Here's my crit,

Out of the 4 measure main rift you created, my favorite was the last bar where you used an F (at least it would be in standard tuning) and went a half step down from the 5th. This suggested the devil's interval and it really made the rift if you ask me. Once you added the 16th notes after measure 9 it really started to kick into gear.

Fill 1 and the Pre-Verse 1/Verse 1 connected VERY well

The Choruses were outstanding, reminded me of Maiden as far as pedal tones off of the 5th string go.

For the break, on measures 110, 114, and 118 you do a scale downward. For the scale down on 118, I'd recommend using at least a tad bit of variation. Harmonizing here in someway here is NOT a bad idea.

Before the solo kicks in between measures 125-126 i was expecting a drum fill, but literally thought to myself "Wait...solo now?". At least if you cant figure out a drum fill to put here please put a crash first thing on measure 126. The transition felt way to sudden and unannounced.

The solo itself was very good. The bends on measure 132 could not have been used any better.

The Outro reminded me of Enter Sandman, which is a good thing. However, with the second to last measure, I felt that it could of been better. I've done some fiddling for ya and if you change the last four 8th notes on both guitar tracks and bass from (5-3-2-0) to (7-5-4-5) and keep it on the same string and that seems to work a lot better in my opinion.

8.5/10 with the possibility of improving. Good job mate, let me know what you think about my Outro Recomendation. And if it would be a pain, can you crit March to Glory in my Sig?
Well here's my Crit

I have absolutly nothing bad to say about this piece

Bars 40 - 43 were flippin amazing, nice working with the 15/8 time signature

At "The Wind Starts to Blow", it goes into 4/4 and from then on out i had my eye's glued to the screen and my ears on fire.

Also well done with the fades in Bars 80-87, they really made that section shine

This wasn't bad, but just something you could do to improve the song. In bars 87-91 you have a repeat going without a different ending. I hate using repeat signs because it does not allow you to alter the drums on the repeats. Granted it's fine the way it is, but maybe using a different drum fill for the 2nd time around or making a new one for the 1st time around could be worth investing time into

The Solo from then on out was VERY good

It's been a while since I fully finished a song, and the wait is worth it believe me. With this song I combined a lot of what was found in my previous works with the "gamer metal" and added elements of modern day Metalcore (the references to Bullet for My Valentine should be obvious). Though i would recommend listening to it via MIDI, the RSM mixing for this song should be sufficient as well. Please let me know what everyone thinks, and if something should be changed or not. C4C as always!
well welcome to the fourm man, in case u dunno already theres a common courtesy rule around here that when someone reviews your song, you review one of theres. This is more commonly known as C4C. If you'd take a look at the fall of troy or march to glory for me itd be nice =)

Now for the review

Twas a bit too repetitive for me, the chorus guitar rift shape seemed to never end and it was the same three notes...try to mix it up a bit by raising one of these notes a step or two.

bit of drum advise...very rarely use the open hi hat like how you were doing. I only use it on the slight occassion if i want to mix things up a bit but it was used incorrectly. Also, you used the same fill over and over for the verse. FIX.

btw red measures mean PUT MOAR NOTES IN!!!

sorry if this was intimidating to you in meant to be constructive crit rather then a bash fest

6/10...could be good...but now its not so good


lol all joking aside im glad to see someone making music like this, keep up the good work, i got no complaints whatsoever

I had to help my friend with his l.a. project. He had to compose a song that could relate to the Trojan War. This song was the end result after 3 hours. Note, this does not feature ANY guitar, and is meant for midi. Yes, I know posting a song like this on the Ultimate-Guitar fourms is a bit ironic, but i'd like to hear your opinions about it.
Im not a big fan of the main rift...but im sure it would sound much better on a real guitar.

Toms sections were really good

The pre-chorus i really really really liked, good work

Chorus again, would sound so much better on a real guitar

The tapping section im not gnna lie was pretty damn epic

The drums on the awesome progression fit the song well. I'd of liked to see a louder keyboard/synth part mixed in with this though.

More WAH: i've said RSE can only do so much

Mosh + Prog = good (Bar 70)

Good job getting back into the pre-chorus and chorus

The ending, it was probably just my music taste but i didnt like it too much.

Overall Good song...just the recorded version would sound kickass = 8.5/10

EDIT: Crit my song here
thanks for the backup on my song btw...

i agree with everyone else when they say the rifts were very generic...this was the type of stuff i was writing when i first started out.

however, one additional thing is the drums are literally impossible to play unless you have 3 hands.
When I showed my friends the current intro rift to this song, they begged me to finish the rest of it. But i want more experianced musicians opinions. This is yet another one of my gamer metal songs written like Repentence and The Wind. Also, this is not the best RSE song so if you complain over bad mixing quality i wont listen. Thank you and as always C4C.

