I get the same error after play and stop the GP5 file several times. maybe is like flaphead325 said, that Guitar Pro cpu is overused, and the solution is to save, exit and open again the file.
te respondo en español porque veo que somos compatriotas...

tu dices que las 3 cuerdas superiores te "trastean" al tocarlas? lo mas probable es que al enrollarlas en el clavijero te quedaron medias sueltas, a veces pasa eso, a mi me ocurre con las 3 inferiores, que es como que chocaran con los fierritos de los trastes ...

lo complicado es tener que sacarlas para enrollarlas de nuevo sin que se te corten, trata de hacerlo pero con cuidado ...

saludos desde la capital
maybe i could help you!

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I've finished the tab "snorkeling cactus weasels" by matt ragan from nfs 3: hot pursuit

click the link!

don't forget to comment and rate the tab!

saludos from chile!
have you tried "Van Halen - Eruption"
Hi.. i want to upload a tab called "The Wanderer" and the artist is "Manditory"..
"manditory" is not listed in the band names..

¿how can submit a new artist ?

(the artist really exists ->

(pd: sorry about my english)