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My equipment:

Behringer Xenyx
Dell Laptop
Guitar Rig 4
Reaper 4.01

Ok my laptop is only plugged in to my mixer via usb. My guitar is plugged into my channel/line 1 input. My headphones are plugged into my headphone jack (w/quarter inch adapter of course). Controls on the mixer are set to main mix and headphones. Guitar Rigs Audio/Routing settings are set as follows:

Driver: WAPASI (Shared Mode)
Input L: Line In L
Input R: Line In R
Output L: Speakers L
Output R: Speakers R

The main issue is GR. I CANNOT get it to work at all. I've tried everything. I cannot get any sound from it and its driving me insane. I have the ASIO driver and yet even on that it still wont work if anyone can help me for love of god I will be eternally greatful.

no how do you do that?
god damn it. ok got reaper 4.01. I have my behringer plugged into my laptop via usb. my input and outputs settings or set correctly. but im still not getting and sound from playback or any effect sound from guitar rig by itself. I have it as a plug in on reaper. slapped the effect onto my track and no luck. I'm not getting any playback. help?
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Go grab some freeware recording software now.

From what I've read here, seems like Reaper (never ending trial) and Audacity are the recording freeware of choice.

ill be sure to do that. Ill grab reaper. do you know how to make guitar rig a plugin on reaper?
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You're receiving the ouput from the mixer only, not the processed signal that going into the computer and out.

So basically your just going guitar > mixer > headphones and bypassing the computer part.

You need to find out if your mixer can act as a proper interface or sound card. You might have to route your setting for your output to come out of your computer, or they might be alright. Try plugging your headphones into your computer.

I tried plugging the headphones in the computer that didnt work. However what you stated before that may be the answer. How do I do that?

I dont have any editing software yet. I'm just using this as like an effects processor. (if thats wrong then let me know im kind of a noob at this stuff lol.
Ok I've been having some issues with guitar rig 4. I have a behringer xenyx 12-channel mixer plugged in via USB into my laptop. My guitar plugged into my first channel. All the settings on my mixer are set where I need them. I have my headphones (earbuds) connected to the mixer w/ a quarter inch adapter. As I strum the guitar I can hear it through the headphones (clean) and it shows up on guitar rig thats its being picked up. But yet im not getting the effect. I'm using it as a standalone not as a plug in. My audio settings are set to my mixer and asio (I tried all the others like my soundcard but the sound wouldnt go through guitar rig if I used any other device/driver. I looked online and there can be a multitude of issues, so idk what it can be. PLEASE HELP!!!

-Garian Perry (80'smetaladdict)

(Only SERIOUS answers please)
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6th Year: Who Knows?
honestly the whole level label "whats my guitar status" thing is just dumb you should only care about how you think how good you are at guitar.
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Check this out.

wow dude lame
i honestly think you have (not totally) be a prodigy. Like pick it up like that. thats what happened to me i played it so well i was even suprised (dont mean to brag). but it's completely true about composition; you need your own style & technique. look at Angus Young, Eddie Van Halen, and Jimmy Page all amazing rock guitarist's but their technique and style are completely different.
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A Gibson or epiphone Guitar (any gibson or (not epiphone) would do)
also the gibson sg diablo has 24 frets
because its not all about speed my friend just because its faster to play doesnt mean its better.
lol blowing up f**king whale solves everything

"ohh look mom its rosie o' donald" lol

(that was corny i know)
Just practice relaxing your arm when you alternate pick and stuff, and just start practicing using your wrist more. Thats the only way i can explain it. But sometimes you do need to use your arm when your playing.
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i hate when people talk **** ona genre of music because they just dont like it.
sorry well im not the kind of guy that goes around to people and say their kind of music sucks.i just hate modern music thats all. im not like one of the assholes that bag on people about their music. see what im saying.
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i dont hate everything but hey you lived in a neighborhood full of nothing but gangsters and assholes and wiggers well then yea. but i do have friends lol. im not an asshole if anyone thinks that lol im actually a cool guy............................

i like classic rock and 80's metal (not that shred stuff in the 80's)my guitar, my friends and family
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I'm just curious cause this is how i think of it

When you say "douchebag," are you reffering to the poser type who does thing like dress exactly like they do in commercials and act like that and people who only play "hardcore shred Dragonforce speed ****?"
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I've noticed that people that own Line 6 **** tend to hate everything

At any rate, what do you LIKE?!
i dont hate everything but hey you lived in a neighborhood full of nothing but gangsters and assholes and wiggers well then yea. but i do have friends lol. im not an asshole if anyone thinks that lol im actually a cool guy............................
ohh and i forgot posers, when im called a poser (which im not trust me i dont copy other people), stupid people that think their smart.
racists, jocks, emos, preps, Gangsters, wiggers, assholes, someone spreading rumors about me, douchebags, bitches, rap, pop, emo music, screamo music, death metal, punk, bands that all sound the same, disney ****, modern music.

yes i know theres alot.

pardon my grammar
get a line 75 watt only a few hundred dollars (either 400 or 500) and has great distortion and tone.
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Ac/dc rocks
one of my favourite bands....
i have to say i like Bon as a better singer....

and a quick question....
Does Angus ever play anything else besides an SG?
ive only seen one video of him not using an SG and that was when he was on stage with the Rolling Stones

yes hes plays other besides sg's he owns fender telecasters, es-335's and there are more but cant remember
the most logical way is B
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Everytime I click on a song, it says, "connecting" and then it says after a bit "needs more sources." every single song i've done all day (about 30, because they didn't work) says that!

how do i do it?
also dont forget limewire doesnt protect the u from the viruses of the things u download

i believe the best most safe download center would be shareaza.
Heres the Angus Young setting to get his sound i believe. It depends on the amp.

Angus Young of AC/DC
Gain - 5
Treble - 10
Mid - 10
Bass - 5
Hey dudes its the dude that started this long forum lol. I do agree that AC/DC is not the greatest band in the world. There will always be a better band than the other, no matter what but like i just love AC/DC kicks ass but thats just my opinion i also like Rolling Stones, Bad Company, Led Zeppelin, Chuck Berry, Helix, Def Leppard, all kinds of rock bands from the 50's - early 90's. So yea there will always be a band greater than the other no matter what.
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I love them. But as of yet, there's no official tour/album confirmation. It's nothing but speculation.


Actually dude AC/DC's new album comes out April 29th. Also their touring in North America afterwards
Get a monster cable there awesome, they last a very long time, very reliable, and for a great price!
well ppl sorry i didnt write it correctly.
i know aout the punctuation guys
ac/dc is going on tour early 2008 in the u.s. and a new album
anyone here a major fan of ac/dc im obsessed with them my myspace is crammed with ac/dc stuff ppl say my myspace page is the biggest ac/dc tribute page in myspace but i dont really know tht and if anyone asks me if i could tell them how to get the ac/dc sound on there guitar and amp sry no one can copy angus's tone and sound so anyone tell me what you think about ac/dc

P.S. there coming up with a new album and u.s tour in early 2008 WOOO!!
Practice like hell!
all u got to do is work out ur fingers on the strings
just start on one string and slowly go to up to 1 fret per finger up and down at least 4 frets then just keep working on tht and just try going faste then when u think ur good enough try mixing it up a little and then try doing chords when ur ready like the E5 chord


zero's mean u dont put a finger on it just strum it or pluck it when ever the tabs say to

i started just like this and im now a awesome freakin guitar (not bragging) lol
keep on rockin man
shouldnt the settings be in the manuel
The Jack - AC/DC
id say go to guitar center they got a set up shop there i dont know how much it costs though