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XLR cables n00b
Wut? I can make an XLR go both ways. At the same time. Sure, it's against convention... but screw convention.
Shielded end on a cable? I'm not sure what you mean, but maybe it'll help to know that the shield is grounded and all instrument cables are shielded.
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Why don't they just call it the XXXX?
Looks great. It does seem like it's a JSX...
Conclusions you can draw from this thread:

1. Lead tone is completely separate from rhythm tone, with no overlap. It is tone that is completely in the fingers.
2. Rhythm tone comes from teh Rectifierz.
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I still prefer my 6262 over a TriRec.
Probably because I prefer it over my Dual Rectifier.

The only thing compelling that has me interested in the TriRec is built in midi channel switching.

Why don't more amp builders offer this??

It probably wouldn't be so bad if Bugera used a 1/4 cable for channel switching (Then I could use any midi channel switcher on the market). But instead, Bugera uses some odd midi-pin cable for channel switching.

*Sigh* Thus I only use its lead channel in my setup.
It's called a DIN connector. They've been an internationally defined standard connector for God knows how many years.

Anyway, wouldn't be hard to make an adapter for a TRS jack. You'd have to miss out on two footswitch functions though. 1/4 inch jacks suck like that.
My amp's footswitch?

Not really a pedal guy. I do use an EQ but it's not a pedal, it's a separate unit.
Love the headstock on the SLS. Beautiful guitars...
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You dont need to be an engineer. You just have to not be an idiot and do your research
Harshly worded, but it's pretty much true. Sorry, TS.

Try reading the stickies.
I think the limit is around 8 o'clock.
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Uh, guys? Any help with my fuzzbox question?

I doubt anyone puts a fuzzbox in front of a 5150 type amp.
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Aww come on, arent you being a BIT hard on the ole Tone King?

He does a lot! He gets a lot of stuff out there that others dont.
(No matter HOW good the demo, its NO substitute for playing it your self.)

I also count him as a personal friend, we often correspond away from YT!

Anyway, its a GOOD start, @ least we have some idea now.
Well, to be fair, he has improved a lot since he started. But compared to the other "famous" YT reviewers, his recording skills still come up short.
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To be fair, the TK IS on location, so its always gonna be borderline quality anyway. At least he is using a good dynamic mic into his camera, so its sorta ok. Gives you the idea anyway. They sound decent anyway. I'm SURE he'll get his mits on 1 b4 too long to demo in a better manner.
Yeah, that certainly doesn't help. NAMM clips usually suck. But honestly, I've never heard TTK make an amp sound good. I'm gonna place my faith on others.

The RR mod was a simple re-wiring of the parallel preamp circuit so it was cascaded, ie in series, to create a higher gain output and a better blending of the bass and treble channels on the old Marshall Plexi heads.
Ah, nice. That's sounds like a pretty sweet mod.
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Here it is you wanted it, you GOT it! 1ST time ever, Tone King exclusive!

I give you the TRIREC!!!

WHAT a beast!

I sounds LIKE a Mesa! (As CLOSE as you'll get w/out the badge)

AND the Magician!

Lovely amp. Real creamy sounding! (NOT a cream pie sadly! Boys take note! Do NOT cream pie your amp! Could be disastrous)

By FAR the 2 BEST sounding amps Bugera has made to date!

These should be FAR more reliable than the previous models, as these were both designed in GERMANY!
The others were all China designed I'm pretty sure!

It ALSO looks like Bugera has been hard @ work fixing a lot of previous mistakes, re the biasing etc.

ALL New production mods it seems from 2011 on will feature the new Infinium self biasing system, + the 1960 has been modded with the Randy Rhoads mod + master volume mod as STANDARD!

They've REALLY lifted their game it seems!
Nice find, but unfortunately the clips are a bit crappy (as you would expect from TTK). Gonna have to wait for properly miced clips to get a proper idea for what these will sound like.

Self biasing is sweet, though. That's the kind of stuff that should be standard on amps IMO.

Do you know what the Randy Rhoads mod is? More gain or something?
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There's a reason they're a legend among amp manufacturers.
That reason isn't the amps they've made recently.
Ah, the whole works. Yep, rebiasing would be a good idea. If you don't, you risk frying the power tubes, or shortening their lifespan.
Nah, no need to rebias anything with preamp tubes.
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Can anyone answer my question please?
I think you guessed right. Try swapping around preamp tubes with spares.
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THESE ARE BOOST pedals.. Not distortion...

