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I can't help but associate religion (read: christianity) with ignorance, and I have little respect for ignorant people

Bigotry suits nobody well.
Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog?
A Very Potter Musical?
No advice, just cover all of their songs.
I always thought if you listened to AxCx and turned it down, it sounds like someone turning a faucet on and off...
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Then get out thar!

What did I say? Gettin' a pipe! I'm gonna be one classy mother****er.
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You can't buy cigs or tobacco stuff in Jersey until you're 19 for some reason

In Ohio you can smoke at 16, but can't buy until 18
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Yes, and you also very obviously wanted to state it was your birthday so people would go 'Happy Birthday'.

No, I can go to facebook or Reddit for that, I just knew I could (at least in the past when I was an active member) get great ideas from UG for fun things
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Poorly disguised birthday thread is poorly disguised.

I very obviously stated that it was my birthday...
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Start making threads we care about.

Aww, all your effort for nothing
And live in Ohio, what should I do? I'm already getting a pipe later, and strip club tomorrow night, but how else should I take advantage of this momentous occasion?

EDIT: Geez, I haven't posted on UG in forever, and the one day I do, with what used to be a typical and always entertaining thread style...and this douchebaggery occurs.
UG, what happened to you?
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Wonderwall. all teh hawt girls will want to haz sex with you. and you don't even need to learn the words, cause they'll just sing it together when you start playing.

This sentence +1
Collegehumor +1

Also, the acoustic version of Hey Ya is always good, Crazy by Gnarls Barkley (or the Ray LaMontagne cover), Shattered by OAR, really any sappy acoustic or acoustic-possible song.

EDIT: Short People by Randy Newman.
Firefly! Only 14 episodes and a movie, so you'll blaze through it though...

and Breaking Bad.
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Who "commisioned" you to do this? I'd pass unless some of these kids are your friends.

The majority of them are, or at least goofy acquaintances. It's all people I'm on very good terms with.
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Why are you following all the popular kids to a McDonalds? Are you trying to impress them TS?

Are you 12?

Because a lot of them are friends of mine, and really aren't traditional popular kids...our school is weird

Thanks for the attempted douchebaggery though
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1. A person who copies the style of an other person; poser.

2. Old-fashioned prison slang for a dominant male homosexual "top," especially in his relationship with a submissive "bottom," aka punk.

3. A name used by scene and rocker chicks on Myspace to signify someone who is a prep/hater/pretty much anyone who insults on the whole scene/indie culture.

...I can't tell if that was a backhanded attempt at insult or not XD

But on the other hand: Context Clues.
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What the hell is a "Jocker" kid?

Jocks, meathead athletes. Though in our school they tend to be nicer and smarter than your stereotypical jock.
So Pit, I have been comissioned to play a (marginally) impromptu concert at McDonald's this Friday. Now the catches are
A) This is not sanctioned by McDonald's at all, I'm just popping in and playing
B) This is the night all the jocker kids go to McDonald's after the basketball game.

Now it's the Jocker kids who comissioned me.

So I ask of you, Pit. What are some songs I could play acoustically and solo that jocker kids enjoy?
My set so far is as follows:
Gangsta's Paradise - Coolio
Hey Ya - Outkast
Come Together - The Beatles
Hungry Like The Wolf - Duran Duran
Santeria - Sublime
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You even have two teachers? Damn.

This song is quite new and handles with very contemporary US political issues, I think it'll be pretty relevant but I don't think that that many people have heard it yet.

Well there are two different classes, since seniors have to take it, it's fairly large. And I may have to look it up, such a good song.
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I lovee youuuu jeeeessuuuuusss caahriiiiiisst

I love you. And I would if it was more common XD

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That's... one strange class you've got. Are you in grade school?

I guess "Blowin' in the wind" is a given, but try dylan's other political songs like "masters of war", "oxford town" or well, any early song.

It's my senior year in High School, and I think both the US Government teachers know it's a joke.
So every Friday my Government teacher has me come in with my acoustic and play political songs for the class.


Next week he's given me the option of playing an audience favorite as well. So I ask of you, Pit, what is one song that a large amount of people know and that I can play solo?
I move my fingers so they're slightly touching them enough to mute, or if it's E I can usually skip or ignore it.
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I wish you the best, and I don't mean to sound rude, but seriously dude get the **** out. Turn off the computer and get the hell out of that house.

I'm leaving for the ladyfriend's house...I just hope her mom will let me stay, she's the only one close enough.
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Jesus Christ, dude, you need help IRL, not us. To be clear, he broke a plate over his own head?

for support but idk what it is you're expecting us to do here dude.

his own head. and there's nothing I can do...I'm really just venting here anyway.
So my mom woke my dad from a nap for computer help...he got furious, threw her laptop, broke a ceramic plate over his head, and started screaming at her...she left with my brother left...and I'm stuck in the home alone with him... This is the first time I've been in the Hugging Thread in a few years...but God I need it...
There are Mormon commercials everywhere. Honestly, it doesn't really matter, I don't agree with advertising religion, as I feel like it's something you should talk about one-on-one, but whatever...
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Nope. Considered visiting the campus?

I've visited twice, just wondered what it was like from a real student, rather than the tour people.
Does anyone in The Pit attend, or maybe have possibly attended, Bradford School in Columbus, Ohio? Or if you know anyone who has gone there or goes now.
I'm thinking of going for Culinary Arts and want a good testimony from someone who doesn't work there
When I was little, like elementary and early middle school, I was legitimately afraid of Metallica. And in 7th grade Linkin Park were the heaviest band I listened to
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You could in the previous version of iTunes though.

A normal playlist, yes. But a smart playlist was always locked, that's why it was a smart playlist. And I've had and been a regular and avid user of iTunes since 6.1
You can't rearrange albums or songs in a smart playlist...the point of it is that no matter what column you click it's in alphabetical or chronological order by that column.
Kid Icarus all the way.
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I had to go to advanced edit to express what I felt when I heard the quality, unfortunatelly this forum doesn't allow that many smilies.



" "

And believe me, it's hard to say whether there's something good in a composition with such quality. Sorry.

That was...constructive.
My Folk-Punk project The recording quality is pretty bad...but hey, I just have a laptop XD Would appreciate feedback
My personal favorite?

"Schrodinger's cat walks into a bar...and doesn't."
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I made a joke once. We had a band called Eat Tea right (don't ask me why) and I said to the audience:

"Yes, we are Eat Tea... you may have seen the movie

I play solo, and refer to myself as It's Just Me, one time I got up there and said, "hello, my name is Stephen Sigritz, and this is my band...It's Just Me" and proceeded to step aside to show off an empty stage XD

I play a Folk show, and inbetween songs, I slammed on my Big Muff and upped the volume and starting thrashing out Raining Blood, then stopped right before the kind of hard part, just said "I'm only kidding," and segued into my final song, a cover of They Call The Wind Mariah XD
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its twilight for boys

That's like saying The Beatles are Sonny And Cher for Brits.
Does NOBODY know it was a series of books?!

And it is masterfully done, I am totally proud of it.
I am in the midst of a report, and these two phrases keep popping up, and are quite important. Could somebody please give me a quick definition of the two in relation to literary devices?