Got a Diazepam related question. A friend bought some vallies from a usually reputable friend, who had supplied genuine ones before. This time they received a bag of small white round pills, completely plain no markings. This raised a lot of questions for me. Anyone have any thoughts on that? 
Not my cup of tea these days, but they've got a sound and they're obvs a good band.

classic cheese
I find most ragtime I hear today to be super cheesy and almost unlistenable. But that was definitely really enjoyable 7/10.
Guilty pleasures are guilty, what can I say?
That definitely caught my interest, made me think of a Chopin that was born in South America, dramatic crystal clear piano.
Can people please talk me out of spending £100+ on my guilty pleasures. My ugly guilty pleasures that won't be in fashion for too long.

EDIT: Fixed
Get rid of all mods apart from the necessary. Start up a small government free market version of UG.

Change it from a guitar forum to a open carry weapons forum preferably.
Pleasant and quirky, my mum would totally dig it too 6/10.
^Maybe check out May or may not be what you're after.

Quote by yoman297
8/10 some cool stuff. tasteful, though it's not the main genres I listen to it's good

8/10 Rampin' man!
Wasn't the worst thing I've heard from a Japanese Alt Rock/Visual Kei kind of band, but I can't say it's my style of music I am afraid.
Was happening throughout the whole song mate!
Either way, my friend and I recently came across Blonde Redhead for some reason. It's alright actually, quite like the instrumental to this song at least 6/10.
This is me.

This is my city.

Here's some 1980s documentary on where part of my family is from.

Blackstar is in good condition, never been gigged. Only selling because I need the money and it's just collecting dust.

I'm looking for £500, open to offers of course.

Comes with speaker lead, kettle lead and the original manual.
Feel free to try before you buy. Collection is recommended, but I'm happy to ship so long as it's within the UK.

If you live in the Bristol area I could possibly deliver it to you.

The Marshall 1922 is a nice little 2x12, with Celestion G12- 75 speakers. Ideal for a combo but still manages to fit my hefty Blackstar head on top of it.
Has a few superficial bumps and scrapes but other than that it's in good condition. Great if you're looking for a cheap Marshall cab with Celestions.
Looking for £100 ono
I'd say collection only, but if you live around Bristol I might be able to sort out dropping it off.
Blackstar Series one 100w, £500, open to reasonable offers.

Bun cheesy power metal, for proper pedos that.

It's overbearing, badman Grime O' Clock.
Is there a Game Dev thread/group/community on UG?
I used to wear my denim jacket all the time...but now I barely ever wear it.

Quote by cha33 armstrong
Any mod wearing a harrington is not being mod, it's more skinhead apparel

Yeah you're right actually, I'm an idiot .

Although you do see a lot of mod revival sorta people wearing them.
Run The Jewels are so hard.

Classic tune.
Quote by Duffman123
It doesn't really fit or flatter you that well tbh. A nice harrington would look good with those jeans and shirt.

It's the sleeves that are too long as I have short arms, looks good with the sleeves rolled up.

But yeah it's a different one for me, looks a bit geography teacher. I don't regret buying it however.

I have a jacket like a Harrington jacket but **** all this mod nonsense anyway.
Pretty stuff, found the Binuaral/3D aspect the most interesting part.

Cheers guys!

Yeah I could do with more smarter clothes hence why I bought that jacket instead of some Adidas track top or some shit from Sports Direct.

I still yearn to have a Lethal Bizzle style Adidas puffy Parka....y'know the shiny ones.

Quote by eGraham
I think it looks good. But, like you, I think, it might look better in a darker color. Like a navy blue or something.

It looks like it fits well though.

Yeah that's what I thought, although it's quite nice to own a piece of clothing that isn't dark.

Still not quite sure what to wear with it. I mainly own t shirts/jumpers, only two proper button shirts that I like.

Need an opinion on this Timberland jacket I got from TK Maxx. I kinda really like it...but then I'm not sure, it's so beige, such a dad jacket. It's a small, though the sleeves are too long (can just roll em up a bit though and it still looks good).

Also I don't really have many clothes that will go with it other than that shirt. Any advice on what would look good with it? I'm guessing more shirts in a similar vein?
I know it's cliche, but that's such Drive style synth pop. Always has a place in my heart!
Yeeeeeah I can get behind the modern garage rock sound. 7/10.

Maybe a bit of an obvious one, but this is one of the very few songs where the actual lyrics grab me from the get go. Maybe I just find that kind of monotone, lethargic vocal style easier to understand?
Turtlenecks only. Rich bitches only. Real niggas only.
5/10 That was okay, not really what I'm in the mood for listening to today though. Not gonna give it a bad score though.

Don't think the tunes out yet so that's why I'm using a video with a cheesy lion graphic...
That is the most fitting picture you could of possibly posted for this situation.

Jah bless.
Quote by EndTheRapture51
Topman jeans are the best. They're the only shop that does jeans tight enough to look fitted on my legs. Everything else in the high street hangs off me like I have just survived an African famine.

I have some real tight jeans from H&M....but as I said they're kinda tight on the crotch and harder to put on. I don't like that in jeans, just a pain in the arse.

Might just start wearing Tesco chinos with my new balance shoes.... nah.
^ I've only seen cheap mondays at urban outfitters and similar places...but for a lot more than that. I don't really shop at UO though, I shall look around!

Quote by Highelf04
Don't rate topman jeans, anything I buy from topman seems to be shit quality.

Burton Jeans however, then we're talking
Or H&M, but you already said you disliked them haha

Not shopped at Burton for a while, last time I was in there I didn't quite like the shape or style of most jeans I tried, even skinny jeans seemed a little baggy.

I just want good crotch space with spandex tight legs, is this too much too ask? Is it?

Might just start wearing trackies all the time.

These look modest and tasteful enough for me.
If it put's The Sun out of business, then I guess I'm kinda okay with that?