Not veryusefull for metal stuff...
Go read pedals 101.
NAMM clips always sound like shit. Not keeping my hopes up.

Gotta wait for proper reviewers.
Looking forward to the inevitable terrible quality audio clips recorded with camcorders. Also, Bugera TriRec and Magician.
Angle grinder would work. Or a Dremel, if you wanna go for something a bit more subtle.
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Mind you, I have gotten some decent tones off of used DSL/TSLs i've played at Guitar Center but they all had issues. F'd up pots, broken buttons, quirky noises, etc.
Probably from all the metulz kids jizzing over the Marshall logo.
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Nile use DSL's?

Ist the DSL sort of a modenized JCM900?
Nah, DSLs are fully t00b.
DSL can work. Nile and Defeated Sanity use 'em. They sound pretty ****ing brutal to me.
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Hey Bugera Militants,

I had a couple of posts in here over the last few months about some tone issues with my 6262 head. It's a bit too bright, I always have to roll back my tone, treble and presence. Now I had the head serviced and re-tubed with JJ 6L6 GC's which did produce a very slight improvement. My guitar is a LTD Seven string with EMG 81-7's. Basically the amp sounds bright and a bit hollow and lacking in bottom end, my low B sounds a little fizzy and lacks thump . I also seem to struggle to get a good heavy death metal tone out of the amp. So I'm not sure what do as I'm on a shoestring budget, I've come up with a couple of solutions.,I was going to go ahead and upgrade my speakers this week, but would like it if you guys can help decide what order I should do these things.
I know there's no issue with my axe as it sounds fantastic through my SS combo.
- Add a MXR 10- band EQ into the mix.
- Upgrade the Celestion seventy-80 speakers in my cab
- Buy and use a OD pedal to boost the hi gain channel
- Give up and buy a TUA Distortion pedal to run on my clean channel.

What do you think should be my first move?
I'd recommend asking guitar buddies if you can borrow an EQ & OD pedal, and see if that improves things. If anyone has a good cab, you could try lugging your head to their place. You probly don't need an OD considering you have active pups.

Buying a distortion pedal to run through the clean channel just isn't right, though.

Also, what are your settings? How loud do you run it?
5150 should equal djent.

Might be your guitar that's the problem. Or the way you have things set up, maybe list your settings so we can have a look?
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That's where I read you wrong. It appeared to me that you were calling 4dB an insignificant amount.

As far as why it's not 4dB, there are a few reasons:
-El84s break up a lot sooner than 6l6s;
-Different power supplies which run the 84s farther over spec than the 6l6s.
-The 55 has, I believe, a more efficient speaker (or at least a different one);
-Headroom isn't linear; adding 4dB of volume isn't adding 4dB of headroom.
-The V55 has a bigger output transformer, and although it's hard to measure, I think it's more 'wattage appropriate" than the one in the V22 - that is, it will saturate later. The V22 has an OT that seems like it saturates quicker, which will knock down the headroom.
I agree in practice it most likely won't be 4 dB. I'd wager it's fairly close, though. And I don't entirely agree with all the reasons you list.

Under the premise that the wattage is rated for clean operation (Which so far you haven't contested. But hey, I admit I don't even know how they actually rate these things. If it's not by clean headroom my estimation becomes a lot less accurate), points 1 and 2 are irrelevant.

Not sure what you mean with 4. Why isn't headroom linear?

5 is an interesting point for sure.

And speakers are separate from the amp, listing that is cheating.
Pretty sure it's the same speaker anyway, Bugera only makes one model of speaker AFAIK.

Honestly, I think it's pretty fair to say that going by the wattage works pretty well as a rough estimation.
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Not the same. 4db of theoretical output is not the same as 4dB of clean boost into your headphones.
It's practically the same as long as we're talking about clean headroom, and gives you a very good idea of what a difference of 4 dB sounds like.
In theory, yes. In practice, none of the things you said are true, which is why I'm pointing out that they're false.
Then please also point out why they are false. I might even learn something.
It's not 4db. I don't know what it is, but I know that I would not gig the V22 if I needed to play clean with a drummer. I would with the V55. That's what I'd call a significant difference in headroom. Again, the theoretical 4db difference in output is irrelevant; we're talking practical headroom.
You act as if 4 dB is not significant. The 4 dB difference in output would translate to 4 dB in headroom in practice.

