Sound test on my bass amp.
Testing my love for IRISH PUNK13
Testing my patience.
I had turkey and pork with a side helping of spinach and cabbage, followed by a cheeseboard. I LOVE me some brie...!
Test for echo.

Sorry, couldn't Resist.

NOW I'm listening to Rush. To Neil Peart giving a drum class actually.

I tend to find myself a better drummer at night and I'm more wanting to practice.

Shame my neighbors disagree.
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This. Listen to Mtshark.

I'll second, third and fourth this.
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Q: What's so great about a Palestinian inflatable boat?
A: It blows itself up

(maybe funnier in Dutch)

Q: What is the similarity between a bungee jumper and a hooker?
A: It's both pricey, you don't enjoy them for a long time and if the rubber breaks, you're screwed

to both
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Alex Lifeson from Rush (best band EVER) uses one often. The one I remember most is from one of their new songs Far Cry - the solo is him playing mandolin.

Please marry me?
I'm going to be very British here and say: the Shergold series of basses. Not particularly well-known outside of the UK, but they kicked ass. There was a guitar with removable effects modules (the modules alone are worth a LOT) called the Masquerader, then there was the 4 and 6 string Shergold Marathons, which were stereo, with one stereo port and could be ran bi-amped with a stereo-dual mono cable and also with a standard mono cable into a single amp. You could toggle between the modes too using the toggle switch.

The major issue is that they're hugely difficult to get hold of, and the ones that come up for sale have usually had the electronics modified, the body resprayed and other mods. I managed to buy mine in great condition, minus frets, with the original finish and electronics still intact.

Here's a Shergold Marathon bass:

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that would be cool, but i can already play that on classical.
"in the end" would sound cool if it built up from mandolin then 6 then 12 string.
...challenge accepted.

I DARE you to try something like Cygnus X-1 on mandolin.
I'll have to see if I've still got my mandolin tab for my arrangment of Rivendell (Rush). It worked pretty neatly actually.

Mike Oldfield- Tubular Bells.
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So 3 people said they've got good tickets to Rush, and eventhough Fassa has had a couple posts in this thread she has said NOTHING about the Rush tickets? What on earth is going on?!

I've had my Rush ticket for a good couple of weeks now.
I think I'll pass.

Should I take this work experience placement or keep looking for work?

This is for all in this thread, helpers and helped, no matter how crap, useless, stupid or lonely you feel.

This thread is amazing!
^ for Primus2112!

Which reminds me, I listened to Primus for the first time today. They are AWESOME!
Has good taste (yeah, 90s stuff FTW)

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Steve Winwood
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Count Basie Orchestra live.
Styx- Boat on the River
REM- Losing My Religion
Matty Groves- Fairport Convention
Actually listens to bands I've heard of...

Buddy Rich- Drumocracy