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I know i will get mocked for this; but regardless;

As a kid - right up the age of 15 (:p) i thought ALL traffic lights we're operated by a man at the side of the road, co-ordinating the traffic and so on.

I thought there was a tiny monkey hiding in each light that just turned on whatever was needed.
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Keep my worst enemy thats a good one, maybe something from the offsprings like "Why dont you get a job"

EDIT: And Fix you. Are you going to record this? Im curious to what its gunna sound like
EDIT: didnt see properly, you already doing offsprings, at this note i leave you one suggestion, Dammit from Blink 182. I played it acoustic at my schhool its a really fun song

I was going to do Why Don't You Get A Job? but it was too hard to censor well, and I have to for the show

Fix You, I would record it if I had the equipment to do justice, but alas, I have only my laptop mic...but it sounds wonderful XD

I did a Folk version of All The Small Things at my last show, I was gonna save Blink for my next concert, but thanks for the suggestion!
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depending the setting id replace soul meets body with i'll follow you into the dark (chicks will be all over you)
+1 on the removal of American Pie
i'd say leave about a girl
one song i'm putting in my acoustic playlist is Blackhole sun. Cornell does some great acoustic stuff, look into some of that. but you seem to have plenty

I've done I Will Follow You Into The Dark, and unless I've gotten a really positive response to a song, I'm trying not to be repetitive

I'm not getting rid of American Pie! I've been conversing with my faithful audience, as well as some other folks coming, and they're all in love with the idea XD
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When doing Crimson and Clover, you should add the bridge from A Praise Chorus by Jimmy Eat World (they sing the chorus to Crimson And Clover during it). Hah, idk if it would fit. I would though haha.

When I end with the final refrain to Crimson And Clover I always catch myself accidentally doing it to the rhythm of Praise Chorus XD It's catchier than the song it quotes XD
American Pie is supposed to be my final, blasting send-off

I'm trying to keep a lot of different styles, vary it and reach a wide basis

It's a small coffee shop type thing

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If you like neutral milk hotel, they HAVE TO be in your acoustic setlist.

I tried my hardest, and I've done In The Aeroplane Over The Sea before, but I just feel I can never do the beauty justice.
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Too many songs, man

I know, hence my putting it here, see what I need to weed out.
Please rate, or grade, or critique, or throw in whatever random 2 cents! Because I love you! This is my acoustic set for a solo show coming up in a bit, and opinions would be well appreciated!

In no particular order (yet):
at least 2 originals, more if I can fine-tune them
American Pie - Don McLean (this would be my finisher)
Slick Black Backpack - Stroke 9
Nothing Else Matters - Metallica
My Own Worst Enemy - Lit
Fix You - Coldplay (I'm speeding this up, making it more of a Folk Punk sound)
Carmencita - Devendra Banhart (bilingualism for the win)
Soul Meets Body - Death Cab For Cutie
Summer Girls - LFO (as a joke, my youth pastor requested it)
Spare Me The Details - The Offspring
Baby Britain - Elliott Smith
That Thing You Do! - The Wonders
Suzanne - Leonard Cohen
Overkill - Colin Hay/Men At Work
Ever Fallen In Love - Buzzcocks
Redemption Song - Bob Marley
About A Girl - Nirvana (the one I'm most likely to cut next)
Crimson And Clover - Tommy James And The Shondells

EDIT: I'm typically a Folk artist with occasional Punk influences, keep in mind that I tailor all these songs to fit and to my own style, I wouldn't consider them if I couldn't pull them off in the way I need.

EDIT II: Normally I would've cut Spare Me The Details, but I played it at my last concert, and it was an audience favorite, everyone started clapping the beat and getting into it, so I feel it shall become something of a staple.
Nick Oliveri from Queens Of The Stone Age, though it wasn't too well done.

Anthony Green from Saosin and Circa Survive had an AMAZING acoustic album

It isn't acoustic, but Thom Yorke had a pretty good solo album

Jon Foreman from Switchfoot had 4 AMAZING, FLAWLESSLY AMAZING acoustic EPs, and an acoustic duo called Fiction Family

Matt Thiessen And The Earthquakes is Relient K's singer/guitarist on solo piano, but he overdubs himself a lot

Eddie Vedder's soundtrack for Into The Wild

Ben Gibbard from Death Cab For Cutie did a soundtrack for Big Sur by Jack Kerouac acoustic, but Jay Farrar is also on half of it, he's wonderful as well.
Slick Black Backpack by Stroke 9

EDIT: The verse has the same progression and almost rhythm as Nothing Else Matters by Metallica, I sense a segue.
I absolutely adore Ants Marching, as well as the vast majority of their live stuff. The albums, however, like most jam bands, were quite disappointing.
As I am college-bound soon, mucho thankso! I really appreciate it, I knew most of this, but a few I didn't even think about, like summer classes.
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Agreed. ^_^

Jacob seems to have left us.

I see this...which is sad because I left him a comment agreeing that George Harrison is the best Beatle.
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Green is pretty damn cool. I prefer its darker shades, but chartreuse is a very good green colour as well. Just the right amount of brightness in that.

I absolutely adore the combination of purple and green as well the two always manage to look absolutely gorgeous when placed around eachother
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My purple font makes quite a few Pit Monkeys very angry, for some reason.

Well they're dumb, because purple ties with green as the coolest color ever. And it makes it easier to identify! I would like to commend the three of us for successfully threadjacking this ruckus. Good job team!
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Ninja Gaiden tested my patience and my temper like no other videogame on earth

WAY too hard for a first boss!
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Oh, OK.

