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Green Day
AFI (Fuck fuck fuck you Marquee for selling out! )
The Prodigy
Aphex Twin
Brand New

I got to see AFI in October in Cincinatti, they were AMAZING! And Davey's voice is flawless live.

As for the guy who said Explosions In The Sky (and I adore them) I can't really see Post Rock being the best concert you just stand there motionless and...appreciate?
Smashing Pumpkins (original)
Dinosaur Jr.
Phish or O.A.R. depending on which era of Phish
Neutral Milk Hotel
If you don't mind an acoustic number Tamacun by Rodrigo Y Gabriela
Shattered by O.A.R.

I do a solo Folk show, and everyone knows this song, it's the only audience sing-along song I have XD

That and Spare Me The Details by The Offspring
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Probably, wouldn't take much XD

But seriously, those massive threads are terrible for getting actual answers, everything just gets lost in the crowd....
Gaming Thread is a terrible idea, this is a specific question on a specific game, wheras the Gaming Thread is...just terrible.
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Yes, that's what I call overkill...

I can't get to sleep!


Foo Fighters, I like a few songs, but it's just so dull!

Jeff Healey, just pretty boring...
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Well the Beatles did it in their own songs, namely Glass Onion. Also, there are a few Hendrix references in Wolfmother songs.

And Joker And The Thief by Wolfmother is considered a sequel to All Along The Watchtower
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Alright the groups up, go through my prof and join if your in

I think you set it so you have to invite us, bud. Fix this, prease?
Now, it's perfectly common for an artist to namedrop, reference, or quote another song in one of their own, or even a song of their own in another. Some songs however, manage to be referenced much more than others.

The first two that come to mind for me are:

Crimson And Clover - Tommy James & The Shondells
Our House - The Madness

Any others the Pit would like to mention?

EDIT: I appear to have been misunderstood, these are songs that ARTISTS/BANDS commonly mention the name of, quote lyrics, or quote music from.
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yall want me to make a band profile on this? or what?

That or possibly a group, I'd also pitch the idea in any other forum that this fits into.
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i didnt mean it like that, i just said that since classics are almost always famous songs, that would neglect alot of musicans in this project, and yeah any genre is allowed, lets make this the most varied of the ug albums.

My specialty is doing non-Folk songs in the aforementioned style XD Or I could just add my own flair to some Folky sign me up!
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technically speaking, a classic song would be any older song, i really dont want to limit it to famous stuff because i wanna see some dream theater and other lesser known bands getting the UG treatment. My ideal situation on this would be that each person could either work alone or with others to produce a cover of their choosing. Then i guess we could have some sort of poll or selection process to see what gets put on it.

Wait, is this going to be in the shred style? Or are Folk-style, etcetera covers allowed?
I'd go for this, it seems like an awesome idea. If it goes any further, PM me with info?
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I wasn't referring to masturbation in the bible, I was asking about the guy who says he still masturbates even though he's asexual. Still, basically everything I thought the Bible said about that stuff is apparently dead wrong. Maybe I should read it sometime

Edit: I read the Song of Solomon after everyone was saying how it was an example of sex in the Bible, but there was no sex? It was just some girl waiting for her husband to come home, and they were comparing each other's bodies to wheat,etc. Did I read the wrong version? Or did I misinterpret the whole thing

I know, I just mentioned masturbation because it's common.

It's rather veiled, and the clarity depends on translation. The comparison of bodies lends occasional hints into their actions, such as, "your vulva (or navel depending on translation, but this is the literal) is a rounded crater, filled with mixed wine" is the one implying cunnilingus, it's a poem, so there's a lot of reading into it that has to occur.
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Then why would you argue?

I wasn't arguing, I was just lightheartedly continuing a conversation...ah well, that never lasts for long.
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No, he was right, you did appear to not know what you were discussing.

Wow, consideration really is dead.
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Translation : I have no idea what I'm talking about.

Brain in a jar is a valid argument to make if you're trying to argue that we can't be certain of anything we perceive via our senses. Abstract concepts are different.

A circle will never be a square, no matter how much pseudo-philosophical bullshit you throw at it.

