DOD Electronics FX40B 7-Band cheap and clean. 30-40 bucks max. greatest deal I ever made on a pedal

EDIT: also DOD has a gain slider aswell
make sure your amp is on the clean channel...or turn the amp models gain down i.e the number next to say r9-put it at r7 or maye turn the compressor off. or the overall preset volume

The Blue doesn't come out great form the ****ty webcam
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Ik I am silly
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What guitar is this? I didn't understand your post.

Oh sorry. Its a Squier Strat...ik. but really with My EQ pedal It sounds great too. also I apologize for my inability to take good webcam pictures.
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WRONG SECTION!!! (well sort of)

yeah I wasn't really sure to put it here or GB&C
Why do you want me to kill you for your gear. It is so nice, happy NPD
Ok so my first guitar ever was a squier strat. It was inactive for a year because the jack broke and i was lazy because i just got my 79 Dean so today I finally finished fixing it. It is repainted and a new jack was installed along with rewireing of the other electronics. I kept the pickups because THey aren't an EPIC FAIL but I plug the guitar thru my EQ pedal anyway. I changed this bad Larry from Black to Blue. It has a White Pearl Pickguard which I think looks hella sexy on this guitar. Well Here are some pictures...

1. Jimi Hendrix Experience
2.Eric Clapton
3.Led Zeppelin
4.The Beatles
5.Pearl Jam
yeah i'll try to take pictures from my phone but i cant now because my phones dead
yeah i was gonna make a thread of the build on here but my camera broke and i havent gotten a new one
o cool my neighbor got the epiphone g-400 yesterday. I had a squier strat that i converted into a bass (my friends old bass guitar parts that i adjusted on my guitar) a dean v a six-string nylon acoustic and a 12-string steel string acoustic. For My birthday in a couple week my dad said he is going to buy me the jimmy page double neck sg (Gibson not Epiphone) its gonna kick ass on the marshall stack.
yeah...what do you play? Guitar Bass... What Amps?
o well i had heard from people that the grunge pedal was good but now that i think of it they use fender amps so im sure that the grunge kicks the fender distortion's ass.
thanks bowie i think i'll get that footswitch too.
i meant that my roland's distortion sucks and thats what i use to record
Randy Rhoads tribute stack
well i have 3 amps a krank 150watt, marahall 100watt, and a Roland cube for recording and practice.
thanks but no noe really helped me decide between the wah or the distortion.
i'm not a 100% sure what a boost pedal does but i think it just boosts the volume, tell me if im wrong.
really a good tool for solos but a new distortion pedal would be good too. o and i'd get a crybaby but i used both pedals and i really thought that the morley was better.
I am 14 and only got like 80 bucks right now (just bought a new guitar) and I wanted a new pedal either a Morley Bad Horsie Wah-Wah Pedal or a Digitech Grunge Distortion Pedal??????
Band Name: Kent State Massacre
Genre: Hardcore Punk
Font: Alice In Chains
Colors: Up to you
Anything from Blues to Death Metal
Tyler Mills New Sound (Better Than the ****ty one I posted)
Treble: 10
Mid: 8
Bass: 5
Gain: 10
Effects: Boss DS/1 and DS/2, DS/1 : Full Gain DS/2: Half Gain
Tyler Mills
Gain: 10
Treble: 5
Mid: 11
Bass: 9
Effects/Other: Boss DS/1 and Boss DS/2 both on full gain
thanks i was just considering it but nevermind.
i currently have a v with a tue-o-matic bridge with a v tailpiece. And i was wondering if it is possible to but a Floyd rose on it?
i currently have a v with a tue-o-matic bridge with a v tailpiece. And i was wondering if it is possible to but a Floyd rose on it?
Alright I have found all my Parts

Body: Mahogany

Neck: Ebony

Pickguard: Black

Bridge: Black Floyd Rose

Pickups: Select EMGs

Tuners: Black Schallers

Pots: Standard 500k pots

Switch: Standard Straight 3-way switch

Jack: Standard Fisherman Jack

Paint: Rustoleum Neon Green spraypaint and Lacquer (is spray paint a bad choice?)
Thanks what about for routing the pickups and bridge what should i use for that anything different?
ok thanks and a finally question, what tools do i need this will be my first build and considering the shape is it difficult?
Sorry for the double post but where should i get all the hardware and what wood should i use on the body?
I don't know because there is so much stuff in that really little space.
Hey I was recently doodling in paint and made this and wasnt sure if this is possible to build. Please help me and answer below. Thank you.