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for speaker cabinets...


they obviously all have a meaning, but which one looks the coolest ?
Quote by Macabre_Turtle
Are you in Guitar Pro 5 or 6? I assumed you were in 5, in which case neither the notation or tab form ever goes away. And in 6 I'm pretty sure you can only use notation on piano, so I'm not sure of any easy ways to help.

EDIT: Also, if you're in Guitar Pro 6, disregard what I said about Guitar Pro writing it an octave higher. I don't know if this is still true outside of guitar instruments in 6.

what do you mean ?

Can i just transpose the track into treble clef ?
Quote by Macabre_Turtle
You should've written the left hand and right hand parts on two different tracks. And then the clef Guitar Pro gives will depend on the tuning you select. Also keep in mind, the sheet music on guitar pro puts everything an octave higher than it really is.

can I still do this now that it's notated ?
he can read very well but it's notated rediculously high in certain parts, it should be noted in 2 clefs.
I've searched the web and the help section but I didn't find how to do this, anyone ? please....

there's a gig coming up in 2 days and I have to give our pianist the sheet music, but I've got a problem, I've got it in guitar pro but it's notated in bass clef. How can I get the piano sheets notated in both bass and treble clef ?

Many thanks !
a clean boost is just a volume boost without any added OD. as far as i'm concerned, even the LPB-1 by EHX does a great job. you don't need boutique pedals for a volume boost. you might want to try out a ts808 with a blackface fender, because the mid boost fills in the slight mid cut a fender has, and makes for a very nice tone.
a custom one (warmoth, or made by a luthier) because i'm a lefty, and the only lefties i've encountered were shoddy japanese ones.

So, go for the JM ?
Anyone have a jazzmaster or heard the mastery bridge ?

I'm very interested in buying a Jazzmaster as my main guitar (currently using a strat).

I mainly play blues and blues-rock so sustain is very important in my playing.

I love the distorted rhythm sound they get ( at 3:00 ) but I'm not sure how they are for lead.

I'm left handed so I can't try one out.

My question is about the Mastery bridge that you can put on a JM, I hear they add sustain (to the not very sustainy jazzmaster), but will it make the JM a good blues guitar, sustain-wise ? This question is aimed at people who have (heard) the mastery bridge.

Thanks !
You will have to adjust your truss rod, check fender's site for the gap you should have between your frets and strings.

It might also be your trem that has moved, check that and tighten or loosen (or add or remove a spring) the springs in the back, but adjust your truss rod first, that should fix it.
fair amount of reverb, high treble, not too much mids but not scooped either, and not much bass. of course, a fair amount of gain. clean gain, if you know what i mean.
try out different pickup positions, but i think neck pup will be best.
Quote by dgme92
Well where was he a douche? Do you honestly believe the stories that he single-handedly disbanded GnR? If so then I have nothing more to say to you, because you have these massively popular, uninformed "facts" as the basis of your posting.
And you're incredibly immature. Try and argue back rather than say "fix'd" and hope the bad man goes away.

I can post more examples of you being wrong if you like.

that's your idea of a great singer ?
more interesting question: how many of the lesbian porn actors are actually lesbian ?
Quote by Laces Out Danny
The bass note sounds slightly high.

exactly. atleast that's what i'm hearing too.
Quote by crzysnowborder
no can be both answers:
"No it isnt in tune"
"No, it is in tune"

there's a question above the answers dude
I've uploaded a short loop onto my profile. Is it just me or is the last chord not in tune with the bass note ?

(yes means it is out of tune
no means it's in tune)

poll coming up.
i'm really curious if it's hearing loss or it's actually slightly out of tune.
Quote by Keskimaki
Use the playback rate slider, at the middle of the screen just above the mixer.

Right click it to choose the option "Preserve pitch".

ah, yes this works. thanks !

i found an alternative way too. file -> project settings
project settings tab
timebase for items/... set to beats (position, lenght, rate)
then you can change the bpm number on the main screen to what you would like and it preserves pitch too.

