Why did I pick up the bass?

Well, for one, I was enjoying the sound of the bass as a kid. Although I didn't know what it was, I was always producing the bass sound with my mouth. And at a certain period when I was in high school, a friend of mine approached me and asked me if I wanted to play bass for his band, and I was like 'Hell yeah!'. Without gear or anything I started to learn the instrument.

Now why do I prefer it?

I simply like the sound of the friggin' instrument! And besides, I wouldn't like to be guitarist or drummer or singer, I am simply not suited for that position. And IMO, bass suits my personality. Always doing some work in the background where not so many people can notice you.
I vary with the nail length, sometimes I cut them UBER short, sometimes short, and sometimes I let em be a bit longish. It doesn't bother me at all ^^
Emir Hot... Bosnian guitar virtuoso based in London....



Kind of like earlier Malmsteen, but with lots of folklore Bosnian music influences. Inovative and new, at least for me
As I was walking down the street one day, and mind you it was a rainy day, the clouds parted and the light shone on me. At that moment I heard a tremendous voice that shook the earth: "I shall give the the best aspiration a human can possibly have. I shall give you the aspiration for bass playing!" Little did I know that it was the voice of the God Himself...
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Improv on G major scale.

Maybe it's a G minor? I would suggest G minor pentatonic scale which consists of the following notes: G, A#, C, D and F. Play with those notes all around the neck
I'm not good at solos either, but heck Ima give it a try
This might help:

Do not be intimidated by his speed, this kind of exercise helped me develop my 3-finger technique...
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Well if you ask me a signiture bass is normally a recreation of the bass the artist plays. The bass he plays on stage has the COBHC logo on it so i suppose it is only right to put it on the sig.
And if it is actually only a sticker, as you all have been saying, why dont you just take it off if you dont like it?

Don't get me wrong, I like Bodom, but man the sticker!!! And yes we are fully aware what a sig bass is... But suppose I put out a sig bass and write 'Rimes' on it, despite being a top notch bass some people would be turned off because of the sticker! AND NO, YOU COULD RUIN THE BODY TRYING TO REMOVE THAT STICKER! So no, that is not a solution.
Ok, but what where who? I mean when and how and what! Oh my god we haven't even solved anything...
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but expect low-quality recordings from me!

You are not the only one
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Im still waiting for more people to make a bigger jam :P

I am fully aware of that, but nobody is going to sign up if they do not know about this...
Nice bass, but the rest of us do not play in COB so we do not need that sticker :P
And I suppose this is where we stop... Or are there any more people interested in this also?
IF it is a bass from that pic, THEN I WOULD STRONGLY RECOMMEND YOU BUYING THAT! No kidding, try and search, there is my post somewhere around this forum on that bass, and most of the guys responded positive... So my advice would be to go for it, just watch for those nasty back scratches And no wonder Myung used these series for creation of his JM signature... It's like a bass sent from heaven... (personal opinon...)
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I would go for a Gator case myself--its light like a gig bag but has extra reinforcement and can take an amazing amount of abuse.

I have one and I am totally behind your advice
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Macs can't download Guitar pro.

So we find someone with Win OS and a RSE on GP :P
Well, count me in, we can at least try if nothing... We have nothing to loose except our mental health
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No yeah I'm still digging this idea. We'd be like G3, but more like Bdozen-or-so.

We'd be like BX3 No seriously giaco has a great idea there...
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My problem with them however, is that I find the fatness of the neck really ugly. Yup, i'm pretty shallow.

Then I wouldn't have bought my 5er because it's body is way too huge for my body

But I still manage to look cool, 'cause I'm a smooth operator

Back on the subject, get a 6er if you have money, you won't regret it. I wish I can have one
Try muting the E and/or B with your thumb at first, I was using that until I got the precision on the right hand and it works fine now (I guess )
I agree with the humanity, shortening it would be easier for everyone. One recording (please not White Stripes ) and then decision who got it best would be easy and efficient
The tab seems fairly ok, I was able to play it, if you can't however, find yourself a midi of the original, and try to go along with it.
Timing, to get those nasty mean little things into your bassline, theory so they actually sound nasty and mean (not to end up like why to heck did that sound horrible and when someone explains it to you it was a d minor instead of a minor you feel dumbstruck ), endurance so you can pop the gallop like Harris all night long etc. etc.
the tone is included in this stuff, but I mean c'mon, bring your guitarist to this forum so he can be humiliated by some bassist that actually do know more theory than he does. Or they can play bass faster than he can play his guitar (not to insult your guitarist or anything, but just to show him that you need much more than a good bass tone to be a good bassist)
Been playing 4 stringer from the beginning and switched a couple of months ago to the 5er, which was truth to be told my wish, so yeah, I'll go with 5ers...
*Trivia* Les Claypool auditioned for Metallica after the death of Cliff Burton. The reason why he was not accepted was because he didn't play "their style of music"... whatever that may mean...
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Whether it damaged it or not, it would of sounded ****.

