audacity isnt that bad.
yes. u could learn it in about a week if you are really committed
ebay or craigs list bro
i play bass
im kinda popular. i hang out with some of the "in" crowd. some of my bandmates are friends with them.
i like my crybaby 535Q
my parents dont and have never been to concerts cuz they are old little bitches that think that "bad" stuff goes on there. i hate them
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lol WIN
yeah distortion pedals only work good on ss amps. get a tubescreamer for your distortion channel
all of catch 33
seems like it would help. +1 to the paino
its called gimme that motherf ucker
line 6 spider III is the best EVER!!!!!!!!!!

jeez i wish that they didn't make that amp anymore
just get a new one
i got a patch of white hair on the white spot on my leg.
probably cuz im albino
boss, and get a new amp
my guitars name is..................................Guitar
the Ibanez. buy pups for it
i dont have any problem when playing a les paul
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What's the RR24's pickup?

looks like a seymour duncan invader.
Angus and malcom young of AC-DC
do girls pee in the shower?
goddamnit. i wish i didnt live in bum****ville where there are no guitar shops
"wheres the money"
that was ****ing stupid
yeah get some bigger combo and a better guitar
smoking sucks.
i actually use a guitar cable to hook my head and cab. sounds fine to me
if its the original crybaby then get the Morley. my original crybaby broke easily and i the 535Q. recommend the Crybaby 535Q. but between those get the morley
i need to get a yob
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Listen to Money by Pink Floyd, I don't know a better example of a bass guitar's role in a song.