't know where I would be without the pit. I waste hours of time at the office reading it and it's always a good laugh.
Seriously I love this song ^^^ - has anybody heard of them before?
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+ 10

also "DAVID kill the Queen"

Ed-i dinged it...
Shaun-you were parked!
Ed-yeah but....

all shaun of the dead..bthere better in context 2

haha yeh that was a good one. I may have to watch that tonight...
"Jack Bauer could get off the Lost island in 24 hours"
No they just act on instinct to find food and survive.
I don't know if it has been mentioned yet but there is an awesome band called Root Valdez who are on Ben Kenny's label (Incubus) and they are have some really fast beats but it's really chilled out blues style. Love it.
Is that a coinsidence or did you just say the same thing as me?
For what it means, hope he pulls through...
Axl Rose and Slash - it must of been said a hundred times.
When I was a kid I had the Men In Black game for the PC and there was this level where a man was hidden behind a door. Even after doing it multiple times I would still jump everytime.
Not the funniest ever, but in Shaun in Shaun of the Dead goes "He's always hated me and now he wants to shoot my mum" - in context it's really funny.
I dont understand ^^^
MGO is pure awesome. BUT there are some people on there who are just too good, and sometimes I dont get two seconds to realise my surroundings (after spawning) and im shot again...
Is Encharted: Drakes forune any good? Is it better than Assasins Creed? I know they are totally different...
Peanut Butter & Jelly - 20
Ham & Swiss - 19
Turkey Club - 25
Tuna Sandwich - 19
Egg Salad Sandwich - 17
Bacon And Egg - 25
BBQ Chicken Sandwich - 28 Heal
BBQ Pork Sandwich - 20
Roast-beef Sandwich - 21
Salami & Dijon - 20
Pickles & M&Ms - 5 HURT
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I love the chorus in "Wonderwall"

"And maybe, you're going to be the one that saves me, because after all, you're my wonderwall"


One song that I can't stand. Even though it was one of the first songs I learnt many years ago on my guitar...
AVG is free and works just as well as any of the others most people pay for.
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hey...its a ps3. just pawn it dude.sheesh....

Did I seem harsh? I would never pawn this thing! I ****ING LOVE IT!
So after all this still no answer... BESIDES Soul Calibur and COD4, what is a good offline multiplayer. Apparently you cant play MotorStorm 2 multiplayer offline?

On another note is Grid any good?
Supper is a kids term. But I never said Supper it's always been dinner.
Ren and Stimpy were always slightly weird.
I dont hate Reservoir Dogs but everyone loved it and I didn't see what was special. Perhaps for it's time it was amazing.
Torrents themselves are not illegal. However if you normally have to pay for something and you are getting it for free... THIS IS CALLED STEALING... and so it is Illegal... eventually they will crack down on it and people wil be caught.

But at the moment there are too many people doing it. Did you know that in the UK it is Illegal to drive forwards into your own drive (if it causes you to reverse backwards out). But so many people do it, the police don't bother stopping anyone. However this is stealing and is probably taken a bit more seriously...
There are so many Family Guy episodes. What about Salad Fingures? That's seriously messed up.
I cant rememeber much abotu pokemon - I would probably kill it...
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Sorry there isn't a quick way.

You need their MGO character's name in order to play them.

Thank you for the quick reply - i cant believe how much I had to sift through to find that - why do people post so much on this thread so quickly? And most of it is just private jokes... enjoy your jokes...
I'm just loving MGS right now - single and multiplayer. Strong in both areas.

I'm having a problem understanding what the point of adding your friends on the PSN. Yeh you can tell if they are online and send them a message... but what I would want out of it is to set up a game instantly in mgs for example. Is there a quick way of doing that? Inviting online friends into a mgs multiplayer game?
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Soul Calibur 4?

Yeh im considering that one... anything a bit different?
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on the ps3? god....gimmie an hour....

ok, try resistence fall of man or call of duty 4. me and my friends, before becominn enlightend wasted so much time on them.

but your right. little bigplanet does look pretty sweet.

COD4 has an OFFLINE multiplayer?
This littlebigplanet thing that's currently being advertised... I dont think it's really my style but it seems that since MGS4 has been released there have been prospects of all these games that are pushing the PS3 to show it's capabilities...

Anyone know a really good offline multiplayer?
Thank you all for your replies - i really didnt expect so many and how the bloody hell did you fill so many pages in one day? This is a guitar website! Anyway I'm probably going to get Assissins Creed, COD4, Uncharted and Motorstorm... however with a 70" screen I would love to play my PS3 with a friend. So got any good offline multiplayers in mind? Don't mind driving games but anything a bit different? Tekken 5?
Dear all,

I just got me a PS3 with Metal Gear Solid 4 and love it. Can anyone recommend any other good games? I wouldn't mind a multiplayer to play offline. I hate sports games and saw drake's fortune, motor storm and assasins creed on a video review and they all looked quite cool. I'm looking for something which pushes the PS3 to the limit like MGS does...
It is my dream to one day own a Aston Martin and a Gibson Thunderbird Bass. If by the time I am 50 I do not have my Aston Martin I will sell my house and live in my Aston Martin... where I will play my Gibson Thunderbird...
Take your guitar and amp and play it that little bit louder than you can at home...
I'm going and can't ****ing wait! Just the headliners are good enough for me. It's an added bonus to have a good time and the bands during the day arnt so bad either. Not to excited about most of the bands on Saturday - probably not going to see anybody untill the Raconteurs.
Didn't Homer Simpson die from leaving it too long in his fridge?
It must get boring after a while...
Haha! Some of those are mental!