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yep, so now I can remember it

I like his idea. Remembering good times is always better
We need to get all three ladies in here at the same time tonight
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I'm usually on UG lying in bed with my laptop

me 2
So many epic cakes in this bed, and icing everywhere (not a bad thing tho)
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I went to a McDonalds the other day, and I was quite surprised to find Bruce Dickinson working behind the counter. However, I was disappointed when he informed me of the bad news with his powerful singing voice:


As he continued I noticed Nicko by the grill doing his best to provide a beat for him with a couple of spatulas.


I lol'd hard
Skid Row
Van Halen (w/ Dave)
Iron Maiden
System of a Down. IMO both singers suck, which is why I hate the band, even tho they have decent instrumental work
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There wsa no nudity except pen0rs, you weren't missing much.

oh ok, in that case
I didn't see the hot tub one before it was taken down
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Hey guys, I wonder if Shelby is sexing it up right about now.
*drools thinking of it*

Hey Hey Hey watch where you are drooling Chrono
So has anyone counted how many giant cakes we've gone through in this thread/bed?
All I know is someone needs to get Shelby a camera...
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Never thought I'd have to post this 3 times in one threead, but:

3 times and still funny
Wow a lot has happened since I last posted on like page 4 lol. anyway after reading all the others pages now, I must say, I'm glad to be in this epic bed!
I've put shoes in the washing machine before, just keep an eye on it and make sure it doesn't get lodged in the machine at an awkward angle
So who's gunna tell the bed time story?
I have no idea what that is but it's a cool looking shirt
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And Brett Favre was the QB...
Cool Paperclips Bro!

I don't have any paperclips pics...
Make the husband and clown fight to the death, with epic music playing
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Randy Rhoads was a pretty good guitarist.

More like the Best Ever! IMO
Well I could do withour Janick, but besides him Maiden is kinda a supergroup IMO
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For Dio Sabbath/Heaven & Hell check out the song I, Fear, and Bible Black.
(Love the artwork for The Devil You Know)
And to the poster above me, I do prefer Maiden too. :P
They're both Great (in the Top 3 actually)

I think that website has very fair lists, unlike many other "Top 100" websites
I love them both and you can't argue that Sabbath basically started it all with Heavy Metal, but I personally prefer Maiden

and of course Darkstar is gunna say Sabbath, he is After All (pun intended), a Sabbath elitist
Nothing against you TS, but there really needs to be an ONLY Birthday Celebration Thread where everyone came post on his/her B-day

anyway, here ya go TS:
I voted for Dave Mustaine...
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Skateboarding: No recognized governing body in England

Look on the bright side, bicycle polo is on the list...
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Beer Pong is definitely a sport.

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There are many Maiden songs that just never stay old.

I agree with this guy

anyway, I would pick Powerslave if I could only listen to one Maiden album.

What your guys' favorite instrumental passages (since Maiden has so many in the middle of their songs): One of my favorite instrumental parts is the middle of Nomad
The Mind Blowing Pics that aren't photoshoped Thread
Steve Harris>all Metallica Bass players
Too many amazing Harmonies to name all of them...
Chicken Fingers are the way to go, with a large Fanta
Modern Joe Satriani

Edit: Damn beaten to it
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it's cuz there are so many. i remember on the first day there was SIX of me, including myself in the chat room. and they ended up banning me, and kept the false one in the chat room

You should kill the imposters!
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ewww new metal. ozzy you can do better just hire marty friedman or sumin

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A double album? After Nostradamus?!

That was Judas Priest that put out Nostradamus, not Maiden