thats what i have, but ive never seen another acoustic b.c rich aside from mine

and on the b.c website theres nothing about acoustics anywhere

is mine something rare?
rules of attraction is way depessing though! the suicide seen is hard for me to watch. i mean i can watch saw, or at midnight ill eat or corpes or any pretty brutal movie and not have near as tough of a time watching it
what would rocky horror be?
hmm paramore? hahah
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yeah, I know

but if we're doin' this

Evil Dead, cast AND crew of collectively 6, with 5 of them being actors
and a $750,000, for THE greatest Horror movie of all time

independant horror is the best! especially ones like evil dead, wendigo, automatons, the burnning, cannabolistic, habbit etc
clerks doesnt have to be indie cause its still good, it talks about jews and donkey shows...
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on the bright side, there will finally be a worse sequel than Butterfly Effect 2

oh yeah, check out Thank You For Smoking as well, it's not as dark, but it's great

and I'm not sure it's Indie, but it wasn't big, A Scanner Darkly was amazing

true! haha

hmmm i may have seen scanny darkly...not sure. but if its played on ifc then probably
im not sure if donnie darko is... i think it was pretty high budget

i cant beleive there making a second one though! its gonna suck i bet
seen teh chumscrubber, bottle rocket and donnie darko...both are really good. especially chunmbscrubber
hmmm never seen/heard it
dont know why i bother writing this crap. ill iether get no responces or just bitched at...
i feel like watching a good maybe sad indie movie but i dont know what to get...any suggestion on some movies? or maybe even some good music. all ive been listening to is elliot smith a neutral milk hotel

as far as movies go though anyone know some stuff like
requiem for a dream
wristcutters: a love story
dancer in the dark
pans labrinth
million dollar hotel
in the aeroplane over the sea- neutral milk hotel

really really good song
banned because i rather go see the rocky horror picture show than go to any concert that arizona has to offer at the moment
i think we need more katy pary, beonce, second hand serinade and lady gaga

i absilutly hate hate HATE all of them except some katy parry but its something different than the same old same old rap thats always being played.

i'd like to here more adicts, neutral milk hotel, and iwrestledabearonce on the radio. there all completly different genres but they could all get a huge fan base if they were heard.
the original eyes set to kill singer is alexia i beleive,...maybe im wrong dunno
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What's next, vocal tabs?
NO! accually my sister printed all the bright eyes lyrics there were...she must be in love with that boy or somthin
ok, ill just tell my sister drum tabs are for thunder crunts =D
well that sucks! i was gonna get a new belt for printing drum tab things.

ok, so what whould i type in for bright eyes ones?
what do drummers use to get "drummer tabs things"

i dont know what there called or what website has them but i need bright eyes ones

my ehh sister needs it for some dudes birf day present
ohh states the shoit
oh little mermaids good one to though
person above me is gonna get 3rd degree burns by hot cookies
whats almost famous...everyone tells me about it but i dont know what it is
so its not?
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some david bowie, seu jorge doing acoustic bowie covers in portugese, joan baez, the zombies, scott walker, devo, and some really cool original instrumental stuff. defintitely worth it because of how random and good all the tracks are!

sounds cool man!
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the life aquatic!

what music is on it?
the royal tenenbaums is amazing and they have the same director
i didnt know they made metal gear soundtracks
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Across the Universe

/thread (I've always wanted to do that)

hey im downloading that right now =]

i dont get that last part

"ive always wanted to do that)"
well what is it?
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I told a heartwarming tale of my the time my father took me there and allowed me to choose whichever one i felt i would like most. Thereafter, i proceeded to bring it to my home, and place it in a bowl. It soon afterwards became deceased. the end : )

thats a beautiful should write a childrens short story
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One time dad took me here and he said i could have any one i wanted, so i got one and took it home, and put in a bowl... and then it died : (

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hell, this thread already has more replies than my most popular one.

wow.and all the other people are saying that i fail at sorry.