so I have an orange cab with 4x12 speakers in it.
I run my orange rockerverb through it.

plugged in to eachother from the "16ohm" ,input on the head, to the input on my cab that also states 16ohm

Makes sense to me so far
Now I have two inputs on the guitar cab, and also another 2 8OHM inputs on my head
Someone told me I should just have 2 cables going each from the 8OHM input on my head to the 16ohm input on the cab.

If this is even possible or is going to work ( I don't want to try it due to being afraid to destroy something of my precious gear ) what will it do. what are the advantages /disadvantages?

Or is this just some made up story ?
Could find enough topics on google about wiring cabs and head, and it likes I'm doing it right, but couldn't find something that stated this.

Not looking into the Marshalls again , had some before , great amps. But it didn't suit me to well.
and I am aware most of the bands I described are punk bands , still their sound is hardly to call "punk"

Anyone more input on the fender amp ?
And thank you Steve, I will take a look at the Blackstar amps.

I know there are several threads here about which amp to buy, so I'll try to keep it short.
My band broke up , so I'm selling my Orange PPC412 and Orange RV MKI 50.
It's to much for me to carry from place to place, because I jam at regular base with different people.
I'm looking for a combo amp with the money I can get for the rockerverb and cab.
It needs to be quite versatile , but most important I want to get the tones out like Joyce Manor, Gnarwolves, Bangers, Touche Amore, Fidlar, ... the dirty tones, but actually not so dirty ( that makes probably no sense at alll as an explanation?! )

The combo needs to be loud enough to play in a band , but also I would like to play it on low volumes at home ( I know the sound will suck at lower volumes, but that doesn't matter )

Oh , and I'm loving the Fender combo amps , just don't know the differences between them.
Been playing for 7 years now, and never tried a Fender combo.
Deville , hotrod , super reverb , twin reverb , ... ? I know several punkrock bands play them, but I can't find info about the models. Otherwise I could already start searching shops and try those out to narrow it down.

Thanks in advance,
thanks guys ,

found it on the fender site!
sorry for the ignorance
It looks like a fender Jagmaster, but I can only find a squire version
Also it has two soapbars , and a whole other bridge
It has the big dot inlays also.
the pickguard also goes beyond the bridge , instead of stopping before like on the Squire
Is this custom build ?

thanks in advance,


could someone help me out with the new acoustic malibu guitars fender is putting out ?
I'm talking about the alkaline trio signature...
Is this the 2nd time these guitars are made for Alkaline Trio ?
I can't seem to find much information on the internet , but I'm quite curious what the differences between the 2 batches are.

I know about the AT logo on the back of the headstock , but the guitar on the fender site doesn't have this anymore.

If someone has some more info about this that would be great !

Thanks in advance,
awesome guys , thank you
I needed to fix my amp a while ago , there was something with a fuse in the circuit , it wouldnt do anything no more.
the on/off switch didnt lighten up , and completely no sound anymore.

when it got back , they told me that my tubes wont last long anymore
oke cool ,

so for example if i got 4 pre -amp tubes , i don't need to swap them all four ?
I can put 4 different ones in them to ?
And experience as much as I can , or is that a no go ?

Thanks already for the quick responses and help.
I'm obviously a noob in stuff like this
whats the difference between preamp tubes and powertubes ?
I know the powertubes cost much more , but do both the tubes make a difference ?
And do they actually make alot of difference ?
Will I have a whole different sound for example by just swapping pretubes ?
It would be the pre amp tubes that need to be changed for now ..

Cheers Dimi
Hi guys ,

So the other day I went to my local guitarstore and the guy who works there told me that in a short while my tubes will be needed to replaced.

I love the rockerverb , but it sounds kinda ... dark ?
Anyway , I was wondering if you could put other tubes in the amp ?
I play punkrock , and want to get a more crunchy sound , think Bouncing Souls sound...

I know the guitarist plays with a Marshall ( JCM800 I think ) but I can't afford to buy a new amp , and I'm quite happy with my orange.
Im just curious if I could experiment with the tubes (sounds)d, and to get some suggestions here since it's quite pricey to replace tubes.

Thanks in advance,
Cheers Dimitri
Hi guys ,

me and my friend had the idea of starting a punkrockband 3 years ago...
With me playing guitar , and he playing bas.
Well , let speed things up...
Last year october, 2011 we found our drummer , and a month ago we finally found a singer. Voila !
We are a 4 - piece band . Singer, guitar , bas and drums.

We played our first show around May, we supported Direct Hit!
And we also played with some other international bands so far.
We can play almost every weekend a show , so we are super stoked.
We had already 2 gigs with the singer, and it is a huge step forward now none of us 3 has to sing anymore
Anyway this week we finally recorded some of our songs , they aren't professional recordings , but they will do for now.