I'm mainly just taking issue with your statement that there's 4dB of headroom difference between the two, then using that figure to say that the difference is not large. I think most people playing the two next to each other would say that the difference is large. The 55 has a whole lot more headroom.
I think you misunderstand me. I do think 4 dB is quite significant, and IMO can definitely make the difference between being drowned out by a drummer or coming out on top. I just don't think the difference is "huge", but such vague words will often lead to misunderstanding. Huge makes me think at least 10 dB.
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You can say 4 dB, but the headroom difference between the two is quite large. 4dB doesn't mean anything; I can't picture or hear 4dB in my head.
Well, it's not too hard to teach yourself the difference. In any DAW (you could use REAPER, it's "free"), play a sound. Then increase the level by 4 dB. Then play the sound again. You now know what a difference of 4 dB sounds like. Cool, huh?

Besides, 4dB is wrong. 6l6s are a lot cleaner tubes than El84s, and dB conversions of wattage are almost useless to headroom, since 3dB of volume does not equal 3dB of clean volume.
Well, assuming they were rated at max clean headroom (and not considering the rounding off to a catchy multiple of eleven number), the headroom increase from 22 watts to 55 watts is exactly 4 dB.

Suffice to say that the V55 has quite a lot more headroom than the V22, which has fairly little, being as it is a 15 watt El84 amp with a decent amount of inherent preamp gain.
Define quite a lot. If you define quite a lot as about 4 dB, I would agree with you.
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well by headroom im refering to pushing the tubes into breakup/overdrive. you would have to crank the 55 watt a lot louder/harder to get it to break up with 6l6 tubes opposed to a 20 watt el84 based amp.
Assuming they were rated the same way (and not considering the rounding off to a catchy multiple of eleven number), the headroom increase from 22 watts to 55 watts is exactly 4 dB. That's it. That's all there is to it.

and yeah i have no problem saying that. boutique builders like dr. Z or victoria would change transformers, wiring, tubes, caps etc to suit a particular design or tube layout. bugera isnt. not for 300-400-500 whatever. you can have 2 dr. Z amps with realitvely the same tubes and wattage with completely different sounds and gain capabilities. the bugera v22 and v55 will more or less sound the same besides the characteristics of el84s and 6l6s
Good point. Unfortunately, the V22 and V55 sound quite different, so you're wrong.
Quote by ikey_
well there wil be a slight difference in sound. they are most likely wired the exact same with the same parts, because bugera isnt high quality enough to change thier design around the output tubes like a boutique builder would do.
but the biggest difference besdies wattage is that to get 50+ watts, the v55 uses 6l6s opposed to el84s. so whatever difference between those tubes....thats your answer. due to the same general design and speaker, they will have the same color or flavor though.
Same as above.
obviously, an added 30 watts is going to have a huge effect on headroom. most likley you will get no natural breakup and wil rely on effects, gain, and the speaker breakup to get your crunch. i mean, pushing a 55 watt tube would be LOUD!!!!
The extra headroom between 22 and 55 watts is exactly 4 dB. That isn't "huge".
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I think he was kidding as combo's are typically heavier than a similar amp head and 112 cab for example carried separately.
I am kidding, but it's because in combos the tubes are on the bottom, not on top. Hence legroom instead of headroom.
Well, they're combo form factor, so it's actually legroom.
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I have no room to have another switch with the tone, volume, and 3 way
No, not permanently! Just as a test.

edit: The X2N has some pretty high DC resistance right? There might be something to this. If I were you I'd wire up a switch either way, would be cool to hear a difference.
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I recently was playing and decided that one of my guitars could use a tone knob but i know the x2n pickup sounds 10x better without one. My friend told me there are tone knobs that can be turned off when in a certain position. If anyone knows what there called or where i could find some online please tell me.
Have you tried wiring a switch to see if you can actually tell the difference between no tone knob and one that's completely open?
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Ya tone pots at 10 arent the max and at 0 isnt the least thats why some people have 2 per pickup to have exponential tone factor between the knobs mmaking it closer to the max and min.
Exponential tone factor?
The reason is people. People like shiny brand name stuff. People like cheaper stuff. People like stuff their buddy peoples like.
It's probly just the mains plug fuse on the back that's blown. You can buy them in electronics stores.
It's probly just a tube, and the fuse protected the amp from any damage. Swap the fuses around with spare tubes, replace fuse and try again.
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My 6260 has just turned itself off with a huge thud and won't turn on again. I've only bought it at the end of August from I'm hoping it's just a tube blown or something. What should I do?