ok cheers! Looks like i will be saving up for that then! Its a lot more expensive

But it will be gooood

Hi, thanks i have looked into the GT-8. Can i record onto a PC from it?


Hi, looking for a FX unit. I have looked at the GNX3000, and it sounds good. It also comes with software for a pc, and guitar can be played into the pc thought it.

Is this a good one to get, or should i be looking at something different?

I really want to have one where i can play guitar into the computor with, and software for that.


Metallica - Master of Puppets
Metallica - Fade to Black
When i got my braces off they guy said wear the retainers at night only, but every night. Lucky me! But iv been wearing them for over a year now, and if i dont wear them for 2 or 3 nights they are hard to get on. Sometimes i only wear them every other night...but then its easier to forget

Cant comment on the talking bit...i only wear them in bed.
Tearing the Veil from Grace - Cradle of Filth
Clayman has really grown on me. When i first got it i just didnt like it, but now its up there with whoracle for me.
come clarity really doesn't compare to albums like whoracle and clayman...cant comment on Colony as i havnt heard it.
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Those ARE TEH SEX! Wow haha hell yes! Im a little bit more than intrigued..