As stated before , we try to play some punkrocktunes.
We've found our influences by bands like Bouncing Souls , Nofx , Rancid , Descendents ...and the newer league of bands as Banner Pilot , TBR , Dopamines , Copyrights , etc.
Our singer gives it a nice twist with his more hardcore background.

Anyway, it would do us a great pleasure if you could give us a listen and maybe give us some feedback!

I probably typed alot of spellingmistakes so my apologies in advance for that!

Thank you!

Hi guys ,

So I have the chance to buy an Orange rockerverb 50 for a very nice price.
The only thing is , I probably gonna need to sell my JCM 900 to get the money together and then some more ...

The marshall cab I would keep for the moment , cause a new cab isn't affordable if I would go through with this.
A while back I had an orange rocker 30 combo, but sold it eventually for the JCM.
The Rocker couldn't really get that "chunk" sound. But the rockerverb just sounds better , more versatile. And I still have a weak for Orange ...

So what would you do Marshall vs. Orange and why.

And I play in 2 bands ...
One goes more out to Hot Water Music , Jawbreaker stuff
The other goes from Four Year Strong , Flatliners , NOFX , Man Overboard , the most overall punkrock!

oh and to give you an idea , the rockerverb goes for 1450 euro around here ,
I can buy it for 750 euros used.
Thanks in advance,
Hello ,

I need some help , I just heard that I need to learn " I don't wanna go to the party tonight " by the riverdales.
I don't have acces to my guitar so I can"t try it out till Friday ,
but Friday I allready have to play it.

If I just could get the chords that would e awesome !
I hope someone can help me out!

Many thanks in advance,

Dimitri !

Hope this link will clear everything out ... its open back , I can see the speaker
there are soms pics on the link.

Its just very little money , and my music styles are quite would come in handy and if not I could always sell it , but thats not my intention .

The rocker 30 isnt very reliable ( sorry , sloppy english , trusty ? reliable ? hmm...) a backup is always handy

Oh and jhachey , its the 100 watt head...
one like this :
This is what I found on my amp :

Celestion Vintage 30 speaker / 16 ohms

preamp : 22 x Ax7 ( ell 83) x3
output : ELB 4x2

^^this is for the orange amp itselfs , the tubes , but still I mention it , just in case


16 ohm and two 8 ohm entrances

mains input :
180 v.a. ( 1.56 a @115v )
main fuse : 220/240v T2AH
100/120 V TSAH

I have no idea whatsoever the JCM is suitable for this...

And It would be for room playing mainly , low volumes , and weekly bandrehearsing where it can get loud. Would it harm the speaker at rehearsing volumes ?

Offcourse a cab is for the near future , just not the money or the space for it now.
Would be a shame to grab next to the jcm , on the other hand I dont need it.
Just wanna know if it was suitable or possible

Thanks again for the quick responses !
Hmm , oke , I'm fairly new at such stuff... but my rocker blasts 30 watt of fll tubes through that speaker ... won't 100 watts kill my amp then ?

And mostly heads are spread over 4 speaker cabinets ... now its all going through one. Or doesnt that matter ?
Hi ,

Someone that my dad knows is selling his Marshall jcm 900 head for not much ... its collecting dust

I was wondering If I can unplug the speaker of my rocker 30 combo and play the head through that speaker ?

He lives to far away to go over and test it and the guy himself dont know anything about such things either.

The fact is , here at home , I dont have enough room to plant a cabinet to .

Thanks in advance ,

Cheers Dimi
the bastard just sold it behind my back
hi guys ,

would it be wise to trade my fander baja telecaster for a gibson sg faded?
No money involved , just a straight trade.

Cheers ,

Hi ,

I would like to know which gear these guys are using live...

I know they are playing Marshall amps and Les Pauls ... but thats all .
Maybe someone knows some specific specs ?

It would be highly appreciated!

Thanks in advance ,

Cheers Dimitri
Sorry for bumping , but a good tab of this is needed !
The everlasting walks out at night
Thinking about you
How to approach you ?
How to tell you , so burned up

Loved by everyone , all the attention
But when am I gonne see the love you have ?
Seems that it's kinda hard
I listen to about everything , and I'm glad we dont all have the same musical taste ;-)
But thanks anyway !
hmm , you really dont care éh
**** , this forum should be dutch !
Aaah k , but i have like all the blink songs and i am listening to them one at the time for two nights , just to make i dont find anything similair , but still ****in weird!

I like also the guitar that stops and then just the bass that goes on , but thats also typical about blink.

Oh whatever , I still got plenty of time to work on it , still didnt do anything with the drummer and bas , so well see , maybe i post something of it when its "done" then you can judge

Sorry about the wrong section
Hi guys !

I ben a couple of weeks in a band now and I'm starting to create own songs on guitar without lyrics atm...