Well, if you don't have money and you get one for free, then you have to put up with crappy sound.
I've used Roland CUBE 60 guitar amp for two years on my band's rehearsals, so I don't see the problem... and yes, I haven't damaged it a bit... all this ruckus about damaging an amp is unimportant if you take care of the amp, as in not bringing the knobs to their maximum positions...
I've just read the FAQ in detail and I would like to congratulate you bunch for getting this done. It was informative and educational thing to read. Once again, GREAT JOB!
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Ben has made an excellent point here, esp. if you own a laptop. Standard laptop computer sound cards are notoriously bad for recording, since they are not the best sound cards to begin with.

Not just laptop, the PC integrated main board sound cards are awful too, I've had exp with them, so we had to switch to drummers PC which has a SoundLib sound card (or at least I think so :S )
If you are recording via PC, 90% of the sound you get depends on the sound card. PERIOD.
Sorry for digging up the post, but I wasn't around for awhile. Ima do song by song review

Prowler by Black Tide - One helluva cover!
Remember Tomorrow by Metallica - Originality... good song.
Flash of the Blade by Avenged Sevenfold - Great music, not so great vocals...
2 Minutes To Midnight by Glamour of the Kill - OK, they've given a band with suck ass bassist to cover the kick ass bassline... and the vocals are not impressive
The Trooper by Coheed and Cambria - It's an OK song, but the tempo is down, the bass is not present that much and there is this part of where vocals just PISS ME OFF!
Wasted Years by Devildriver - Kick ass song, no really, although I do not prefer these kind of vocals, but, hey the music is goood.
Run To The Hills by Sign - I am not commenting this piece of crap *pukes*
To Tame A Land by Dream Theater - Pure perfection! OK, it might bother some people that Petrucci makes flamboyant solos, but Myung did his job perfectly...
Caught Somewhere In Time by Madina Lake - Nice and original, mayhap too original
Wrathchild by Gallows - Erm... can you hear the bass here? And could someone shut to **** up that singer he'll rip his throat out.
Fear of the Dark by Fightstar - Ooo, a pretty good cover, one of the best on this album.
Hallowed Be Thy Name by Machine Head - Nice cover, but Iced Earth does it better as someone already noticed
Iron Maiden by Trivium - Nice Cover, pretty nice one
Running Free by Year Long Disaster - An average cover...
Brave New World by Ghostlines - It's been practically turned into a lullaby, but never mind nice ORIGINAL work...

Well, that is done, cheers
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Why would anyone hurt Warwick?

On the contrary, why would anyone hurt Yamaha
OK, I agree with anarkee, it is a tough one... But still, I will try... No particular order at all:

Dream Theater - Images and Words
RHCP - Californication
Iron Maiden - Seventh Son of a Seventh Son (it's the first Maiden album that I've covered completely)
G'n'R - Appetite For Destruction (Duff kicks chromatic ass!)
Metallica - Master of Puppets
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I actually liked "Too late the hero" as well. Most of his solo stuff has been re- eleased on CD now. Amazon is a good source.

I'm so old I have Smash Your Head Against the Wall and Whistle Rhymes on vinyl

That is good, don't feel downgraded! Wish I had some of his solo albums, since he is one of my fav bass players....
I'm a bass player and I luv it. Occasionally I'm a bass guitarist, but that is like REALLY rare! So, yes I am a bass player and I am PROUD OF IT!
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I actually contribute a complete lack of Led Zeppelin in my listening to my extreme awesomeness.

Off the topic, but I have to agree with this guy
My first bass was called Wife (I didn't steal it from Sheehan, I swear to God I didn't know he existed at all when I named my bass), the second one was named Crappy, because it was a really crappy copy of Fender J-bass. My new one is simply called Yamahica (where you read the "c" sound as an "ts") which is the diminished form of Yamaha in my native language.
Guys, just google, fender/squier/ibanez/yamaha or whatever guitar serial number wizard.
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MC_Rimes - is that definitely what it says? It doesn't work for me in the Yamaha serial number wizard.

Edit: didn't see the second number you posted. I'll try that. Nope, it still doesn't like it.

It says Invalid Serial Number, well, I know for sure that my guitar was mad in 2007, and that wizard you are using is from 2003, so it maybe that it's outdated, still, thank you guys for trying.
YAMAHA dude, I know it's strange...

or, I dunno maybe you use the long one, QLN079085