The Affinity's *won't* stay in tune.
Don't get a Squier Affinity. Never.
The switch during the heavy version of the first refrain, the ascending palm mute pedal riff, that's still 4/4. Lars is just being a dick/inept and switching his beat to the offnotes, which COMPLETELY ****s up ANYONE with a sense of rhythym. If you don't believe me, listen to the SAME riff at the end of the song. Lar's drums it "properly", and James is playing the exact same guitar riff. Trust me, there's nothing progressive about the time signature, it's just Lars being a dick.
Bad Company!
Purchased from original owner, owned from mid 70's, in *pristine* condition. MIJ by Ibanez, called "Mansfield".

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So I have been KILLING to get a Gibson SG after playing my G400 and loving it. I recently came into a $600 refund check from my school which was unexpected and I was wondering whether I should combine this with $300 from a recent guitar sale to get a new guitar or deposit it all in my bank account. I'm saving up for a car but I already have $3000 grand in the bank. So guitar or no? Maybe I'm just looking for justification of my purchase but whatever


1) How old are you?
2) Do you have any bills/debts?
3) Do you forsee keeping the SG for the forseeable future?
4) Would you be buying a standard or the 61 reissue? (G400 is based on the 61, the Sg standard has that ugly full pickguard...I hate them)
5) Would you be willing to stick with the SG, and not make any large purchases until you have the car?

If you have a job, few bills, and/or the disipline to restrict future purchases, I say go for it. If some of those factors are not present, I would reccomend maybe just putting Gibson pickups/tuners in your's the same wood by and large.
In my opinion, a portable amp is a portable amp. I mean, you should be willing to make concessions on sound quality in return for convenience, build quality, and battery life.

Any of the major portable amps will do that...but the Roland Cube is a solid little number for sure, and gets my reccomendation.
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I can fill you in on where this may have come from...

There is a store called Intercontinental Music located in Ottawa Canada. The guy who owns it imports "Intex" branded instruments...beyond this he carries several other brands including TCM, Simon, and Baron. All these instruments are the cheapest of the cheap from China, but made to be exact copies which he sells for about the same price as the equivalent strats/les pauls/SG's etc. Odds are it's not worth more than maybe $300 at best, I would recommend you stay away from this guitar at all costs if that's where it's from. Since he owns the brand that's the only way UNLESS you are looking at one of the above mentioned TCM customs, in which case they are excellent guitars and worth a fair bit. If the TCM is very scripted lettering in a bronzed kind of finish, avoid it.

That's what it is, the scripted bronzed letters. Thanks for the heads up. It looks amazing, and is heavy, but it plays pretty shitty. I suspect the body is plywood also.

I was thinking it would be a cheap pickup swap, but I think I can do better.
I hate the EMG 85. The 81 sounds alright distorted with high treble, but the Seymour Duncan Blackouts are far superior in every way.
I wandered into a pawn shop the other day, and I found what looked to be a knockoff of a white Les Paul Custom. Gold hardware, block inlays, with the diamond on the headstock. The brand was "TCM" in black letters, written perpendicular to the neck.

Does anyone know anything about this guitar? I find the build quality to be solid, like upper end epiphone level at least. Any ideas?

The headstock looked almsot identical to Gibson's "book" design.
I have found that I prefer 50's style maple-boarded necks in both Bass and Guitar necks, and I am wondering why.

Part of the appeal I have discovered, is the "coating" on the neck. Does anyone know exactly what that is? I ask, because I am thinking about building a custom bass, and could save a lot of money if I just need to coat a neck as opposed to buying a coated one. Thanks.
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ive got no respect for this TARD

hez a begginer, plays thru a zakk wylde ministack, plays a gibby LP, hes a ****** and now he wants to play malmsteen (no disrespect to ynewgie fans).


Where is this coming from? What, can someone only like one kind of music? I suppose you don't have any "Musical Skeletons" in your closet?
If it's carpal tunnel, you will likely start waking up in the middle of the night with pain, and feel numbness in your hand frequently.

However, if it feels like a muslce ache but sharper, it might be tendonitis, which is a lot easier to treat. Go see your doc, and in the meantime, take a BREAK!
It's a dream of an instrument, It's a Hohner P-bass special style guitar, VERY heavy body, P and J, one piece maple neck, made in Korea. Very nice looking instrument.
The only thing I was worried about was the P pickup being backwards, and the knobs.

