First I'd be then I'd be then I'd be like with a side of .
I wouldn't quite mind honestly.
I'm a female and I dated a guy for a year and a half, then I dated two girls, one for three years, and one for two. Now I am in a relationship with a boy again, although I identified as a lesbian for a long period of time.
I suppose I'm just that liberal bitch that would say that I care for the person not what they have in their pants, or how they look.
You can at times get huge packs of them at Costco or a Sam's Club, which is a wholesale place. I've always wanted to do this, though. Maybe I'll try in my dorm room because I get bored and distracted often. Well done!!
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when i hear dad rock i think of acdc.

This, haha.
Maybe you should look into a small one in the local paper, you'd be surprised at the deals you could get or you might even get a free one if you haul it yourself.
Otherwise I think you'll be overpaying.
I bet it will fade in color, but you'll likely have a noticeable mark for a while. :/
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Just put a ****ing band-aid on.

You could use a cool looking one. You'll heal, and get the ladies. ;]
But really though...use a band-aid, bro.
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Bam, bitch.
I'd say the first one, then go to bed early tonight. :]
i shower every morning after i run
and then i shower at night before bed so i can sleep.
9 Crimes
Damien Rice
i suck.
Started dating my girlfriend..?
Nah, I wouldn't.
It's not right. :/
Brocode or whatevs, haha.
5 days in:
I'm sore and I'm tired.
But I'm a girl, so I'm whiney. I've substituted chin ups for more push-ups and some more squats.
However, I see some toning.

I'm not gonna give up.

I'm not on the list? D:
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To the people who shower with the lights off: How do you do it? Im terrified of closing my eyes for more than just a couple of seconds while in the shower so there's no way in hell i could ever shower in the dark.

Uhm, I'm kinda half-asleep when I do it, however..I've been doing it so long that I am able to shave my legs in the dark, haha.
I suppose it just doesn't bother me.
Off because I normally shower in the morning 5, I don't like bright things. -.-
I'm in, boyss.
I'm preparing to enlist this coming year, might as well start now, aye?
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I was sympathetic until you linked to straight edge. Die.

I always keep my lonely ones and pair them up with the other singles.
They don't match, but I can't throw them out.
Then, when I decide to..the other one always shows up. D:
Blame the heffalumps. 0.0
Endangering criminals, eh?
That's definitely a reason.
I think the carpet gets to me more than the curtains.
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Immature, used in the completely wrong context, and not funny at all.

That's what you get in The Pit, dumbass.
Don't complain
Raspberry Iced Tea and Lipton original with milk and sugar. ;D
Colbie Calliat = Falling For You..?
Exfoliate and moisturize, dear.
I wanted to be a vet, but I can't handle animals that are hurt. I cry.
I also wanted to be a chef.
Then I decided that I'm going to proceed the police officer dream. =]
B reaking Benjamin
R ed Jumpsuit Appartus
E agles, (The)
A llman Brothers Band
K illswitch Engage
I n this Moment
N ecrophagist
G ordon Lightfoot
X Calibur
X tina Aguilera (stumped)
C ascada
O tep
R EO Speedwagon
E lton John

...the stuff that comes up off the top of my head just shows my broad range in music taste, xD

....holy shit.
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Wait, what?


add a comma.
Justin Bieber, peanut butter**

I absolutely love working with the elderly, but it rips me to pieces because I get way too attached, too quickly. And because of age and junk, it's hard to deal with loss over and over.

The loss of a pet kills me, too.

Sometimes documentaries. I just watched one called Boy, Interrupted about a young man that killed himself at 16 and his parents, friends, and family documented like..everything leading up to it. It tore me apart. It's on HBO on demand still, if interested, btw. xD

Uhm, I don't know what else.
Normally can fill in the blank with country music, Justin Bieber peanut butter, and running..

My life is boring.
I used to think gay people were gross. xD

Uhmmm and this one time I offered to help a guy look for his lost dog, turns out he just wanted to steal my stereo once we split up.

I'm a little bit too nice..
Forgive, don't forget.
I will forgive you, but I'm going to need time to cool off.
Maybe we'll be friends, build back the won't be easy.
Tickets for a play, not too cool
Thank you, CoreysMonster.