Only g-strings, amirite greg? LOLOLOL

Sorry, someone had to say it.
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Ok, for people going to see a performance by a band that plays rock, "who wants to see a guy stand there a press buttons?"

It defeats the point.

Jon Lord says "WUT?".
What im trying to say is, this isnt gonna replace the guitar, and i doubt it was meant to. Didnt mean to insult anyone
Well, neither did I and I think you're right about that.
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somehow in the factory the screws for the back grill were tried to be used as the ones for the reverb tank, and vice versa. i cant believe it took me so long to figure this out, lol. :lol: it was a way easy fix though, so it's all good now.

oh well, i love this amp

Those silly Chinese workers..
Update time! Got a fair bit of soldering done today. I'm starting to like the soldering fumes. Not sure if that's a good sign... Anyway, enjoy the pics!

Wired up the fuses and some other stuff in the power supply.

Behold... a noisegate! Yes, those two tiny diodes on that big fat switch, that's a noisegate.

It's the most primitive noisegate possible. It's an experiment really, I made it switchable because I might not like it. What it does is only allow the signal through until it's past a certain voltage. Since noise is pretty low voltage, if you stop playing it should kill the signal entirely.

Also added the grid stoppers. Was kinda fiddly to get those neatly in there.

And some relays. Partly wired up already to the pots and the supply for the coils. PCB relays are a bitch in a point-to-point build. Considering going at least partially PCB for future projects..

Here's a nice overview of the progress so far.
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Who wants to see a guy stand there and press buttons?
You just insulted every keyboards player on the planet, living and dead.

Including this nun:

Not sure who she is, but you get the point. You just pissed off an organ playing nun. Say hi to Satan for me, because that's where you'll be going.
This place has seen much worse than this thread.
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F that completely. that tkes away all the subtle nuances that make good guitarists good guitarists. there is a reason why clapton is clapton, gilmour is gilmour, brian may is brian may etc.

pick attack, the pikc they use, the strings tehy use, how they pick and strum, the way they fret strings, everything. even the tone woods etc. they are all part of our sound. tihs makes tht all disappear.

guitairsts dont like using multi effects because they like picking thier own unique gear...same with amps. this is turning your guitar into one big multi effects prosessor with no individuality.

IMO i want nothing to do with this thing. and it looks like a video game controller.

if you want to make guitars more advanced, starting making guitars like the guitarist from Muse, with kaos pads. that shit is crazy

Keyboard players don't use picks. They don't have pick attack. Or tonewoods. That shit is crazy, I tell you. Without those few things, originality ceases to exist.
A guitar running Linux... How awesome is that?!

Awesome as it is, no thanks. It's a kaoss pad making babies with a MIDI guitar. Interesting, but not my thing.
Did you try contact cleaner? Could be a dirty socket.
If it sounds fine, I'm guessing you're doing something wrong and the head itself is fine. If a tube had no bias applied it would sound awful and then die.
mmolteratx is a noob. You can clearly hear improved talkback with the cable plugged in a certain way.
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acer69er is obviously vinson you can tell by the typing style
and hows that a troll?
Actually, that's Axe-man69. You'd think the '69' would give it away.
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'Nuff said!
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That looks awesome, I wonder how heavy it will end up being.
Right now it's 4.2 kg. Since most of the weight is in the trannies/chassis, I'm guessing it'll weigh about 5 or 6 kg in the end. That's probly about the norm for a 15 watt amp without wooden enclosure.
And if you still really want letters, get some clear decal paper, print out onto it, and making sure your steel is flat, put it in cut holes for the pots, then clear coat over it. I'm going to do that on one of my pedals, and I'd imagine it would work pretty good.
Unfortunately, the faceplate is pretty rough. I would either need to sand it down or spray a whole heap of clear coat on it. At this point, I'm not gonna do more painting, would be a big PITA. Letters will have to wait for the next project.
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You can get face plates made by BNP Laser. Just get Inkscape and design it and then save it as a pdf. They have pretty good prices and a good selection of things too.
That looks very interesting, I didn't know there were companies that did that sort of thing for hobbyists. Something to keep in mind for future projects... Their international shipping is expensive, though. Maybe I can find a similar company here in Europe.
Interesting thread with a lot of good info, quibbles aside.
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Yeah, that would make sense, and the only reason I'm using the TV is to make the karaoke machine I'm using to play my CD's with louder, ghetto, I know.

And if I'm still complaining about my guitar, it feeds back, but only on the B string, again, no reason that I know of why.

Oh, another question. would it be possible, if the hum is 60Hz just to create a high pass filter that cuts off at 60, so there would be no hum? It may not work as well for bass, with lower notes, and some down tuning, but I'd imagine guitar signals are higher than that.
I find that if I cut the 32 Hz band on an EQ, the sound loses a bit of fatness. I think there might be some subharmonic stuff going in guitars. Still, worth trying, you might even like the change in tone.
I think it's more the magnetic conductance you should be worried about.

This says you should use steel:

So... Go for steel sheet metal.
Behold, the ULO 15

Well, part of it anyway.

