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Cool man,I thought I was alone. I personally hate all of Seventh Son.*puts on flame shield*

I don't hate it, but I guess I just don't like the changing sound, I guess I just feel like Smith did when he wanted to get back to how Maiden was before Somewhere in Time.
I disagree haha but then again I think I'm the only Maiden fan that thinks Seventh Son of a Seventh Son is overrated. IMO Powerslave, Number of the Beast, Peace of Mind, Somewhere in Time, and Brave New World are all better than Seventh Son. call it blasphemy if you want but I just don't think Seventh Son is Maiden's best work
Amen Brother, I hate when bands cover Maiden songs and growl. Don't get me wrong, I do like some bands that used "growl" and "scream" vocals but definately not in a Maiden cover
The most ignorant thing I ever heard:

"Kurt Cobain and Nirvana are so much better than 80's Metal, and Cobain is a much better guitarist than Randy Rhoads..."
Nicko McBrain

listen starting at 5:49. and that is one bass pedal btw
The only Maiden Song I've ever heard on the radio is Run to the Hills, which I love, but at the same time kinda pissed me off because it's the only Iron Maiden song that a lot people know, as sad as that may be...
That settles it, there should be a radio station dedicated to Maiden that can be heard worldwide. haha
Is it just me, or is anyone else from America tired of Maiden getting virtually no radio time, where bands like Metallica get overplayed on the radio?
Nice Pics Ardius! The new batman movie made me think of the joker every time I look at the killers poster in my room too
OK so this is mainly because I saw "The Dark Knight," but is it just me or does the Stranger in a strange land Eddie sorta look like Two Face?
I agree with Ardius
I agree that four guitars is too many (frankly I think they'd do just fine with just two), but maybe a couple live shows where they only play songs from their first album with dennis playing along would be cool. Just a thought.
On to a new subject, What if Dennis Stratton came back to Maiden and then they had 4 guitarists? Would it be too many guitars? I say yes, but what do you think?
That suck for him ^

Hey does anyone know when this past tour DVD is coming out (or if it is out)?
And what about the The History of: Part 2?
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Probably.........there are loads of *other* bands which like to reference Maiden or play covers.
Though, the *other* bands are usually a load of crap, like A7X

Yeah I know. I hate when screamo or growling bands cover maiden and ruin classic songs
I was listening to the A7X song Beast and the harlet and I realized that that is definately a reference to Iron Maiden (Number of the Beast and the Charlette the Harlet Saga)
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In fact, each member change has seemingly impacted the band in a large way, which I think shows how good they are at playing their instruments and also the major song writing contributions that go on in the band. Perhaps i can even go so far to say that looking at it this way, perhaps we could say Adrian was the largest influence on the band, as his leaving and returning really took away and brought back large sections of the band's sound?

I couldn't agree with you more, the first time I heard songs off fear of the dark (the first maiden that I had ever heard without H), I knew that a major part of the band left with Adrian.
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Paul performance is great on-stage! Leather, spikes where good for this era, but Maiden need a change. If Bruce didn't join the band, Iron Maiden would have totally messed things up.

I agree. Paul was great but Bruce took them to a totally new level.
I love all 3 singers and Pauls ruff style is impressive in itself
I knew it was something like that, thanks for the info

BTW: Spanwise you live in waynesville? that catholic school I mentioned earlier is Fenwick
ok so I go to a Catholic high school and yesterday my teacher said a prayer at the beginning of class and it was the first part of revelations. the part that starts O God of earth and alter... Who knew that I would know a prayer at school because of Maiden?
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No, not at all. It is, in fact, just a the same exact thing with the string synth volume increased. Same for the "orchestral" version of Paschendale

Thanks dude I won't bother getting it since it ain't that much different.
Is the orchestral mix of blood brothers on the wildest dreams single any good? I love the original, is this version that much different?
I wouln't pick Janick over Adrian for Most Impressive, unless I was judging on-staging energy/ presence
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thanks, i'll be working on this hahaha.

Well you better get started, maiden has a ton of good material. Good luck to you fellow Maiden fan
Agreed Maiden is who we must bow down to
Iron Maiden fans in Europe and have you seen how many people are there to see them at Rock in Rio?
Randy Rhoads = guitar god
Kurt Cobain= not that good of a guitarist
It's hard to tell for me too cause I love the drum line in Hallowed be thy name, but Nicko is amazing too. They're both just great drummers
hmm... thats a good question. do you believe Clive or Nicko to be the better drummer?
I personally like Nicko more than travis but thats just me
Ok so Ive heard ppl say that nicko rarly uses a double-bass pedal, but to me it sounds like he does alot on BNW
Well my dad was the one who got me into maiden but the thing he only followed them until somewhere in time. He syas that the album that he lost maiden on, but I made him listen to BNW and he seems to like blood brothers.
Ok I have NOTB, Piece of Mind, Powerslave, Fear of the Dark, Brave New World, and A Matter of Life and Death. Should I get Somewhere in Time or SSoaSS next?