Watching Metalocalypse
Wait you live in "the batcave" and are complaining about pests in your house?
I see where drummers can be offended by the joke about "drummers not being musicians" or whatever, but taking it out on the guitarist that actually can read music and such by overgeneralizing us all as know-nothing is kinda being a hypocrite, as that is, in a way calling us not musicians either. I definately don't take the drummer for granted, but to say I couldn't keep a beat without him is false
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Yngwie Malmsteen

Thanks for your words of wisdom...haha
So I'm assuming since apparently Yngwie scalloped his frets, that doin this helps with speed or something to that effect?
I see Rush a lot of this list and this is hard to argue with I must say
I see Dream Theater a lot and I don't know much but I do like what I know
I see Metallica and instantly think Lars isn't "kickass" by any means and Cliff was the good bass player
I see Nirvana and I think of how overrated Cobain is
I see Megadeth, who I love, but they have had so many line up changes it's hard foe me to say they all "Kicked ass"
and I see very only a few mentions of Iron Maiden:
Bruce Dickinson=Godlike vocals
Steve Harris= One of the best bass players to ever walk this earth
Adrain, Dave, and Janick=some of the best guitar harmonies ever written
Nicko McBrain=Plays the equalivent kick drum with 1 f*ckin bass pedal half the time
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so u like maiden eh?

why not experimenting with some NWOBHM, that music is ****ty like yours, but at least better

Hey now let's not bash the NWOBHM
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I was going to say Synyster also Zacky Vengeance I suppose

EDIT: AND M. Shadows!!! Jeez.....Avenged Sevenfold

You forgot Johnny Christ and the Rev...
Dr. Rockso
Sorry to hear that man, I know how bad that sucks, my parents split up a week before Christmas my 8th grade year, and still can barely be civil around one another so I feel ya man...
Add lyrics about random Trolls and the many closed threads in their wake
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I love how comments are disabled now.

Does that mean mission accomplished?
1. Powerslave- Iron Maiden
2. Piece of Mind- Iron Maiden
3. Tribute- Ozzy Osbourne & Randy Rhoads
4. High Voltage- AC/DC
5. British Steel- Judas Priest
Comments disabled? NOOOO!!! Now I can't "UG FTW" this video...
My dad has a couple Jackyl drumsticks and a stool leg that he cut up with a chainsaw on stage, all signed
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Is that not Holy Smoke? thats a great video.
Maiden dont tend to do so great videos, but they dont need to with their music being so good. I really don't like the animated videos like Wildest Dreams or Different World, and other ones dont tend to be very complicated. What do you guys think of their videos?

I agree, the Different World Video is kinda far out there
Sadly, this thread somewhat defines the pit at times...
"Hello Cleveland!" -This is Spinal Tap
"100% of shots you don't take don't go in" -Wayne Gretzky
Rime of the Ancient Mariner, and Ghost of the Navigator by Iron Maiden
The Veer Union and ots of Power Metal (Manowar, Hammerfall, Stratovarious
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I was looking at some Iron Maiden vids online and I stumbled across this, I don't know how many of you saw this, this was may of last year I think it said in the info, anyway I lol'd at it.

Wrathchild and Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Iron Maiden
The Trooper by Iron Maiden
I'm going to college to be a pilot, so once I graduate, I'll be a pilot/musician like Bruce Dickinson
I'm digging the song "Phoenix"
"Diary of a Madman" by Ozzy
"Hallowed by thy Name" by Iron Maiden
both master pieces
Slipknot gave me chills and I'm not even that big of a fan
I agree with Malmsteen
Randy and Dime dying
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blood brothers is one of my favorites from that album

and one of my favorite slower maiden songs

That is one of my favorite Maiden songs period
I don't usually like rap but I like Run DMC
When I 1st started playing I thought the whammy bar was suppose to be pushed down and actually touch the strings in order to get the desired effect...bear in mind I was like 8...
Flight 666 was indeed Badass. I saw it at like one in the morning on VH1, and then I had to go out and but it when it came out. I love how they take each live song from a different show
Iron Maiden
Judas Priest
Go to the Bar and count the number of pilots you find there. hell you might even meet the pilot that is going to fly you haha
The end solo in Layla. the guitars are so out of tune and it sounds aweful with the good sounding piano