Anyway , my big influence is blink182 ...
Offcourse before you start bashing on blink or on they skils , Pearl Jam , RATM , NOFX , ... are also on my 'top' list

But OT , I found a really cool intro , and then I go into powerchords , muted and such , then chorus , interlude , all the stuff .

My drummer and bassist find it awesome , but I have double feelings about it.
I think I am copying blink , it sounds very familiar to their kind of songs.

Like everybody had in the beginning about airbourne - ac/dc

Well its almost like it could be a blink song in a very weird way ...

Can someone help me , do i better forget about it , or just do whatever I'm doing now and keep it...

Thanks in advance !
Thanks guys ...

So bein said that I dont have any guitars anymore , it would be a cool and versatile telecaster with a p90 in the neck ?

Oh and I want something that is not to expensive..
Maybe a classic 60s tele ? MIM ? never played the aerodyne though...

And what p90 / soapbar can you suggest me ? I want alot of different styles to handle , but offcourse also the harder pearl jam rock
Hi guys !

I have an idea and I hope you guys will help me in it and tell your honest opinions...

I have no guitar atm , I've selled them ( had two budget guitars and one was pretty good )

Now I want to buy a telecaster , but it has to be a good one ! very good price/quality wise and not to expensive...

I want to build it to this ...

I already know the tele of Eddie is one of the sixties so far.

But first , what are your opinions on the soapbar in the neck ? Will it sound nice ? will it be a good guitar ( for having only "that" guitar) and will it still rock ? Pearl Jam rock ofcourse think "alive" and such...

Would it be wise to spend my money on it ?
Please help me with this before I really do it...

Thanks guys ,
Congrats man !
I'm gonna have one soon ... I hope

And irrelevant : those cases are much nicer than the 08 new cases ...
Hi guys ,

I need some help...

I was goin to sell my firebird , to buy with the money a classic 50s serie stratocaster in fiesta red OR a baja Telecaster ...
I mainly play rock , blues , funk , hard rock , etc etc

Now , the Baja is apparently not available till january , or I need to order it from the internet , but than I cant play it offcourse.

Still Im wondering , I selled the Firebird this morning because someone offered almost the price for it that I paid new. For now Im guitarless ,and the guitars I want arent in stock , exept the strat can be ordered but that takes 2 weeks.

So here are some questions:

1) Im in the stratocaster topic , but honoustley what is more versatile ? strat or tele ?

2) I can buy the 50s strat ofcourse for 650€ ( little less or more ) or should I buy a 2nd handed USA strat of the internet ?

3) what would be better in the end ?

Oh and the USA i ment is this one , but doesnt the pickguard has to be 3ply ?

Help me out guys , people are messing around alot with guitars 2nd handed. ( he says its one year old)

Thanks in advance guys , cheers !
^ I was more leaning towards the tele because I thought it would be more versatile , guess I was wrong , anyway I think the differents are nog gonna be so huge, I probably gonna get the sound out of both of 'em.

Tommorow again testing then ... I dont know ,a tele is like cooler then a strat
Quote by Pizza The Hut
I'm gonna have to dissent and say get the tele. EVERYBODY has got strats, don't you wanna stand out more? Get the tele and but a 'bucker in the bridge.

Thats gonna be hard with the special wiring in the tele , its with serie / parrarel pusch pull things and what not
Really ?

I thought the Baja would be more versatile with the 4 way switch + the S1 pull knob ...
Hmmm , this makes it even harder because I thought most would recomment me the Baja
Hi guys ,

Need some help here.

I am planning to buy a new guitar and I pretty much narrowed it down to :

Fender strat classic 50s series ( with the surf colours )


Fender Baja telecaster

Im doubting between those two , because they have both the V neck wich plays very nice imo.

But I want to know which one is gonna be the most versatile since it will be my only guitar I will have ( I selled the other two I had , now atm im guitarless )

My amp is an Orange rocker 30 Combo so I'm pretty much settles with that

Influences / genres / music I play :

Rock , Hardrock , indie , blues , jazz , pop , and Metallica ( thats the far as metal I go)
Bands I like : pearl jam , foo fighters , led zep , the who , acdc , my morning jacket , black keys , airbourne , tom petty , metallica , rhcp , gnr , ...etc etc

Help me out guys , Im heading tomorrow to the store

Hi ,

I have a Epiphone Firebird V 1963 custom shop in black.
I was wondering if this guitar would go up in value because they dont make them anymore. It was a limited edition in black or alpine white , and if I dont mistake they werent even available in amerika.

It didnt cost me that much actually , around the 400 € , so if I decide to sell it will it become a collecters item in a couple of years with a bigger value ?

Thats the only thing that holds me not to sell it and go buy another guitar...

Thanks , PF
Stone Gossard ... signature strat ... not a LP , but a Strat yes !
^ Yeah thats true , but somebody told me that it takes more place !... (?)