Megadeth -A tout le monde with Cristina Scabbia form Lacuna Coil
Non-sense, play the Hurdy Gurdy!
Screw You Pedestrians! Don't Walk!
Iron Maiden- Powerslave
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They have an album coming out in a month..

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May happen sooner than you'd hoped if you're no good

Let's hope not
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I think he means ones that aren't supposed to land on the sea.

Yup, I'm not certified to operate sea planes, maybe one day though
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I'm working on my private pilot's license. Can't wait to get IFR certified. Nevertheless, VFR's more fun.

haha yeah I'm starting Instrument training next semester, which is great because it's cloudy a lot where I'm from
Yesterday I went on my checkride (Flight to get an aviation license or rating) and passed! So I am now a Private Pilot rated for single-engine land aircraft. Is there any other pilots or people into aviation in the pit?
Either Light arrows from Zelda or some of the alien weaponry from Perfect Dark
All I'm saying is David Lee Roth > Sammy Hagar
Cleverbot tells that jesus was phone
System of a Down, I just cannot stand theirs vocals
Most any song written by Dave Mustaine
good stuff
I love my Jackson's shark fin inlays
The intro of Number of the Beast by Iron Maiden is a quote from the book of Revelation
Hair is important, I mean look at Metallica with short hair, they just suck
does this misery last forever?
ask Kirk how to play without wah....oh wait
Today was kind of a mix of happy and sad, on one hand I didn't have classes today and got to just be lazy and hang with my roommates all day, but on the other hand, my great-granpa is in the hospital, and probably not gunna make it much longer
Number of the Beast and Run to the Hills are Iron Maiden's most known songs, yet I don't think they give a good reprsentation of there overall style
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meh, if that's seriously one of the most saddening stories you've ever read, you should read more often.

Ok well it may not be the saddest story I've ever read but I didn't wanna sound heartless by just saying it was funny, plus I was refering to the sad ecuse for a parent

This is one of the funniest and saddest news stories I've ever seen

Hair Metal will never die as long as Steel Panther lives on!
I'd flush it and prolly clog the toilet and piss off my roommates
I wanna see TCU, UC, or Boise State play in the big game but that ain't gunna happen...
Was alcohol involved?
Lawn Jarts come to mind
The answer is 42
"Peace Sells...But Who's Buying?"

Essebtially everyone claims to want peace but no one is willing to make the sacrifices that we ALL, as in thw whole world would have to make in order to achieve it, and with terrorist and evil dictators in the world I don't thibk this is possible
Buffalo Chicken and ranch
Kevin19 is a badass

do I win?
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badass action pic
Green Day stole the Brain Stew riff from Chicago's 25 or 6 to 4
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Natty is disgusting.

I hate it when someone calls me up to play beer pong and I get there and there's a 48-pack of Natty in the fridge.


Old Milwaukee light is the best cheap beer, but Natty is better than PBR IMO