THE SHINING. with out a doubt, the best!!!
Dont damn me. use your illuson 1. nuff said.
both outputs can be used for a cab of 4 , 8 or 16 ohms.
or you can use two x 8 ohm cabs (to make 4 ohms) or two x 16 ohm cabs (8 ohms).

basically nothing below 4 ohms or you will damage the amp and nothing over 16 ohms or you will damage the cab.

so, 1 x 8 ohm cab is the norm.
what a stupid ****ing question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! put your 'straps' in their own taxi if you must !!!!!!

or , now im going out on a limb here, leave it on your guitar!!! ???
sounds like you have most of what you need . why not just spend most of your money on accessories? decent chrom tuner, strap locks, strings , treat your strat to a pro set up , a new guitar case? shed load of picKs!
boss metal zone maybe!!! lots of tone options.
every gig i play is a payer!!! if i can not recoupe my expenses (fuel,etc) i wont bother!!!! sad i know but to drive 20 - 30 miles to a venue only for poor advertising , overpricing on the door and poor turnout etc shouldnt come outa my pocket!!! on the other hand an awesome gig and money makes a top night!!!!!
no way mate!!!!!!!!! if your gonna do a lot of gigs then you really want something that will last and can take a beating!!!!!!!

scour ebay for a decent combo or heap/cab. laney or marshall !!!

good luck!! p.s a laney lv300 under 200 quid!!
dude, try cleaning either the nut at the top of the neck and the bridge saddles also try and string from top to bottom on the tuning pegs. and stretch the strings as you re-tune.
stairway to heaven (zep) , behind blue eyes (the who), nothing else matters(metallica) , spoke in the wheel(black label) , freebird (skynrd) edie(the cult)
definately more gain , also more volume !!!
try using the bridge pick up (les paul works best for me) and some chorus .
paranoid eyes by pink floyd, you'll find it on 'the final cut' I dont cry to music tho!!!
New Strings Dude , Check The Action And A Good Clean Up (fret Board , Nut , Bridge Etc) Should Do It!!
boss metal zone 2 , with a boss ge7 (eg) is pretty mad!!! i use a ds-1 just to boost solos, but always try your own thing!
try the whole barre chord for f#m 244222 or just the fifth 244xxx.
dude, wah , distortion then amp works for me but everyone has thier own thing (remember , there are no rules in rock!!!)

my advice is to beginning the wah 'chug' at the start of voodoo chile, this will help with your foot and hand rythym patterns . then try any by B.L.S ! keep rockin.
if you have your wah before your DS1 then your putting a clean 'wah' before the effect. And same applies the other way round , as in , if you use your wah after the DS1 then you are 'wahing' a dirty sound, if that makes sense!!! personally I use mine first in the chain and finish with a boss grahic eq.
try re-soldering all contact points as this will cure any 'dry' joints. also check your guitars jack plug for wear and looseness. and dont forget to invest in decent leads! good luck mate.