I remember reading this dude's book when it came out. That must have been 3 years ago.

My family and I were driving to Florida and I wanted to know if his "Hell" was anything like what I was going through.

23 MINUTES in Hell > 5 HOURS with family in a packed vehicle.
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Having sex with lots of over-sexed women.

WTF Did you edit that?
Tilting heads?

Also, the only man Ron Jeremy has had sex with is Ron Jeremy...

...I wish I were joking.
Furries engaging in romatic kisses?

My turn...This should be good.
Me and my friends got arrested for sitting on a couch in an old shack....granted we broke the lock on the door and graffiti'd the hell out of it. I didn't show up for school the day after, and my friends thought my parents literally killed me.
RHCP was my favorite band at the time.


It's not funny or clever...I'm going to go sit in my closet for a bit.
Killswitch Engage

I respect them and (most of) their fans but they don't intrest me.
Wow. Now I'm Flattered.
I worked at a Sonic Drive-In restaraunt for about a year. Starting tomorrow I'll be a delivery boy for Pizza Hut.
I don't find it nessesary to dis on Hellen Keller...But I laughed.
I didn't like them at first, but they're growing on me. Sometimes it seems they try to hard to be funny.
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Signed guitar by the Red Hot Chili Peppers
( i wont play it)

I thought I had a good Christmas this year, but damn.
Heath Ledger. He's a great actor and I don't know what I would do if he died.

........still to soon?
If it's a band I don't usually listen to, I'll download a few tracks and if I like them enough I'll go buy the CD's. In most cases I usually buy the CD.
I used to be a /b/tard, but then Moot added /hc/.

I've been /b/ free for 3 days now.
Not a single person on earth can get as famous as Dane without talent to back it up. I'm not saying he's my favorite but he's in my top 10.
Sleepwalker 666 FTW.

I'm in second though..
I find the word penis funny. I guess thats just me
Cloverfield= The ****
Meet the Spartans= just ****
Demitri Martin
Everyone from the Comediansof Comedy
I beat it first try... I actually think the Slash battle was the hardest one.
Schoolyard Heroes kick so much ass.
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Two words, Reservoir Dogs.

Two more words, f**k yes.
^^ Thats the truth.
I hate 'em too, but this seems really pointless.
Read it twice, and I wish he would have waited a few more years before writing it. I would love to hear about the recording of Stadium Arcadium and his new fatherhood.
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and its sad to say,
that i still cry
to that bayside cd

What Bayside cd are you talking about?

I don't recall any of their songs having ****ty lyrics.
Missouri FTW!

....or is it FTL?

Either way, it sucks balls here
Forever the Sickest Kids
Mayday Parade
Cancer Bats
Plea for Purging
Across Five Aprils

EDIT: I guess I'm not the only one who likes the Cancer Bats
Why do you wake up every morning?
To shut my mom up.

What drives you?
I don't live in Soviet Russia, so.....nothing.

What puts a smile on your face?
when I make people laugh

What ticks you off?
this douche at my school doesnt deserve the girlfriend he's got
/extreme jealousy

What are you doing with your life?
trying to make it last as long as possible

Why do you inhale every time your lungs run out of air?
the last question should clearly point out the fact that I don't want to die yet.

Who are you?

What are you doing here?
Wasting my time with dumb questions such as this one

Do your Relationships have meaning?
every one except for the one that matters the most.

Does your life have meaning?

Would you die without regret for someone you love?
yes, but how could you regret something if your too busy being dead and stuff.

Can you honestly answer one of these questions?
I just answered 12 of them honestly.
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Foo Fighters - Echoes silence patience and grace.

Same here. I got it on monday, and I'm somewhat disappointed.

Only 3-4 songs worth a second listen.
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The awesomeness of my quotes can not be contained in mere "sigs." My quotes must be held inside a glistening metallic bear-robot, created only to house them.

I think you posted that just to see if you get sigged. I was going to sig that to prove you wrong, but thats what you want me to do.
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anything by jack johson

Jack Johnson FTW.
I love this song/band.... unfortunately I can't help.
Me and my friend were gonna make one last weekend. does anyone know how big the explosion would be if we filled the bottle half way with lighter fluid?
As for your first reply, I would totally end my friendship with her brother so I could date her.

And as for your second comment....I just realized how right you are.

Thanks bro.
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I'd say make a move but nothing too drastic.

Thats kida what I was thinking, but what should I do??

P.S. Her brother is one of my friends and about a week after I realized I liked her, we were hanging out at the mall and me and her started to talk and have a good time. Then, her brother came to me and said, " Dude, I don't like my friends hitting on/dating my little sister." What should I do about this douche?
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god? yes.

what the bible says? no....

I'm with this dude.