I'm sure kyle likes the attention, you should send him at least a PM or two.
Not really, try getting djent out of a plexi with just the EQ.

Dunno how djenty Barons are. Poke kyle and ask him.
I wish locking fixed bridges were more widely used. All the stability of a floyd without the gayer than AIDS part. I actually cured my floyd from teh AIDS. I shoved a block of wood in the back and blocked it.
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Well yeah... I know this.
I mean I know nothing about going out and picking/buying separate poweramps?

Oh, didn't read the rest of your two sentence post.
Now I feel like an idiot.
I edited that last part in, don't feel bad.
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How much would a poweramp run me?
For a decent one, say... 6l6?
I know nothing of them :l
You've already got one in your Bugera. Plug into FX return and bam! poweramp.
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Been thinking about it, haha. But I don't know how to do all the pre-amp, power-amp, blah blah blah stuff.
I mean, it would be awesome, but ehhh, I'd rather stick with a tube head for now.
All you need extra is a cable to connect the Axe-FX to a PA/poweramp, it's not very complicated I assure you.
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kanthras you're wrong its coming out the 22nd december 2012.
My Boogersense tells me otherwise...
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I aint gonna discuss colour with a blind man.
Wow, deja vu moment there.

Ok, who's gonna start debating about talkback? I'm not doing it again, but this thread demands it.
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Can someone confirm if the Bugera Sherbert is actually real news?
It should be out 3rd quarter 2011.
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Cheers for the help guys,
I don't think it's technique as such because as I slide my palm up and down the bridge it doesn't stop the "ching" sound. With pressing the bridge down and the guitar going out of tune, with the licensed floyd it's very easy to do this but with the original it's next to impossible unless you put LOADS of pressure on it.
My licensed floyd doesn't go out of tune when I palm mute. You're just gonna have to work on your technique, I think.
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Really? I thought it was studio monitors that were designed to have a flat response. Hifi speakers generally emphasize bass response, to increase the impact of explosions and what not in movies. They're designed to be pleasing to listen to, not for an accurate reproduction of sound.
No, HiFi is all about accurate reproduction of sound. That's kind of what high fidelity means.
get a 333XL ololololo

Srsly, try different tubes. Do the problems change if you tweak the volume knob? Then the problem is likely in the preamp section. Swap some tubes around and see what happens.
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alright more clips. this time it's about half the song "blood drunk" by Children of bodom. Some parts are a bit hairy cause i'm still getting them right, but here's a rough draft:

Nice, it sounds like a bit more refined tone than the previous one, but the rhythm sound is a bit muddy. Especially when the leads are piled on top. I suggest trying a dip in the 250Hz range. Although I'm listening this on fairly bass-heavy headphones, not monitors. That might be the reason. I think it might benefit from a tubescreamer, though.
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Heres 1 for the 7 stringers!

333XL+ Schecter.
Sounds terrible, tbh.
Awesome man. Definitely the sexiest Bugera ever.
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Hot Rail: 16.9K
Custom: 14.1K
Super Distortion: 13.68K

What did you say about laying off the pipe?
Ya, definitely something you should consider.
So my list of Mariah Carey-like demands totals thus:
No more than £75 per pickup
Available in Europe or just dirt cheap in America so that import tax doesn't add up to much
Neck pickup with good clarity but not just some brittle Strat-style sound, output around 7.5k or so
Bridge pickup with thick mids but not too bass-heavy, output around 9k or so
OP is a bit ambiguous, though. I'll give you that.
A Super Distortion is nearly twice the DC resistance the OP wants.
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I would totally play a guitar with purple pups. And doing a cover of Mariah Carey. Way more brutal though, with hacksaws and train tracks which happen to clamp your leg when your crossing them where you really don't need to be walking there anyways.

Go to the marked crossing, stupid, now you are down one leg. Oh, the tracks split here? I should put my foot in there cause it sounds fun.

****ing idiots...
Lay off the pipe?
6L6 = moar bottom endz.
EL34 = moar midz.
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Some spray paints are made specifically to bond with plastic. Get what sounds best, and spray that shit yo.

I like how everyone assumes shes a she or gay. I still say "she", women always call themselves "grohl". It's obvious, come out of there now nobody is upset.
He wants purple pickups and mentions Mariah Carey on a guitar gear forum. Can you blame me for poking some fun?
The 333/333XL have a very powerful EQ for the rhythm/crunch channel. It can have tons of bass or very little.
Quote by Gundamnitpete
Ok more 6262 tones. I'm gonna do a full cover of this song but i'm looking for feedback on the tone itself. recorded with my booger
Tone is heavy as ****, man.

You're using impulses, right? Gotta try that sometime...
Spray paint a pickup you like. And if you can't do that, ask your boyfriend.
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ferrwatt exactly? gain stage?
Quote by gregs1020
if by "mod" you mean put good glass in it and run it through a good cab i agree.

easily the best amp in the bunch.
Exactly, add a preamp tube.
I'd get the VHT and then mod the ****ing crap out of it.
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Yeah I guess, it's misleading to call it a gate on the XXX/333 though. It's how the channel is built, and you can't really change it. And I believe on the JSX (and the XL I assume), that the noise is for both ultra and crunch channels, so there shouldn't be a drop in volume between the channels. At any rate, they are completely worthless, even on the JSX and 333XL where it's actually an adjustable feature of the amp.
Yeah, that's why I put noisegate in quotation marks there. It's not really a noisegate.
Quote by eyebanez333
XXX doesn't have a noisegate
Yes, it does. Check the schematics. It has the same "noisegate" as the JSX.

I checked the XXX schematic after noticing my 333's lead channel is quieter than the crunch channel. Sure enough, there was a noisegate. I assume Bugera copied that as well.
The 333 also has the "noisegate", like the XXX it is based on. It's just not adjustable.
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Ernie ball titanium. I will never use another brand again.
Titanium strings? How does that work with magnetic pickups?

Is it just a coating? Do they wear/rust at all?
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how in the world does it seem like everyone plays AC/DC, GNR, Ozzy, and Metallica? wtf? i just don't even imagine how boring that sounds.
Those are the standard bands everyone's into when they're just getting into rock/metal. He will probably expand over time. Unless he's been playing for many years, then it's a bit weird IMO.
Your gear is fine. Go save money for college.
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test upload
What exactly is this for?

And lol @ Adam.
At least you have some spare tubes now.
Quote by Adam124
Yeah you're right I can't see the wire in side. My uncle is an electrician so he can test to see if it's blown or not. Is there any chance I could have the plastic transformer clip problem? My 6262 is an 08 model. Date code is 0804


Those the pre amps you on about man?
You need 12AX7s (or ECC83s as they often call them here in Europe).
Quote by Adam124
Cheers for the advice. I finally took my fuse out. At first glance it doesn't actually look blown at all...

Is it not meant to be burnt or something?
It's probably one with sand inside? In that case, you can't really see if it's blown. Just check with a multimeter.

High voltage fuses should have sand inside anyway, else they can short after blowing.