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I'll start by saying that I own a JCM 900 combo and am very content with it. Currently its spending more time at my drummer's house though, so I'm looking for a change from my cruddy yet not as bad as people proclaim Frontman. Here is the criteria:

-Modeling of some sort, not really huge into effects/amp models, but it has to have some kind of versatility to mess around with.
-Headphone jack is preferred, volume is not definitely needed, using as a home amp.
-Somewhat small and portable. Not room fillingly large.
-Tone wise looking for something that plainly is usable. Doesn't have to be an eargasm every time I turn it on, but something I can get along with.
-Budget of give or take 150 USD.

Thanks for all help/advice/suggestions in advance. Ask away if I left anything out.

Maybe I'm the odd one out here but save it/sell it if you don't have anything to buy?

I would get **** tons of picks/strings though.
Bump. Small Clone and BF-2 available.
Looking for a cheap large condenser that will be used for a wide variety of purposes.

-along with a sm 57 for a dual mic guitar track
-capture room sound for drums
-studio vocals

Plus any other experimentation that comes up. As you can see I want this to be a workhorse in the studio, but my budget is fairly cheap. Thinking a max of about 150 bucks. Definitely willing to go used. Located in the U.S.

This will be used with a Yamaha AW-16 digital workstation.

Thanks for all suggestions/help.
Bump. BF-2 and Small clone available.
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Well, cheap passive pickups might sound okay, but would still need a preamp. Unless you're just going to play acoustic with the JCM the whole show, you would need an acoustic preamp.

I would suggest looking into LR Baggs M1A pickup. Fishman Rare Earth sounded nice, too.

Oh, and I think this goes to the acoustic section for better replies.

So basically if I plug into the JCM I won't need a preamp, but say could I plug into a P.A. system directly without a preamp?
Small Clone, BF-2, and EQ all still available.
Was wondering if you guys had any recommendations for acoustic soundhole pickups. I would say my budget is about 50-60 bucks, and I'm totally willing to go used. I'm looking just to hook this up to my JCM 900 combo for using live and in band practice.

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God I love you for posting that.
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MXR EQ still available?

Yep the EQ is still available thanks for asking .
When you tap the tempo in on the switch it doesn't turn on the delay. When you step on the actual pedal than the delay will turn on.
I have JJ 6L6's in my JCM 900 and they sound sick. Actually have JJ's in the preamp too. Extra dark to balance out the brightness.
EHX Small Clone would be sick. I'm selling for one if you want it.

1. What color is the SD Custom Custom and the 59?
2. Would you be interested in a straight MXR EQ, EHX Small Clone, or Boss BF-2 Flanger in some kind of trade?
Looks real nice man, have fun.
I don't know if that amp is solid state or tube, but if it was cranked and solid state than it could possibly be that?

I have a Little Big Muff and I've found that at louder volumes it tends to sound worse along with not being able to cut through in the mix at all. Great as a studio play around toy though.
I would personally buy that Mesa in the OP over the Orange, it looks absolutely sexy.
So I had the tubes (and speaker for that matter) replaced in my JCM 900 1x12 50 watt combo in February of 2009. I just tried to turn it on and was getting a crackly noise from both channels. Almost like the sound of a chord cutting out. Well I eliminated all the variables I could, running just a single mogami chord that I know works straight into the amp without evening running the footswitch. Got the same result. Also tried a different mogami cable that is practically brand new. Also the same result. The tone of the overdrive channel also changed considerably, it also seemed louder than normal and I didn't touch the controls on the amp at all.

So my question, are my power tubes out? And is there a way to check?
Cool to see you back here man.
Mesa, Orange, Avatar. Most things with V30's will suit you well.

I'm pretty sure Kranks have some kind of Eminence speakers, not really sure of how that will match with your 6505+. You could go try it and see?