EDIT: I have changed the solo section around to include more soloing time and de-harmonized the rift after the first solo, you can find these changes in March to Glory 2 which are included with the original. If your here to crit please pick March to Glory 2.
im not gonna lie to this is a pretty sick metalcore song...the whole song reminded me of Bullet For My Valentine

Part 1 - amazing job on the intro, the clean guitar with the power chord backing gives the song it's metalcore feel from the beginning. The rift where it switches to 215 bpm is an amazing rift to go into. And at Bar 44 when you add in the scream vocals, you did a good job at keeping a similar feel but no repetitiveness.

Part 2 - The clean guitar made me get emotional, and when that happens i can tell it's a damn good piece. Although at some points the solo is off with the song it worked out well

Part 3 - Good change up in clean guitar. The lead guitar for this again might of been off but it's good.

Outro (204-214) - This is getting it's own section because of how epicly amazing this rift was. However, this doesnt really seem like a good way to end a song. If you used this rift somewhere in the song it would make much better use of this rift. Personally, I'd make another song and use this rift, or at least something similar, in a more intro like state. Another big thing with it is that you have in Bar 207/211 you have a whole note. I'd rather see a fill there. But this rift alone has extreme potential, and i congratulate you for making this.

Good metalcore song, and since im a huge fan of metalcore and Bullet for My Valentine, 8.5/10

This song definatly has possibility to be a 10 or 9.5

EDIT: I'm working on another gamer metal song, if you want to see how it is currently just pm me
I can definatly see the One/Fade to Black references in the the first measure of the intro is nearly identical to Fade to Black, and the bass note moving from B-A-G is exactly the case in One

It's a fairly good short song though, if you were trying to keep this a short songs i understand but the connection between the rifts was not there most of the time.

One other thing i'd like to mention is in Bar 37 you have all of the backing instruments stop. This stop seemed very out of place, and did not work well into the music at all. My reccomendation would be to either add the rythem section or have like a piano or synth play some chord lightly for it

7/10...but it has some potential

Crit either of the remaining two in my sig, i'd go with murder in the sands though...
I agree with everyone else here that this is an insanely feelgood song. At some parts the drums felt just a tad bit basic but it didnt detract from the overall feel of the song. I would of loved to see more of a solo though.

Please crit this song!
This was a piece a started writing long ago, then just had the ability to finish. This song is extremely Egyptian-Influced. If you dont like how arabian like scales sound do not listen to this song let alone crit it. Thank you, and as always C4C.
I am a huge fan of harmonizing in octaves, so the intro of this song automatically had my thumbs up from the beginning.

The rest of the song was very good, and the drums worked well with the song.

The song reminded me of One Step Closer By Linkin Park, as you used a very similar type rift in your chorus and verse.

Maybe you should consider writing another metal song, this was pretty damn good!

Crit one of my other epic gamer music songs!
This song is entitled The Wind. Again, I did not specifically mix this for RSE so any comments about that are not appericiated. This song is NOT perfect, so if you have any idea's or good crit i'll take that into consideration and edit it until it is. C4C as always!
The Intro was amazing. The use of the classical instruments and adding in acoustic and lead guitar worked to your advantage.

I must say though, the lead guitar is fairly repetitive. In Bars 23-30 you had two four measure lead rifts, and the only difference between the two is that the second one is an octave higher. Even a slight change would of made it better. You used the same rift in Bars 27-30 too much throughout the song as well.

Loved what you did in the Pre-Chorus. The feel of the song became alot softer and not as intense with the power chords you let ring out

The chorus was perfect with the exception of the lead guitar. The rift was good, but used too repetively.

The pre-solo and bass interlude were absolutly perfected

The drum interlude i felt didn't need a repeat, but thats probably just my opinion and wasnt too major

The first bit of the solo worked out overly well with the song, but once it got to Bar 75 it just didnt agree with it. From bars 67-74 it had a triple meter feel which worked well with the song and then it went to a duple meter which threw me off completely. If you go back to edit this song, try woking on this.

The outro of this song is pretty much a reprisal of the intro, which for this song worked very well.

Good Work, just needs a lil bit of touchin up 8/10

here's one of my epic metal songs, tell me what you think
Just a fair warning, this song is not mixed for RSE specifically. If you have any comments relating to how it sounds on RSE im sorry but i'm ignoring them. Otherwise C4C.


