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Well I'm letting it load now... looks fun so far

Btw, you ARE familiar with the Pit, aren't you? Cuz otherwise you're setting yourself up for a lot of barrell-rolling...

Is there a real US State which abbreviates to KY? Kentucky?

Kentucky indeed.
And yes I know the pit, I have been here for 2 or 3 years, but just recently made a new name (formerly Southern_Voodoo).
My friend, Shawn McCoy, and I have been making short comedy films for a while.
Most are nothing special, but our new one, Cards and Corpses Part 1 is different.
It actually has a storyline.
It's completely done with action figures and voice overs.
It has Diamond Dallas Page....and zombies.
Anyways, I thought I would share with The Pit in hopes for feedback.
Hope you enjoy.
My Lord, this movie looks amazing.
Jack White as Elvis is awesome.
I thought it would have been hilarious if his head exploded during the "chorus" I guess you could say. Imagine it. You will giggle.
Do a Barrel Roll!

Seriously, try bleach or one of those tide to go pens.
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thats cause cartel's awesome. duh.

when i found out metallica wasnt rock.

no seriously, i thought they were an 80's rock band but that was a long time ago.


Wouldn't it be the square of girls are evil? Square girls are evil?!
Would be perfect for some intense metal
Love Metalocalypse.
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For example, when i started listenin to Beck [Hansen] i thought he was the same person as jeff beck, just making different music :p ...

When I was a little kid, I overheard my older cousin talking about Beck and thought that Beck was the name of a chick singer.