I didn't receive the confirmation e-mail, so I was all sadface-like.

Well the E-mailer is dumb! I got ya, though I didn't connect that it was you at first, I'm terrible about looking at Avatars and sigs rather than names, and I didn't have to look when people quoted you because I knew it was purple
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I honestly didnt find it THAT tough, except for one boss where I could not get past her, so I took a 3 month break and came back and beat it. Cant remember exactly which boss it was, its been a while.

As long as you concentrate, and really try, it isn't too too bad, it's not that you keep dying, it's that you die a couple times, and once you beat it, it really taxes you, you reflect that it pushed you to your extremes.

That damn room in chapter 3 with the 40 MAG guards....
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Yeah, I was wondering why there was a big gap.

Oh, and I sent you a friend request.

u no aksept?

I fixed it

No, I accepted you! You're friend number 14!
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I was just taking after the "don't tase me, bro" meme.

Hriday!Edit: I think by "mace", he meant pepper spray.

I know, both parts, I just had to do it

Apparently they removed my picture of Mace Windu, he was the "Mace, bro?" part.
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Don't mace me, bro.


Mace. bro?
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They honestly do. But I think that its just part of the charm.

It gives an "average person" feeling to the music. Which makes it more relatable, a lot like the Pixies.

They are the perfect everyman! They play what we can easily play, he sings what we can easily sing, and he writes what we all feel on the inside.
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I think that Neutral Milk Hotel sucks.

I think they have a ring of hell reserved for people like you.

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I haven't actually listened to any album other than the one we're talking about.

How's his other stuff?

Their first album was quite magical, but not quite as unspeakably amazing as In The Aeroplane Over The Sea

Jeff's stuff was...odd to say the least...

Jacob: Full agreement on King Of Carrot Flowers Pt 1, every part of the lyrics touched a nerve to the quick.
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Its funny that you mention that. The album somehow made me comfortable with my own sexuality. It did however inspire both a fear and desire of growing up.

I wholeheartedly agree on both inspires fear...and...oddly enough comfort at the same time. That it's alright to be that way...but...that he doesn't have it figured out either, it's hard to describe. But....I love his presentation. It's all new...but he understands the depth of it all....God Jeff! Write more magic!

Talk about it!

I had it on my computer, window open, it was a lightly rainy day, sprinkling and overcast....and even though I hated it at first...I just couldn't turn it off...every time anything else came on, or made noise, I despised it and just wanted to listen to's so beautiful and comforting...and probably the most intelligent, relateable, important sex-related lyrics ever.
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It's also 33 pages. Too long to say anything of consequence. Too small to make a big enough splash.
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I didn't like the album at all when I first listened to it, so I just left it on my hard drive.

Then, one day, I decided to give it another chance.


I was really iffy on my first listen, it was on the car ride home from getting it. But then every time I tried turning on something else, it just pulled on me, I couldn't turn it off...this album infected me XD

oh oh oh oh oho oh.....okay
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Why don't you throw in a link to the thread as well then, if you're going to be a wanker.

hardest games I've played/games that at some point have made me throw my controller

I Wanna Be the Guy (does this really count though?)
Zone of the Enders 2
Jak II (any bits to do with vehicles)
Any 2D fighting game final boss- e.g I-No in Guilty Gear XX

On the note of Jak II:

any platformer with those terrible racing or vehicle missions! I hate that you're automatically 10 times slower than everyone else, and you WILL lose unless you hit every single power-up, speedboost, and weapon on the way, and don't make a single tiny mistake.
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The search bar is hella hard to beat. Few people have mastery of it.

Because there's nothing better than resurrecting old, dead, massive threads...
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Truly, the ending is amazing.

"Two... headed boy... "

That entire album just needs to be preserved as the single most gorgeous piece of art ever crafted...every bit of it is just completely flawlessly perfect...

Ooooh comeeellyyyy...
So Pit, there are obviously some quite challenging video games floating around out there, what are the most harrowing video games you've ever played, and/or the most challenging moments?

I'm definitely gonna have to put up my vote for Ninja Gaiden, that entire game just makes me want to punch babies with a spiked glove.
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As a continuous musical piece, my favourite part of the album is towards the end, when he sings "Two-Headed Boy" in a slower pace.

Fuckin' satisfying.

I love the last bit, he references the entire album, be it through quoting or chord progressions.
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I refuse to think of it as separate tracks.

This +(insert unfathomable number here)

It is one, 40-minute, song of pure musical ear-gasm. The most gorgeous, powerful, entertaining, intelligent thing you will ever experience.
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You tag teamed what now

You're aural, wonderful-music-related virginity!

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"Two-Headed Boy" is the best song off that album.

I can never decide a favorite, it's always Two-Headed Boy, King Of Carrot Flowers Pt 1, In The Aeroplane Over The Sea, or Oh Comely
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We tag-teamed that.

This needs to be shared too, it's Jeff solo doing In The Aeroplane Over The Sea, my favorite part is him vocalizing the trumpet solo.
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In An Aeroplane Over The Sea.

Listen to it non-stop through some nice-quality headphones. It will change your opinion on how music should be made.

Look at my post right before yours...that was awesome.
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Not bad.

Whats the name of the album?

In The Aeroplane Over The Sea. Get it now, and listen to it start to finish, in order, with no breaks. It is essential to life.

To Jake, I really hope he does too, his Bulgarian Folk album made me giggle XD
Yeah, do you mean REAL Screamo, like Circle Takes The Square? Or are you referring to screaming music in general with a foolishly specific term?
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I heard that immortal deities like it a lot too.

I say that we should canonize Jeff Mangum, he's a saint. XD