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Always a bad decision, always.

(and this from somebody who drinks just about nothing but whiskey.)

Whiskey on the Rocks!
Fall out Boy's 1st album
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Dm=Am, just a 4th step up.

They are all the same, you can't have one minor key sadder than the other. The fact that they are "minor" makes them sad. The actual note means nothing.

but according to Spinal Tap, Dm is the saddest
D minor is the saddest of all keys
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lol i was actually talking about nobel prizes yesterday to a friend. we agreed that the nobel peace prize is the stupidest, most worthless award you can get. People who really deserve it never get it. 99% of the people who win that award are just popular and the only thing they ever did concerning peace was saying 'peace is good, we should have peace" but never really being proactive about it.

case in point, obama.

Yes! this must be part of the ground-breaking to start building the giant UG logo in the moon, Finally!
Malcolm Young
Dave Mustaine
Dave Murray and Adrian Smith together
Freddie Mercury
Metallica continued to write sellout-ish music...just kidding...but not really they are sellouts
It makes me angry how half the "Top 49" contain videos that have been removed
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i expect them to go around stealing picnic baskets, not randomly killing each other

it's pic-a-nic baskets
I read the title as Bear vs Bare.... I am also disappoint
Yeah I don't know why the radio version isn't the version on the album, either way the radio version is badass
the cheerleaders should all have signs with the pear on them
I have some music that other people might be embarrassed to have on their ipod but I'm not hindered by it
Trolls are getting old
He gets old fast
I'm fairly conservative and usually vote republican, but I don't restrict my views to only those that are right-winged
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I was being sarcastic haha. I know nobody ever really says they're good lyricists. (still think they kick some major ass though!)

But of course they are majorly kickass!
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but Jim Beam is cheaper and better IMO
according to google, it's 42
Lars....what you said talented...nevermind then...

I'd say nirvana
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Beer sucks.
Whisky rules.

I prefer Jim Beam to Jack Daniel's but still
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if a mod posts a spam thread, are you allowed to spam the spam thread? wouldn't spamming a spam thread be the same thing as posting in the spam thread, since you are in both situations contributing to spam?

I have no idea, but you might wanna mention some beer in your post just to be safe, my favorite is Blue Moon
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Rolling Stones

A Perfect Circle?
The Beatles for 4 in a row?
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Yeah, I'm looking for a specific artist though.

Axel Rose?
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I feel your pain
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Me cheated

But anywho....

Here is an easy one

Arctic Monkeys

Edit: Damn, beaten to it
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seems to be a torture device....Iron Maiden?
Welcome to the world of consequences
Looks like you set yourself up to get shafted...