/shameless plug.
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yea, I have re-read my last couple of sentences and the only thing I should be ashamed of is wasting my time reading your worthless posts
I love this thread.
Some sweet looking pots here. The blue ones are for the clean channel, orange for overdrive. No script on the faceplate, unfortunately. I didn't want to use stickers (fugly) and I suck at engraving, so I'm just gonna leave it like this. It's not like I don't know what's what.

The blue is a bit too dark, IMO. Maybe I'll get some lighter knobs later.

I couldn't resist starting with the wiring. Here's some higher res shots of what I've done so far.
Twisting long wires together for the filament supply is a bitch, btw.

Right, that's it for today! Hope you enjoyed this update of epic proportions. There will be more to come soon.
Hey guys, finally an update! And it's a big one.

Better grab some popcorn.

You might recall from the Sketchup pics that I wanted to divide a 2 height unit 19" rack into numerous spaces, separated by metal sheets. Well, today I finally got the chassis stuff done. It was the first time I did any kind of serious metal working. It was pretty cool, but it was also a hell of a lot of work. And because I wasn't entirely sure what I was doing, I had to be very careful. I was continuously doing a routine of measure, fit, remeasure, refit, mark where I have to drill, make sure I marked the right spot, carefully align it on the drill press, then carefully drill and finally check if I did it right. Fortunately, I got it right, save for a few exceptions. And I managed to correct those fairly inconspicuously...

Another delay was caused by the fact that the steel I had in the first place was rubbish, and it started to rust pretty quick (even though it was nearly drenched in WD-40) and it wasn't cut very evenly. Well, that last thin would be my fault, it was my first time using an angle grinder for precision work, so it wasn't pretty. I decided to get some better steel and redo it, and I'm glad I did. It turned out great the second time.

Here are some pics of the three plates. All drilled and sanded and shiny.

Here's the separator for the power supply section during the assembly, all bolted up and with wire protectors. At this point the plates had also gotten a few coats of clear lacquer, to help protect them against the elements.

Here is the chassis in a more assembled state. Also in a very blurry state...

Spot the difference!

Continued in next post...
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As for the Bugeras being build to sub- pro level gear. You will find (at least on the 6262) Metal switches and heat vents where others (Peavey) use plastic. The only thing I would worry about is the input jack. Have a metal one swapped in (any decent shop can do it for $40 or and labor).
I find that my 333's build quality is fine except for in one area: the pots. They're PCB mounted with a shaft sticking out of the chassis. No chassis mount whatsoever. So if you're gigging, make sure there's no change it falls on its face, because a good knock on a pot and the PCB might get damaged.
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Behringer just loves making loud thing that break down easily and squeak if look at them the wrong way. Bugera being owned by Behringer does worry me a bit.

It might not be pro level gear, but that doesn't mean they explode if you look at them funny.
^ That's the truth, right there. This isn't pro level gear. I don't care, though. The quality is good enough for me.
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That article on their site is hilarious

As if $1800 is a massive amount spread over 10 years All at once, yeah, but over 10 years?!
Well, you can buy quite a few Bugeras for 1800 bucks.
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for what these cost new you could just get a used mesa.... just sayin'
Not over here you can't.
That's because your body is basically an antenna for noise and hum. When you touch a grounded piece of metal you ground yourself and then... no more noise, just like that.
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OMFG its djchrispy **** RYTHM PLAY LEAD.
Anyway yeah i agree proably a bad volume pot on that crate.
Rather, I think there's a bad Crate on that volume pot...
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You want it, you got it!
Now, you can hear the potential of the amp, but whoever set up the mic there needs to be fired.


Ok but about same as TK really!
Sounds much fatter than the TriRec... Nice...

And lol @ this comment:
"I don't agree, this amp belongs in a combo format. It's made for "smart" musicians, not for metalheads."
It's Swedish DM sound in a box. It's kind of a "cult classic".
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Genres? - I generaly play metal (bring me the horizon, Machine head, KSE)
Better change "metal" to "metalcore" before the kvlt brigade assaults you.
That's the sound of your VJ not having enough br00tz. Add another preamp tube to it.

--- Srs Line ---

Is there not even a faint hum coming from the speakers? Did you try swapping the power tube with a spare?
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Does anyone here know if the Magician is a clone or its own amp? Also is there a release date on the TriRec yet?
Mark IV clone.
Teh brootz is not in the power section, though.
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no but i'll build you a sweet amp.

my vj doesn't even need an extra toob noob.
Not enough brootz. Definitely needs moar tubes. Turn the preamp into a SLO, you know you want to.
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hey sidekick kanthras take a listen to this

I added extra talkback just for you.

All I hear extra is a lot of "uhmm"s.
But srsly, sounds nice and fat. What did you do to it?

Also, might be me but I think your playing has gotten a lot better. You're actually gonna start playing guitar?
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Well of course it did, it was a TKK clip

True, but some of his other NAMM clips go all the way up to "decent".
^ In case you're curious (as to what you will want to avoid buying in the future ), the stock tubes are Shuguangs.

I think they're fine, tbh. Although I prefer JJs in the preamp.
That V3m is nuts. So much stuff in such a small amp.

Sounded like ass in the TTK clip, though.
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Sweet new Matchless in this video. High-gain Matchless, lolwut.
Finally a high-gain amp with teh talkbackz.