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you could take all the stuff off the body, then get a bunch of colors and jackson pollack the whole thing.
Masking tape would work too. Or don't use any and splatter over the whole guitar for the full br00tlz effect.
Aren't your ears basically dying with the master at 10?
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most of the times this is due to the electronics inside, to increase amplitude gain of your signal (i.e the volume) a higher voltage swing voltage is gonna appear at each transistor and transistors have a limit margin. (well technically thats not the whole picture) (if your not an 3rd year electrical engineering student, your gonna have a hard time to understand the transistor thing ) All in all what u need to know is that when your push a speaker to its limit your gonna lose sound quality (Im sure you have notice this before). In my case for example I have Marshall 100DFX, and it sounds good when I keep the master lower than half of its maximal value. If I go past its midway value I lose sound quality. (The rule of thumb is if you want to play with an output of of say 100W than get an amplifier which has 150W or 200W capability)
The DSL is a tube amp, silly.
Cleaning the pins isn't necessary unless you run into problems with the amp.
It would need some pretty extensive (and expensive) mods to sound like a 6505..
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They are all still lit up
That tells you the heaters are functional, not the entire tube. Try swapping them around with spares.
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Sooooooo I used my amp at a showcase last week and it died right before. And I took it home and tried it again but it still won't turn on. The tubes are all still fine in the back and my fuse isn't blown. It still turns on and everything but it won't make any sound. Before it was just my clean channel that didn't work, now it's everything. It's a v55. I tried calling Bugera today but they still on Christmas break... Anyone think of a problem?
How exactly do you know the tubes aren't bad?
Dude, just twist the bias knob till the tubes glow red, then back off a bit.
Looks pretty neat inside. A lot cleaner than a DSL (then again, what isn't?).
Guys, of course AM can bias by eyesight alone, he's asian. He can actually see the electrons move around in the vacuum lettuce.

The tech mentioned in the OP probably knows bias-fu as well.
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Gutshots! Shots of teh guts. Pics of the internals.
Gutshots or it didn't happen.
An overdrive pedal will distort, but a distortion pedal won't necessarily overdrive.

It's a decent practice amp but if your current guitar plays well and is comfortable, I'd look into an amp upgrade first.
You miss the point.
Of course a balanced in is desired here.
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I'd use a real interface as opposed to the line in.

A line-in is a real interface.
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Yes it should do mate.
Transparency for sale, get your transparency right here!

Seriously, who uses the white UG theme anyway?
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pics or it didn't happen.

and even if it did happen, you must be scarred for life by the appauling noise that must've come out of that thing, and pretty much deaf, too. but i really have my doubts as to whether turning amp up "full whack" on every control really can make it catch fire, even if it is an MG.
It might've overheated. An inadequate heatsink on an MG sounds pretty plausible to me.
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Here's an excerpt from the Mark IV manual....

"Time to change tubes? Just plug our tubes into any one of our amps and you're DONE. No tech needed. No bills, and no BS about biasing. And most important: The bias is RIGHt because it can't change!"

"I wanted to build amplifiers that were individually hard wired to the correct values and NEVER needed adjustment. And for 25 years, that's how Mesa Boogies have been built"
IIRC what Mr. Smith does (no, not the one from The Matrix) is just use a really cold fixed bias. You don't HAVE to adjust this kind of bias, because it's pretty much always safe. It's probably always nonoptimal as well, though.

Funny he says his amps need no adjustment, considering Mesas are well known to be finicky to EQ...
Well, this thread was a fun read...
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hmmm how would I go about that, do you know? thanks

I think it's a 5-pin DIN cable (not positive on the number of pins, don't have the amp with me here atm). So just get a 5-pin DIN cable extension cord.
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getting a 333xl soon and wondering how long the footswitch cable is, and if there is any way to extend it (not familiar with midi cables and whatnot)

It's pretty long, but an extension cord is certainly possible.
I'd say give it a shot, it's worth trying for tight low end.

And screw haters, B standard ftw.
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Bugera speakers are the worst.
The. Worst.
Tell that to people who've tried every speaker imaginable with their V22 but prefer the stock one.
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NO1 interested in my report???
Most folks don't GET to meet the Behringer folks in person!!!

I was, just forgot to reply I think.

Cool stuff, how did you arrange it? Are you now a Behringer shill?
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Thanks for this, most people don't believe me when I say the 5150 is a bit higher in gain then the 6505. People think because they both have 5 preamp tubes and 4 power tubes they must have the same circuit, but they don't.
People think that because they A/B a 5150 and 6505 and they sound different, that means they have a different circuit.

Try A/Bing two 5150s next time. They will sound exactly the same, rite? Oh, wait. They won't.

C'mon man, people have gone over the circuits, they are the same circuit, end of.
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Wtf is that?!
Yeah, I mean, those amps are all some kind of derivatives of the SLO to varying degrees... But to say they sound identical...

I mean, just ??????...
If the output tranny's blown, that's pretty easy to check. Multimeter that shit.
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I am very impressed with the Baron K88. I will be ordering one with my tax returns this January. However, tonally, it is not that different then a Soldano SLO circuit.

Seriously, these two circuits are almost identical. However, if you're interested in the Soldano SLO circuit, then you may as well also look into a Peavey 5150/6505 or a Bugera 6262.

The Baron K88, Soldano SLO, Peavey 5150/6505 & Bugera 6262 all sound almost identical. The only real difference is in manufacturing quality (and who's name is on the label). I really don't feel that you would actually hear that much of a difference between all of them.

Do you need one with a LIFETIME warranty? Get the Soldano SLO
Do you need one handwired? Get the Baron K88
Do you need one as cheap as possible? Get the Bugera 6260 or 6262
Do you want to go cheap but maintain quality? Get the Peavey 5150/6505

And, as always, the used market will net you better prices.
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That may be true Kanthras - but that is just competition/supply-demand. Fractal Audio would have to lower their prices to compete. I'm just saying if you buy one today I don't see how it would be bad investment. Again, I wouldn't buy one.
Well, the point is it's gonna lose a ton of value when the next "generation" comes along.
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If you're lucky the axefx might be a nvidia 8800 and be reasonable tech for a good 3-4 years however that is doubtful.
yeah, unlikely.
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Maybe y0ou did not see my reply to your post. But yes I have tried swapping all the tubes out with know good working one's and the ones ini the 333XL work in my Mesa

lol dunno why I missed that
Try preamp tubes as well? Check inside for any obvious errors, like burn marks, blown caps, etc?
Nonsense mmolteratx, straight jacks are much better for your tone because they offer a straight path for the electrons. Unlike angled jacks, which sacrifice tone for practicality and being a total bitch to those tiny charged particles.
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The Axe Fx is constantly being updated so I don't see how it will ever get out-dated.
Well, if a more powerful/cheaper modeler comes along, it's gonna look pretty outdated. Similar to how a GeForce 4800 is now ancient, but once delivered teh uber graffix.
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From what I've seen/heard there's no such thing as a better cable sound quality wise.
There's this article about how audiophiles couldn't tell the difference between a coat hanger and an extremely high quality cable.
Too lazy to find it, and I'm at school.
Well, sound quality is subjective.. But things like shielding and capacitance do matter in instrument cables.
If you can discern the exact condition of a tube just by looking at it, I think you could start a business with that.

edit: To clarify, generally all you can see by looking at the tube is if the heaters are working.
Totally sure. I heard it somewhere too from my inside source. Must be true.
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it isnt
but ive heard theyre planning on copying engls fireball
Source? I think you're confusing things. They're cloning the Herbert, not the Fireball.