Well the title says it all! Along with a nifty little poll! My personal preference is Wario, because he's big and fast, pretty much a champ.

Does anyone else here in The Pit play this gorgeous instrument? Any tips, or stories, or just assorted Mandolin-based nonsense?

Also song suggestions would be wonderful, I know I'm going to learn Losing My Religion by R.E.M., any others?

"Hey Luke, I'm your father, you knob. Come to the dark side of the Force, you hoser."
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Rock on!! I love strange Brew (I'd pay good money to see the Mutants of 2051 A.D.), and all of SCTV for that matter. If you've never seen SCTV you should really check it out; it's the sketch show that the McKenzie brothers originated from.

I've seen it, I used to watch it all the time! And I've seen Rush in concert twice, and they preface Larger Bowl (A Pantoum) with a McKenzie Brothers clip XD
Who here at The Pit has seen this absolutely wonderful product of Canada? Definitely one of the funniest movies I've ever seen, and the perfect lampoon of Canadian culture, along with Canadian Bacon.

Quotes, appreciation, fond memories, fawning, and criticism are all welcome!
Well the bill is terrible, but so is the reaction, hell the fact that it passed is disappointing enough.

That's it, I'm moving to Ireland.
Ah well, the bill is pretty terrible.
I'd say the title is quite self-explanatory, what are some releases by artists that you love, that you just did not expect, based on their other work, and attitude? This is including before they popular, and during, and after I guess.

My personal favorite:

EDIT: People are whining, don't say St. Anger.
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i never mentioned those games? they are awesome,

i was comparing to worms 3d buddy

I know, but I had to rep the original XD Since I was stating that making them 3D was probably a good idea...but in practice...just all sorts of painful.
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Hogs of war was and always will be so much better.

The first 3, 2d Worms, were absolutely amazing
Worms, Worms: Armageddon, and Worms: World Party are the best games EVER.


Melodramatic soap-opera crap.
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There's this thing called real life and you can learn lots from it.

There are so many unintelligent factors to this response....I don't think I have nearly the time to properly rebut this declamation besides just referring to you by the massive dumbassery you've expressed.
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Maybe an online Spanish class?

I've looked at them, the cheapest and best one is still $145, I'm really going for double digits here.
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Rosetta Stone. Apparently, it's one of those programs that actually work.

Rosetta Stone is a good $700, not very cheap at all.

I would take a class, but our podunk town doesn't have any, and my school's Spanish curriculum fails miserably, I actually forgot Spanish in those classes.
Does anyone in The Pit know of any good, cheap-ish, computer programs for learning Spanish?
I started a couple weeks ago, but have 36 days and 5 hours worth of it'll be a little while.

EDIT: I also have 22 hours of live Phish...that's gonna get old fast. No matter how much I love it.
There was an old experiment back in the day, Blue Eyes vs. Brown Eyes, which was essentially the same thing, but without the whole "tell the kids they're orphans" thing. We did it in 8th grade, and after we were told, we watched a video of the original experiment with elementary kids. I feel the Eyes one was much less troubling because it didn't say the kids would BECOME ORPHANS!
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My favorites are all metal and I want to learn something new.

Then go get Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness by Smashing Pumpkins, it's harder and more metallic moments blend masterfully with the slower, beautiful, atmospheric parts, go get it NOW!
Grace by Jeff Buckley was already said
In The Aeroplane Over The Sea by Neutral Milk Hotel
New Surrender by Anberlin
Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness by Smashing Pumpkins
I love Spam! Even raw, it's just so wonderful...

Off topic, I had a bacon and peanut butter sandwich not too long was amazing.
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OH DEAR, I am so sick of butthurt emo fanboys that are dying to tell me that my chemical romance isn't 'true emo'. /care bro.
Whether you like it or not 'emo' has been bastardized to name a very definitive trend amongst teens, shit as it is.

Also what i mean by scenes is not just random msuic genres that people are just posting ha, like scenes in our lifetime. and yeah that is pretty good.

Heh, I love how you immediately go to mindless namecalling and assumptions. Actual Emo music vaguely annoys me, as does the Hardcore Punk that it sounds EXACTLY LIKE. Does the bastardization make it okay? There was already a term, and it was referred to as Scene, just Scene.
Hmm, Emo hasn't actually been followed since the mid-90s...
As a Christian, people like this hardcore disgust me.
Everything by Muse. Ever.

Most of the Robots Anonymous album by Count Zero (definitely a gem, check it out if you've only heard of them from GH)
Can anyone tell me how to get Jim James' guitar effect from the beginning of Evil Urges by My Morning Jacket and Losin' Yo Head by Monsters Of Folk?
Too many shoop threads...
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Don't forget old school Weezer. How can anyone not like them?

Full agreement! I just hate having to clarify specific eras XD
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Can we include bassists?

the man cooks Rotisserie chicken during the concert while doing bass, keyboard, and vocals. Yes.
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Solja Boy - Couldn't tell you what the name of it is
Cherly Cole - Fight for this love
Any Emo band
Black Eye Pea's - Tonight gonna be a good night. They can't even spell right

You don't like Rites Of Spring? or Fugazi? or Sunny Day Real Estate? That's sad. Or you probably just don't know what Emo is, which is even more sad.
I have yet to find a song I dislike...just some I like less than others, I can get into the beat of anything...
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Champion. Steven Page is one of the coolest people EVER.

I couldn't find a picture with a guitar...I found a Ukulele, but it wasn't the same.