Now sure you were aware of this when you made the analogy, but Evos need a service every 10 yards.
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If the tone king can make it sound decent it is a godsend.

Fair enough.
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Yes WAIT for it!!! Will be really good.
Now how would you know that?
No dude, just no. A nice black PCB looks much prettier.
I'm sure it's perfectly functional and all, but it's kind of a disaster aesthetically.
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i love it. it's so beautiful.

Looks like a bird's nest.
My heart skipped a beat when I saw that wiring... Good god...
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but there's where you are misleading. any ol' idiot can tell when a tire is flat, its not wired to the vehicle. it is its own independent part, and a blown tire is not going to affect the engine. Just because you guys can spot a problem and understand it with these amps doesnt mean everyone can.
The tube/tyre analogy works pretty well dude. You're not doing yourself any favours saying stuff like that. It's not unreasonable to expect someone who owns an amp to be able to identify an obviously blown tube, just like you would expect someone who owns a car to be able to spot a flat tyre.

I'm sorry, but I think you're at least partially to blame for this mess. Learn and move on I'd say.
Exactly what I expected, just a leaky tube.

Illegal is what that shit is, I tell you!
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I bought the Bugera333 120watt head about 3 months ago and have had problems finding the tone I want. I run the head through a Marshall 1960a cab loaded with g12's, and seem to get a sort of "fizzy" tone on the lead channel. I've tried EQ'ing my head in hundreds of different ways even rolling off the gain and mids and using a TS9 infront of it and still that same kind of fizzy distortion.

Any tips would be appreciated if it helps to know I'm going for a Parkway Drive kind of tone. And the guitar I'm using is a Schecter Deluxe with blackouts.

How loud do you have it turned up?
Something tells me that when the TS finally posts the pic, lulz will be had...
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I've been searching through the threads and I can't find some specific stuff about power transformers.
How do we plan the voltages of B+?
Not sure what you mean?
Usually the transformer has fixed voltages as secondary right so when choosing a transformer which one do I pick?
No transformer that I know of has fixed voltages. They all have voltage ratios.
Why do we use bigger and lower values of B+? I know the gain is a tiny bit higher for higher voltage(made the math).
More headroom/output.
We need resistors to decrease the voltage. So when calculating a tube's cathode BIAS these intensities have to be accounted for, starting where? from the rectifier or after?
Not sure what you mean with "intensities".
What's the relationship between RMS and the 240-0-240 designation, for example?
There is none.
What does 240-0-240 really means?It means that the peak is 240 or that the average is 240?
Those are the voltages. If you use the two 240s you'll have 240V peak with a 0V center tap for easier rectification.
I can understand the rectification is done by joining the two parts of the wave.
After the rectification for DC how much voltage comes from it(still for example 240-0-240)? 480 or 240?
Check out Wikipedia for a good explanation how rectification works, I think they also have the formula for the resulting DC voltage (not a difficult formula but I can't recall it).
You're welcome!
That's pretty cool! And yeah, what phil said is probly the way it works.
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Wouldn't that basically be a 1960

Nah, completely different preamp man.
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decided to give bugera a try. bought the bc30 212. what's the main different between that and the 333xl? should i switch it out for that?

The BC30 is a vintagey amp, the 333XL is a modern br00tlz monster.
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This... Guitar's are mid-high range instruments, keyboards are low-mid-high haha.
Keyboards can do the whole full range..
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As to Knathras stating he doubted that the VT999 ran HT plate voltage, if it didnt, i doubt you would GET such a variable amount of difference from valve type to valve type. Each was distinctly different in gain and character, so there MUST be a decent amt of valve clip in that pedal.
That has nothing to do with plate voltages, evidenced by the fact that you're wrong and it's not running HT.
I'm sure it sounds great, but that tube in there does not clip like a tube in a regular amp. Doesn't mean it's bad, just means it's different. It's also gonna clip a lot, since it has very little headroom.
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Yeah I dealt with them before when I put in my details wrong, real friendly guys. When I bought my amp and cab I recieved it within 3 days! Yeah I think ringing them is my best bet. What do you reckon would be the best time to ring them? I'm in work fro 8.30am to 5.00pm although I could ring them around 1pm, 2pm german time I think.

It says on the site they give you the option of opting for a more expensive item and adding a little discount. I was looking at the voodoo labs PP2 although Ive a feeling that's out of stock too..
I'm sure any office hour will be fine to call them.
Dunno about that Voodoo Labs thing, never heard of it.
Could be days, could be weeks before they get it in stock. I'd give them a ring tomorrow.

I've always had good experience with Thomann. They seem very professional, and they ship ridiculously fast (usually at least a day faster than online shops here in Holland).
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I'd bring the br00tz so hard with that and a Hello Kitty Squier.

You're just trying too hard man, ease off. Don't let the trolling consume you, however tempting it may be.
AM needs to take this guy under his wing, there's some good potential here. One day he might actually be funny.
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BTW Bugeras are not Clones, they are "dependant on" according to Bugera
The dictionary definition of the word "dependent" says otherwise.
Unfortunately, the Sherbert thing was a joke. So there you go..
Is it that time of the month again, guys?
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Back when I was married, we had 14 cats. I had to clean it monthly.
Holy crap! Even your lungs must be clogged up with cat hair.
Needs to be able to handle the current and needs to have the right voltages.

I do suggest you read some electronics 101, since transformers do not rectify AC to DC.

Either way, good luck. You should be able to find suitable parts in old tube radios/Hi-Fi equipment.
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Does it put up with much punishment? Say with lots of string bending does it come away very easily?
Ask Stevie Ray Vaughan
Well, so the story goes anyway, that he used to put superglue on his fingers before sets. I imagine just callouses don't cut it when you string your guitars with suspension bridge cables.

I tried it once when I was practicing a solo with lots of bends, I hadn't played guitar in a while and my fingers were hurting like a bitch. Superglue worked a treat.
You just gotta make sure you get good coverage, or strings might snag on the "edges" of the hardened glue. And after I was done I could peel it away fairly easily.

Also, YMMV and don't blame me if you can't get it off your fingers.
Superglue on the tips of the fingers before playing. Peels right off when you're done.
I don't think nuclear fallout makes any sound. I think it's the explosion you're looking for?

Anyway, bass heavy pickup, bass heavy fuzz, cranked tube amp.
Probly the tubes...
They're pretty funny to listen to.
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Lawl, I thought that most metal bands reduced their Mids?, Lamb of God certainly do.
LOG has plenty of mids, so do most metal bands.
Could be your pickups (too bassy/crappy). Also, IIRC the 6505+ 112s have a speaker that really needs breaking in.
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Don't you know that not everything made in Asia sucks, and not everything made in America rules?

+1 to kanthras

Lick My Butt And Suck On My Balls! America, **** Yeah!
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Wow are you sure about that?

Don't you know the country origin of a product affects the quality big time???
Joke, right?

Everything made in the US is awesome, everything from of Asia is terrible?
You're gonna have stripe-aligning OCD for the rest of your life.