Quote by take_it_t
A 5BPM drop might be okay, but I'd use any speed altercations sparingly, since it can have a tendency to sound choppy, and processed.

yeah, i noticed this.
retracking isn't posible though because i used loops

thanks people !
Quote by MetalBass 77
120 to 115 isnt a big change you just might not notice. however you could also try going to where you want to change the tempo in the audio grid and press shift+c. it will allow you to change time sig and tempo.

that doesn't work.
btw, i tried 140 bpm too to make sure it doesn't do anything, and the speed stayed the same.
Quote by GisleAune
I think he is asking how to "strech" the audio to make it slower.

yes, but without changing the pitch. is that possible in Reaper ?
Quote by MetalBass 77
in reaper find where your play button and record buttons is (that whole aisle of buttons) go around 2/3's across on the screen on the line with the buttons and youll see BPM. Highlight the number there (120) and make it want you want (115)

i tried that but it just changes the grid, not the actual music. the 'rate' on the other hand does change the tempo, but also the pitch
hey guys,

i've currently got a song at 120 bpm but i would like to slow it down a bit, to 115.
how can i do this ?

thanks !
make it wet first, and then clean it with a rag and some detergent.
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Just stop turning up after a bit. He'll get the message.


just say you're going to quit guitar or something.
Quote by chea_man
hahaha, im an idiot. im sorry man

no problem

Quote by MatrixClaw
MF also says it's discontinued. Probably didn't have very good sales... not many people wanting to spend $3000 on a solid state modeling amp

didn't i say that i checked their site ?
I checked Hughes&Kettner's site and the zentera isn't on there any more. did they stop making them ?

Such a shame, it was one of the very best digital SS amps on the market...

does anybody know if they're going to replace it with something similar ?

Quote by Fassa Albrecht
Ok, I'll say this much.

For an isolated song, it's good. But saying that's he's some great virtuoso is taking it a little too far.

i never said he's a great virtuoso. and i'm basing my comments on his cover of scarified, which is alot better than the yard song.

it's good that you finally admitted that the kid's good
Quote by Fassa Albrecht
Two different playing techniques, and two different tonal ranges. It's like saying a violin and a cello are played the same way.

it's funny how you have to use silly arguments to 'prove' you're not jealous. just give the kid the credit he deserves.
Quote by Fassa Albrecht
No, I belong to the bassist group. I am a bassist, so I can't be jealous of a GUITARIST.

similar instruments, and same playing style. sure you can.
Quote by Fassa Albrecht
I don't care what age he is, it's irrelevant. Some of my favourite musicians started at 4 and 5 years old.

He's playing a mechanical sloppy solo of a generic piece. Not talented at all.


1. marked innate ability, as for artistic accomplishment. See Synonyms at ability.
2. Natural endowment or ability of a superior quality.

the kid is playing Gilbert songs clean most of the time at the age of 11. that's what 90 % of the people would call talented. you seem to belong to either the weirdo group, or the jealous group.
Quote by Fassa Albrecht
If he was so talented he'd write his own stuff.

he's 11 and playing Gilbert songs pretty cleanly, give him a break.
you clearly have a different vision on talent than most people do, so arguing about talent with you is pointless.

imo, if an 11 year old can play scarified so cleanly, he's really talented.
this thread is full of jealous people.
he's great, just look at his cover os scarified. it's pretty clean.
Quote by Howard2k
Who are you to decide what is a proper representation?

where in the bible could you find something that even hints to saying we shouldn't listen to rock music, hold hands, etc ?
Quote by t3hrav3n
That's a large generalization that you've made. The Christianity that you see on T.V. and in articles like this is not a proper representation of the religion as a whole. While your point remains partially true, it's not exclusive to Christians. Muslims, Buddhists, Jews all misinterpret their holy teachings, it's not accurate to single out Christians as doing this. It's a part of the human condition to make mistakes.

true. I didn't mean to generalize either, because i have met alot of christians who DO know how to interpret the bible.

Quote by t3hrav3n
Fixed. My point being that we're all human and we all make mistakes. Think about what you say before you say it, lest you sound uneducated on the subject, which you appear to be. Most non-Christians interpret the Bible incorrectly, too. Even if we don't have it right, we have it closer than someone who isn't a Christian.

sure, but my point is that the people who believe in the bible, don't even know how to interpret it and thus believe in things that they should't be believing in. that non christians can also inpret it incorrectly is obvious and besides the point.
wow, those people's IQ must be really low to make all those rules. those stupid christians can't even interpret the bible correctly.
ah, alright, thanks guys !