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I believe that applies more to certain bulbs like halogen, etc., the oil causing uneven heating. I've seen the manufacturer's warning although I'm not sure if this is just urban myth, etc. I want to see the science, etc.

I'm pretty sure that's where the myth comes from. Halogen bulbs are very different from vacuum tubes, though. Those are sensitive to smudges.
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Super obvious statement here from a fellow tube noob..... Don't touch the tubes with your hands cuz they'll explode when they get hot. I'm sure you knew that but just to re-iterate. I've never messed with tubes but that's what my guitar shop told me when I bought it
Super obvious? Vacuum tubes are completely incapable of exploding. Why? Because they're VACUUM tubes. They would implode if the glass broke. But you're not gonna break the glass by smudging it with your dirty paws, that shit is strong.
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Kanthras is right though now that I think about it - the power tubes should be pretty evenly lit up.
I think your meme-detector needs new tubes.
Those tubes have about two weeks to live, I can tell from some of the pretty lights and from having seen quite a few tubes in my life.
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LOL tubes are not the rectifiers... lol the rectifiers are 4 diodes wired in parallel, that convert AC to DC. ac current has a pos and negative phase (think sine wave) the rectifier conditions the current to have all positive. the wave form will have peaks and troughs still the rectifier evens out the shape to get a typical DC square wave form. the more rectifers you have the more they shape the wave. i think that the more rectifiers on the mesas mean there's more channels.

The Dual Rectifier (the Mesa Boogie amp) is called that because it has two rectifier tubes to handle the br00tlz current.
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I like the way it can be rack mounted. Nice feature.

That's pretty cool. Looks really flimsy in that pic sitting in a rack though, but I'm sure it's fine.
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any review on the bc30 212 Is it really high gain?

No. Did you expect it to be?
The 333s and 626s are the high-gainers.
MA stands for MEGA AWESOME. You should buy it.
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I believe this amp will be very similar to the V3 which I liked for the most part but prefer the X series carvin makes, but I don't think it will be as fizzy or trebly. Plus I love me some El84s.
Sounds like wishful thinking to me.
I hope you're right, though. It would be a great amp if it sounded good.
Sounds awful in the Carvin demo.
Don't use pedals in front of modeling amps, that generally doesn't work out. Use whatever 'metal' channel it has, keep mids high, and gain as low as possible without losing chugginess.

*takes cover*
You put it in front of a Triple Rectifier, then put the pedal in the "off" mode.
New: Bugera something.
Used: Peavey something.
Just don't do it. You're gonna regret it and it's gonna devalue the guitar immensely.
I'd like to offer Eve my hand in marriage...
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Not to make a tough decision even tougher, but the SD invaders sound nice too.
For thrash metal? No way in hell. I know some people like the tones you can get from them, but they're not thrash metal pups.
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do you want to earn some money?,if this one turns out to be good i may pay you to make me a mesa r.k copy,you intrested if yay them write in my profile's commentsection
I'm flattered, a Roadking is like 10 times as complex as what I'm doing now. I'm afraid that's a bit above my head considering the time I have available.
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This looks awesome, and makes me want to start working on building electronic stuff. Damn you, OP, for catching my interest...

Hehe, you're welcome.

If you really wanna try something, I suggest starting with a simple pedal kit or a small mod to an amp.
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I hope this is the right place to ask:

I'd like to have a footswitch for my 6262 with only clean & lead pedals so it would fit on my pedalboard. Or maybe even just one pedal to switch between them. Is this possible? does anyone make this or could i make one?
That's certainly possible and it wouldn't be hard to DIY.
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leave now
What's this about?

Has the world in my absence suddenly decided on a single metal tone to rule them all?

Go listen to Defeated Sanity and tell me that tone is suitable for teh djentz. Or listen to Portal and tell me that tone is suitable for... anything else at all.
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im a "hater" because a company has put out terrible shit? i own a bugera cab you little ****. my jet city cab is better built, and sounds better. oh and the bugera, doent even work. awesome ****ign company bro. you can be a bugera ***** all you want, but when it comes down to it, my laney puts any all bugeras to ****ing shame. same for any jet city amp thats out or discontinued. keep sucking that bugera dick and looking like a fool when you try and call people out for knowing quality and bullshit when they see it.

also, im not going to recommend something that i know to have had big problems with in the past to someone. thats ****ing dumb and a dick move. regardless of any issues that may have been fixed, they still have a long way to go to prove themselves. all companies have or had to prove themselves with their products. bugera happens to really ****ing suck at it. also, have you never read any of their advertising? if you have and you can take them seriously then i understand completely why you play bugera instead of getting something actually worth a ****.
That's a lot of stars in your posts. Might wanna check the blood pressure too, before you miss another point?
Cutez like Frankenstein?
Sometimes I do. Sometimes I don't. That's what the switch is for.
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So you don't mind never being able to turn a tubescreamer off?
Well, it's not that hard to turn off.


Oh my god that looks terrible...

For teh lulz, ask for gutshots.
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people say they do, but with their past track record, they still have a lot of ground to make up for the terrible shit they put out.
Someone holding grudges against an amp company... Now I've truly heard everything from Bugera haters.
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Nice, a very clear and concise diagram.
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Why do you think you would get better tone out of the Duncans?

The Invader is poop. I can show you a diagram explaining it if you want.

I require such a diagram...
When you do mad sweeps.
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Unfortunately, He's Right. That Weak Sound You Hear Is Called 'Solid State Digital Shit'. The Only Way To Fix This Is To Sell It And Buy A Tube Amplifier. Something Like This...

I Know It's A Bit Over The Top But, A 100% All Tube Amplifier.
Obsessive Capitalization Disorder?

I suggest you seek a therapist, it's really annoying. Still, you speak the truth and I agree. Get a nice tube amp instead. Or a good modeling amp.
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If I'm not mistaken, any power-related noise from a daisy chain could probably be corrected with a power conditioner. Correct me if I'm wrong.
Not sure what exactly a power conditioner does, but I don't think it prevents ground loops.
D'oh. You're right.

Optocoupler perhaps?
Sounds like a simple 1:1 isolation transformer to me.
That one guy is wrong. Get a proper metal amp, the Alchemist wasn't made for br00tz.

At least consider the usual stuff like the 5150, Dual Rectifier, XXX. I think those are in your budget.
Doesn't look like it would be that much faster than soldering...
Also, be sure to put it on the modern metal setting and crank the gain to 11.