EDIT: warning...i did not realize bar 38 sounded alot like Search and Destroy. I wont disagree that it sounds quite like it, however, it is not exact. If you decide to further persue this i invite you to look at both songs side by side.
Rifts A + B + C all sound too similar, try to make them more individual and less similar for the lead guitar.

The rythem guitar needed some more variation as well. Dont get me wrong, the rifts are good it just needs variation.

As with the bass, please find a way to add variation to that as well. Try moving the bass line up an octave for certain parts or add a bass fill.

The drums for rift C need alot of work. Try making it more agreeable with the feel on the song.

But I liked the solo and intro alot.


This song has potential, fix it up and it'll b a 8.5 at least

crit mine!
This is my first fully complete song with drums and everything, tell me what you guys think.
This ISN'T fully completed, and the drum part isnt finished. I just want to get some crits and advice before i move on with it.

Thank you
it was all good for the most part

the chords for the left and right guitar tracks for measures 29 - 36 i thought were a bit odd sounding, i dont know if that was the sound you were going for or what but it just seemed a bit off

The chord changes in measure 49 for the lead guitar track seems a bit unpractical. I dont know if you can make that leap from the 3rd to 10th fret or the 1st to 8th but i sure as hell cant lol

other wise great job...8.5/10
HOLY ****! keep it up dude, first perfect song i've seen on these fourms!
you have an idea, but I dont see as it being anything special like some other people have said. Also, some of the chromatic scales in your song aren't the best in the world.
idk...death by orgasim seems like a good choice...

But i'd chose head shot during the ending of a demonic shredding solo
i play power shred metal myself...

What i suggest is practice the main techniques of shredding such as:

Two-Handed Tapping - Mainly all leads
Alternative Picking - A must for any power metal guitarist
Sweep Picking - Mainly all leads

Then if you wanna learn a new song, after practicing those techniques the songs should be easier to play.
My acoustic's name is chelsea and my electric's name is ol' beasty

Chelsea's my gf and i got ol' beasty because i've had it for 2 years and it was my first guitar...and still sounds great
Kurt Cobain uses alot more mid then wat u have down there...i can play heart-shaped box just like the album version with a fuzz pedal and with mid turned to max with slight reverb
I use D-addarios and honestly i've never tried Ernie Balls...My strings last me like a month if i dont use string cleaner...cause then it's like 3 months.
I'm currently using a Washburn Lyon Series Guitar (beginner's strat)
I have three amps...
Ones a big Alamo
Ones a big Fender
The other is this ****ty brand that i dunno of
I have a DS-1 Pedal
And my Acoustic Guitar is a Squire
I play all Metal and some Emo (MCR)

What should i get?
1. My Chemical Romance (if you think that they suck...that's your problem)

2. Blink-182

3. Sum 41

4. Yellowcard

5. The Police
honestly i hate squire guitars...they come out of tune so fast...and since I dump all of my money unto customizing my Washburn Strat Lyon, I honestly dont have the cash to get new tuners.
These r just some common-sence tips that I've figured out on my own...

1. You don't always have to stick to the common verse and chorus songs, mix it up a little

For example...this is how one of my band's origonals is structured...

Verse 1
Verse 2
Verse 2

2. BE CREATIVE! Try using complex rythems instead of just having all of ur power chords in 8ths or 16ths

3. Add Power Chord slides, Here's a rift to another one of my band's songs that's in drop D (Verse)

(Palm Mute all D Power Chords)

4. If you have a good rift but cant develope it, try alterating it by changing the rythem

5. If you are playing on an electric and have an acoustic simulator pedal or another guitarist, make an acoustic interlude. Some bands that do this include Shadows Fall, Dream Theatre, and Avenged Sevenfold

6. Use the circle of fourths and's a good way to make quick, half-decent songs

7. When you get bored of that, try taking a scale and adding power chords and rythem

8. If your playing rock, make sure you have a distortion pedal of some sort...i'd reccommend the DS-1 because it's the cheapest and works if your just starting out

9. Try using articulation to your advantage. For example, two-handed finger tapping has alot of possibilities. If you have a tremelo bar, try using it to create unique sounds as heard in the intro of Voodoo Child (Jimi Hendrix), or in the Icky Thump Solo (White Stripes)

10. Sure, we all like to play fast, but if you cant play fast clean then dont add 32nd notes to your songs

11. When your sick of the E minor pentatonic, dont be afraid to use japanese, indian, augmented, and other unique scales.

12. This is sort of goes with #1...You dont need a Pre-Chorus or Post-Chorus or Bridges...only use them if you have lyrics to fill most of these song add-ons are for lyrics

Well that's all I got...Hope it helps