that was actually kinda funny
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I nominate Holy Smoke for the Cheesiest Maiden Video award.

Nope I vote Can I play with Madness, because Holy Smoke was suppose to be satire
I honestly thought Motley Crue was badass when I saw them this past summer
The Bad man punted baxter!
I love NotB, not my favorite album, but it's definately up there
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We found Mustafar?!

On topic, this is quite interesting, a place to go in case of nuclear holocaust?
So you created this thread and a group about simply having UG accounts? Double fail
This thread is like a broken needle, it has no point
Epic commercial is epic
technically "attempting to purchase alcohol" carries a similar penalty as actualy succeeding in buting it, but that's only if the cashier is a dick or there's a cop behind you in line lol
You should write a story about how he whined about being famous and killed himsel...oh wait
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thats better than 12

I hear ya, my parents split when I was 14
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I never realised they ever sang that live, that was a lovely treat to listen to

I agree, I need to listen to my dad's old Maiden Japan album he has on vinyl
Heaven's Gate
Use the new UG IM
I lost my maiden virginity to NotB as well
I love Onion News haha
I've never had someone tell me they like a band solely for doin a cover of a Maiden classic, but although the vocals could be better, I kinda like Avenged Sevenfold's cover of Flash of the Blade, and it made me gain a little respect for them (Flameshield)
I really like 44 Minutes off the new album
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I rather dislike Cradle of Filth's version of Hallowed Be Thy Name.
However, I do like the tempo they took it at.

I agree, I hate thier cover
Headcrusher - Megadeth
See! you wouldn't catch Megadave doin this.... oh wait:
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Have a listen for yourself.

Personally i think he does an absolutely fine job, not up to the level of Bruce but there's nothing wrong with his singing.

one of the best Maiden cover minus the singing. he can't do the "That spreads through the land..." line very well IMO
BYOB by System....I just really hate System's vocals
Black Tide does a decent cover of Prowler
For this question, I always answer Blood Brothers or the Nomad
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I do sometimes, but not recently
Stange World is perfect for Paul's vocals and I love it
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I say it's fake
Well he's goin to tell you to STFU
Weekend Warrior
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I was kidding. Jesus Christ.

And it was directed at the guy with "UG Republican" in his sig.

Ok, sry if I was a bit harsh, but I really don't wanna see a political fight breaking out in this thread
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Aren't Republicans against progressive anything? Maiden's an exception?

This is the Maiden thread, not the political thread, so don't bring politics into this
Hurry, get to the bomb shelter!
Tim Owens < Rob Halford
When I saw the title of this thread, I knew lulz would ensure