TOXIN. This band is teenagers (16-18 years old)!!! They already have played festivals here in America and abroad, and have toured as Bret Michaels support act!
Check them out, here is a link to their new single "Stand up", comment what you think,
at least the beatles wrote their one songs and had a fan base of more than just girls who etween the ages of 6 and 12.
actually i would do breakdown
sounds cool. really does. i just have no time to do it though. i would probaly do polyamorous if i did
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Be a rebel and don't participate in the spirit week thing.

exactly. im such a rebel i wear what i want and dont partciparw in spirit week
dont do master of puppets with a sucky drummer at a talent sho. we got through it but my drummer was terrible. my friend slapped bassed the intro like les claypool and i went into the solo after the intro. it was insane but still, the drumming was crappy. i wish my drummer in my band went to my school lol. my suggestion is hmmmmmm. how about slither by velvet revolver. u dont need a great second guitarist. drumming is easy.
well my friends r like 2. they r considered the 2 best and im #3. technically number 2 since they r tied but the duel or truel would end the world
i would take on those/ punk alternative kids who think they r the shiz at their instruments. i praise u kid for showing him off. but in reality. i would like to duel my friends who r gods. im not far behind them and we all have unique styles. like it would be very intresting and would blow the heads off of people
i must say. the band i just started is very melodic just like u guys and i must say i do praise ur guys awesomeness of melodies
nice to here some good hard rock. i praise u guys.
a lot of typos there
please sin. it wold sound so much better. uu have the melody in the guitars and it sounds great but the screaming makes u just another death metal band. its ok to scream sometimes ofr if ur goos at it like phil anselmo do it all the time but plese if u have harmony u would be way ahead of all the other thrash bands
oomg i hope the amp didnt break
i hate when ppl say hendrix is better than hammett. page vs hendrix r better arguments. i personally prefer page
hendrix is overrated
um i hate ppl who report others because they vouldnt find the right forum. well anyway when i have the guitar part. i will create a melody with the vocals over e and add lyrics to the melody u made with vocals
idk. its realy hard i no it is. my drummer for the talent show i did was terrible but i was straight forward with him and said no fills and simplr drum beat to increase tempo
line sixes r awesome but they r known for that. happened to my friends. buu since u jsu got it, RETURN IT RIGHT NOW!!!!!
thanx. im trying to keep cool but im so pumped and nervous at the same time
wish me luck fellow guitar players. im doing an origional that has a blues jazz feel into an insane metal riff and soloing over it into intro and solo of master of puppets. the intro of master of puppets will be slapped bass like les claypool of primus(itts on youtube) by my good friend. well wish us luck and tell me something to ease down the tension and what to focus on while playing up there. first big gig playing together since weve only been playing together for a week now,= and i hope it kicks a**
i agree with playing with im a lot. u guys jut have to gel more
i think strip club would be more fun
velvet revolver(i know its a hardcore forum but they still rock out)
the jazz guitarist in my hs school b4 me made it into the school he wanted by playing a crazy jazz song. i reccomend watching . play that to them and the will definently accept u.
when i saw vr at nokia theatre in nyc last may. my brothers friends are crazy at concerts(im 16 and they r in their mid 20s). well anyway, one of my brothers friends who is wacked out and some how has connections to everyone(he ate breakfest with iron maiden and dio, drank bears with zakk wylde, and hung out with slash and scot weiland) decided that he needed to take a piss. so he pulls down his pants and pees on the guy in front of us!!!!!!!!!! the guy was really pissed and somehow my brothers friend made nice with him. after everything cooled down he pissed on him again!!!!!! he then said he owed it to him and brought the guy backstage to watch vr(he didnt have a pass or anything he just walked there). i stayed with my brother right near he stage where vr rocked all night long. it turns out though in 1997 ozzfest, this same guy who pees on ppl snuck backstage into the pantera kitchen and took a piss on the floor. he ended up becoming friends with the security guard when caught and stayed backstage the rest of the day
im not a punk fan but for punk i must say u guys ndid quite the job. u really bring back the old school core of punk. i wish punk was still like how u play it(i only listenes to slurs so hopefully all ur songs have that ame criteria)
im 16 in 3 bands(yes it's too much). i play lead in all 3 and important things to know is solo in key, know different scales to solo with, and work on technical stuff that really can help u write and improvise. yes i just explained lead guitar but i would def prefer it because the experience s awsome. somethings as a band i would reccomend is play in time and key. u need that b4 u can consider writing songs or playing shows
i use the zakk wylde overdrive. i its only amazing thugh i u dig the wylde tone. if nt, then get the boss metal zone pedal. it sounds the best and is most durable
good luck there buster. HERMAN AND SAM FOREVER!
wtf? making love to a textbook or the girl u love? uh, great job there scott weiland.

ps. jkjk, im not that big on poetry myself lol.
YES IT IS TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have a roadstar series 2 for 10 years now(used to be m brother) and i believe it plays a lot better than my brand new 2007 flying v. it can acheive any tone and its a lot easier to play with its thinner neck. i highlty reccomend it. especially the s series. i hear its really revolutionary. if i had the money id buy a joe satriani model though. i tiried it once and ive never played anything like it b4
good times bad times, led zep or master of puppets intro
thats some sick playing right there. very melodic. u should start a band. a more melodic velvet revolver type korn lol(hense the 7 strings)
wtf? one of the pedophiles r a teenager?
foxey ladey aint a bad idea. hey there deliah metallica style will get the girls pissed but would be funny
we cover mop for fun and its sick but no one would like it =(
well hot for teacher is pretty crazy cause we do it well. i wasnt too fond for sweet home so yea we might change it but whats the clever thing on ur mind
lmao hey there deliah isnt a bad idea at all. all the girls would have crazy orgasms right there
im not doing smells like teen spirit cause im a nirvana hater to be honest. bu yea. i want to do creeping death by metallica but the school wouldnt allow it
what do u think? im doing hot for teacher and sweet home Alabama at my talent show. we might do one more, your choice. what other should we do for fun?