Stevie Ray Vaughan

Edit: nevermind I don't think it is SRV
Before I actually played a guitar with a whammy bar, I thought that in order to get the desired effect, you have to push th whammy bar down until it touched the strings and presses them down...
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How could I forget such an amazing bass intro...
"Shhh be quiet, might piss somebody off..." well if I offend you, then it's your problem, not mine!
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If its too loud, then your too old.
Blood Brothers-Iron Maiden
Wrathchild-Iron Maiden
The Clairvoyant-Iron Maiden
Highr Ground-RHCP
I guess that brings a whole new meaning to "Great Balls of Fire"
No more Traps!
Blow s**t up
Transylvania and Losfer Words by Iron Maiden
Orion by Metallica
YYZ by Rush
Chicken and Shrimp FTW!!!
The Cowbell, people always seem to bring them to high school cross country meets too
I would buy a small plane, since I'm a pilot
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The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner - Iron Maiden

The title, the speed of the song (cept the intro), the band, perfect.

Caution: may result in instant transition from running to rocking out!

Dave Mustaine in Metallica....what? you mean he isn't in Metallica anymore? Nooooo!

But really, I'd prolly be Tony Iommi in Black Sabbath
I'm good. Just realxed all day

how bout the UGer below me?
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cinnamon pong

Why use milk? Beer will give you the same result plus you'll have the joy of being drunk beforehand.

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According to Youtube, the 'funniest sexual abuse ad ever'.

Me n mah bro wrote a song about it called The Mac Attack.


That's ****ed Up!
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You mean the way 85 percent of their stuff is based around either E-C-D or E-G-C-D?
Musically I suppose its true but the riffs and vocal melodies are different enough its fine, kind of gives them a trademark thing to work around.

I agree, a lot of people know that as the "Maiden Riff"
I've been the "guy who doesn't know anyone except you" before but I actually made an effort to meet new people and not just bug the one guy I knew before
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Play Pandemic. $5 says you cant get Madagascar.

I had so many wasted hours on that game like 6 months ago

TS, you could set stuff on fire, that's always fun
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I'm 12 and what is this??

I saw this coming a mile away
Cool Birthday Bro!
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Name it Grandpa, and don't potty train it. So when it poops, someone can yell out "GOD DAMNIT, GRANDPA JUST **** EVERYWHERE!"

Lulz will ensue.

I read this in the actual thread it was supppose to be in first and they were like right thread this time and I didn't get it, but when I saw it in this thread I lol'd hard
Turg Ferguson
I'd try it but it does sound rather nasty to be honest
Powerslave by Iron Maiden
I just bought a pair of JVC headphones that are ear buds that also act as a sort of ear plugs at the same time to block out unwanted noise and I love them. got em for around $20 too
I agree with everyone who said Maiden would do Stairway epically
The Pit handsdown
In a place far...far...away...
Most Maiden lyrics minus "Quest for Fire"
Malcom Young, Dave Mustaine (I know he solos too, but he mostly plays rhythm), Toki Wartooth
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Somebody suggested this in The Pit recently; wouldn't it be amazing if Iron Maiden had written Stairway in the first place?

Wait, What? dare I ask what thread in the Pit some one suggested this?
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Judas Priest- Nostradamus. 'Nuff said.