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Slightly back on topic.

Would you be against having your Crusade articles, certainly amongst the best theory lessons available here on UG, included? Mention of an e-book has been raised recently, and this could coincide quite well with the revival of this thread here.

Hello, Tom!

You know, I'm really not sure. I do appreciate the compliment! As I mentioned before, after my CD drops (due soon!), I'll be working hard on a book. I'm still figuring out my marketing strategy for the CD, and haven't even got to the book yet.

However, I will say this: I know I wouldn't want the entire series included in the book, BUT - I might be open to one or two of the articles included. This depends, again, on me figuring out what the heck I'm doing with my own book. I'd be open to hearing a "pitch" for the design/distribution of the epic tome! Let me know when you good rockers have got a concrete idea together (email is best:, and we can go from there.

I'd also be open to the idea of writing a short piece FOR the book.

Thanks, and happy New Year!

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Sorry, but that doesn't make sense, seeing as Poodleman was registered before JoshUrban, way back in 2007. So you do remember the password on the older account that you never used, but not on your frequently active account?

Not trying to be an annoying bitch or anything, but it just does not compute.

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There are many suicide hotlines available. Google 'em. And get professionals involved. It's NOT something you want to take upon yourself alone.
By all means shop around. I have the same processor, and while they recommend the G minor MIDI pedal, it's really not that flexible. It DOES have a tuner function, and therefore puts a tuner on your pedalboard. Very good to keep it out of your signal chain.
BUT, it only has three buttons. While I'm new at MIDI myself, I think there's much better options out there.

(And yes, you can switch presets with a MIDI pedal. I *think* you can switch blocks on and off, too, if you have enough buttons on the MIDI controller.)

TC electronic should have a downloadable pdf file to check out. Boring to read, but it'll save you some bucks!

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Hi there!

From over here, it sounds like it's a technique thing. This is actually good! You won't have to buy any new gear! And it will present you with an opportunity to learn more about the guitar, your playing style, yadda yadda yadda.

You'll want to apply both left and right hand muting (resting your hands on the strings), and of course, being aware of what's going on with your playing.

Again, I could be misinterpreting what your question was, but it does sound like it's not gear related. (Now you can save up for that super duper five neck guitar that plays "stairway to heaven" by itself....!)

Best of luck,