The knobs I can live with, and I doubt the sound will change dramatically from the P having the bass strings bassier and the treble strings treblier.
I am only asking because I found a FANTASTIC little bass in a pawn shop that is LITERALLY exactly what I want in a bass, it's HEAVY, it has a one-piece maple neck, and a P and J pickup. It's also VERY cheap.

Here's the problem, it's a left handed instrument.

Would I be crazy to considar buying it, flipping it around, restringing it, and essentially playing hendrix style?
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Nope no Highway 1's. How much is shipping?

After its all said and done, around $1300 Canadian.
So, there are no Highway 1's with that system? After shipping it might not be such a good deal...
Does anyone know the deal on these? I am wondering if they are american standard, highway 1, or something else.

Also, what do you guys think of a maple necked precision s1 for $1035 Canadian new?
As an asside, has anyone tried the Squier Precision Special? No maple neck, but it DOES have one of each, which i really like.
Ok, I am thinking about getting a P-bass, but I really want it to have a maple neck/fretboard, preferably one-piece. I also want to stay within the Fender family if possible...

Any suggestions? I had a look at the VM precision, but I beleive that pickup is a humbucker, not a P pickup, is that right?
I am not a huge fan of 5 string basses, I don't see the point really. The potential economy of motion and less tuning changes are balanced out nicely by the discomfort and lack of speed overall granted by the wider neck.
I dunno, the Precision would be pretty good also...if possible, go with your aunt to the instrument should never be gifted without the recepient playing it.

Even someone with no knowledge of the bass (I am not assuming that applies to you) can tell which instrument feels better to their hands, and beleive it or not, that's a huge consideration.
Yup, any trade involving you giving away a Tbird is automatically in your favor for sure.
Of what I have played, the Vintage Modified JAzz and Precision.
I love the radius on the fretboard...I don't know what it is about maple fretboards, I have yet to play a fender/squier maple neck I didn't love.
I can't stress it enough....bass for dummies is SUPERB.

Check it out, trust me.
I played with the covers for the first time yesterday...I was NOT a fan. They just hindered my natural movements so much. I couldn't get a decent technique going at all.
Ok, I know this is based off Marcus Miller's famous bass (Which I played the fender version of....drool), but what exactly is "70's" about it?

I have heard that the bridge pickup is moved, is that true? I ask because I LOVE the "lead" pickup on my new bass, and I think the fender version might be in my future (If they make a maple necked version).

Just as an aside, the bass is just absolutely suberb. I have not played an instrument under $700 I liked as much. This is the first instrument I have EVER bought where on the wya home I was actually physically excited about, and I have not had one IOTA of buyers remorse...which is a fantastic sign.

Anyway, fantastic instrument, great in every way...I want another one!
...And that's whay I didn't say they had one. lol. Wait a month, then go ask if they have one. If you want it tho, or figure you will , make sure you have enough cash to put it on layaway when you go there.
I got the VM Jazz, and I don't regret it for a was in the backroom of Long and mcquade...last time I mentioned on here that they had one, someone bought it just before I went in to pick it I didn't want to say anything..but this one is even better thant he last one they had.

I fell right in love with it all over again, lol. The VM Precision is pretty damn good too tho, I have to say.
Hmm. Ok, you dared me to here goes:

one piece bound Maple neck with Black Block inlays, alder body, neck through.

Jazz body and neck, the old style big tuners.

The new fender 2008 Badass II bridge.

Pickup wise, either a humbucker and a P, or a very hot set of JAzz, the bridge pickup would be 70's spacing and be even hotter.
I will tell you I am leaning towards the Squier VMJ, but I wnat to check out alternatives. I hope L&M gets some of those Classic Vibe Squiers in, the guitars are sick, so I bet the basses are phenomenal!
Wow, that SX looks sick! Didn't I hear that they are cheap knockoffs in the vein of Jay Turser tho?
Ahh.....I forgot about those.
Ok, so I had a bit of a revelation today..

I have realized that I REALLY prefer one piece maple necks on my guitars AND basses. Now, I am looking to get a bass, so this really sets a criteria for me. Here are the criteria an instrument should fit into:

1) Under $350 new (I am tired of looking for used around here)
2) Not the Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass (I only say that because I am already looking at one of these, and wnat to considar alternatives).

Any ideas?
Would an 80 watt amp do for hearing myself over a drummer?
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I thought it was because I want to be able to switch strings for [BEADG] to [EADGC] without worrying about the nut and my strings rattling.

I'll keep looking for a solution.

A guitar tech/luthier I talked to the other day whos working on my bass, said that you could restring from BEADG to EADGC without a problem, because the string rests in the lowest cavity, so buzz won't be a problem.