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I'm contemplating starting a club on UG called "If You Don't Like Bruce Dickinson's voice, GTFO!"

I would join
Matt Damon
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Comparing Maiden to Metallica does not compute in my mind. It's much more fun to compare Metallica to Megadeth. Megadeth released their 7th album with I'll Get Even With You. Metallica then releases BETTER THAN YOU on their 7th album. I think they're trying to communicate.

Anyway, I'm an expert on cheese, and I'd have to say some of the cheesiest Iron Maiden cheese can be found in Invaders, Heaven Can Wait, Quest for Fire, and Bring Your Daughter to the Slaughter (I do believe people have mentioned most of these already).

Well Megadeth's new Album Endgame will blow Death Magnetic out the water, but Maiden is still way better than both of those bands

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yes.... because i "deal" with those men.... and hate it.

Well you have to put up with seeing them in the media...and I guess you could hate that...
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It's actually closer to a big rock face house.

On Topic edit: people with big egos.

Axel Rose and Bono?
People that are pro-choice, yet anti-capital punishment...
Little Smirk -Theory of a Deadman. It fits perfect.
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Let's hope Metallica don't try and make a Matter Of Life And Death, geez.

Well IMO Metallica's last good album was the Black Album, where Maiden is still proving they can make good albums
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I don't have to worry, me and God are beer pong partners.

I like the way you think
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Did anybody see Jackson's new Adrian Smith custom? I fell in love when i saw it

It looks awesome, but way overpriced only cuz H's name's on it.
Can you do I'm losing my hard-on
Change his religious views to "hail satan" and his political views to something about "the fascist party of Hitler"
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that's hardly hazing. i think that's a treat

So I've been hazing myself for years?
Pics will help my decision
Flying in Formation
...To Be Loved by Papa Roach
Blood Brothers - Iron Maiden
Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be - AC/DC
Grinder - Judas Priest
Out for Blood - Lita Ford
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For a while I've been saying BNW is the best Maiden album. It was quite sensational too with the return of Bruce and Adrian. I believe it's the only Maiden album I got the day it came out.

BNW is one of my favorites as well
So you just joined today?
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I didn't think it was anything spectacular. I'm listening to Dance of Death now. The title song is pretty good. Seems like they were going for another Number of the Beast with that song tho.

Lyrically, I agree with you but musically, to me, it sounds like it's in the same vein as one of my favorites, Blood Brothers
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you can listen to your AMoLaD while i listen to Sit and SSoaSS.

...and probably jizz myself while doing so also.

Meanwhile, I'll just be over here listening to Powerslave
Well SOAD has 2 vocalists, and I can't stand either one of their "singing" (and I use that term lightly) voices, so 2 singers migt be cool, but it could end up sucking as well
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I'm pretty sure he was joking

Yes, I was joking. I thought it was obvious...
Powerslave or To Tame A Land should be easy on bass haha

The Trooper is probably easy if he can get the gallop rhythm down
Cool Story Bro
Instantaneous Ballistic Sh*t?
Well the ad at the top of my page right now is a Verizon ad in Spanish, so I think I'll pass on clicking on that ad
Whooooa yeah! c'mon! c'mon! MMMMM!
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well then I stand corrected
Yeah that movie made me listen to Rush right after it was over
Johnny Cage? you mean from like Mortal Kombat?
Eddie Riggs is a tribute to Iron Maiden Mascot "Eddie" and his creater Derek Riggs, so I'm pumped
*points to username*
Megadeth-End Game
Dethklok-The Dethalbum II
Pepper by the Butthole Surfers
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TS, ask Rob Halford or Steve Perry since they both sing incredible high...

but really, I did see someone attempt this once and they just doubled over in pain from hitting his self
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I gots a beter idea

*plays ta star spangled banner, hendrix style giving everyone multiple orgasms along the way*

I just came