Translation: I just performed a 2-hour solo concert and had a very stressful night involving a friend coming out to me and finding out my girlfriend is moving to Boston. Translation #2: I'm just as hardcore stressed as I am exhausted.
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Point being? That doesn't change the fact that 1, the abstract, man made concept of 1, which exist to represent singular entities, is exactly identical to itself.

Explain to me how a tautology, something which, by definition, is ALWAYS true, and thus 100% correct, is not 100% correct, unless you deny the existence of tautologies, in which case the fields of mathematics and logic and all those who know anything about them, myself included, laugh at you.

It's too late for me to logic argue. I'm not seriously responding, I just wanted to state how seriously tempted I was to use the "Brain In A Jar" argument as a joke XD
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That one I'll agree with.

Despite not paying attention in philosophy very often, I can tell you that that is most certainly false.

No one can be 100% correct
I have a bowl in front of me. Please tell me how I am even slightly incorrect.

Bowl is undefined. Front is undefined. "Me" is undefined. And we are not there, so we have no manner of even telling if this is anywhere near true.
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The cake is a lie.


According to propositional logic, p V ~p is always true.

There's a margin for error when taking measurements, not when stating values.

And there is no decimal if I didn't put one.

1, that is, the exact, marginless value represented by the symbol 1, a single unit, is perfectly equal to itself.

Everything is identical to itself, that's a tautology too. There are many many tautologies and all of them are 100% correct - by definition.

and 1 what? It was never defined what it stands for. Numbers don't exist, they are a product of man.
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lets see how far this rabbit hole goes

That's what she said.

ON TOPIC: I think, therefore I am.


in the immortal words of George Orwell, "Reality is only what is perceived within the skull."
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I win.

1 doesn't equal 1 to some people.
a general concensus doesn't mean its fact

im deep man. contradiction

There is always margin of error...and plus, it could be unstated that decimals follow said 1...
This sentence is a lie.

what now bitch!?
I think that everyone is gay to a certain point.

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So basically you get aroused and then you just start masturbating, even if nothing set it off? Or is it a case of 'I want to masturbate' and then you just get hard and everything? God, I don't know what it is about masturbation, the idea just weirds me out so bad

No problem, I'm actually glad you pointed that out for me. I am completely clueless about the majority of the Bible, so it's feels good to learn something every once in a while

There's also absolutely nothing in The Bible that says anything against masturbation, the one verse people like to pull says something along the lines of "better to let your seed fall into the belly of a *****, than onto the ground" BUT it was specifically talking about a man disobeying when God told him to procreate to continue a family line, so it was due to disobedience, not pulling out.
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I'll have to apologize for that one. I'm not very religiously educated, and I probably should have checked it out before posting all that.

No apology necessary, I was just trying to help out, not being a jerk or anything, sorry if I came off as such

Like I said though, it's a perfectly understandable misconception, people just don't give God enough credit
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I wouldn't say God wants us to have sex, considering sex before marriage is a sin, and any orgasm that doesn't result in a baby nine months later is also sinful. I'm not a religious expert, but as a Christian (as in I believe in God, no church), I don't really think God is too encouraging of sex. Celibacy is(or was) a way for nuns, priests to show their faith. I'm not really arguing, but it seems to me that God doesn't really encourage sex the way you say he does. I've never read the Bible and am not very devout, so I may be 100% wrong here

This is a quite large misconception, the Bible says nothing about having to be chaste, but it does however say PREMARITAL sex is a sin, sex in marriage is highly allowed and expected though, God would highly approve of a married couple screwing eachother's brains out for a whole week.

Read Song Of Solomon, or Song Of Songs, depending on translation, in The Bible. It graphically depicts newlyweds' honeymoon sex, as well as oral sex occurring.

Non-procreation orgasm is in no way a sin.
And, for the Bible people (I am a Christian) that says sex was only for procreation, Song Of Solomon graphically depicts the man eating the woman out in a verse, and that whole book is about the God-given gift of sex, as seen from the perspective it was supposed to be enjoyed in.

"Your vulva is a rounded crater, never lacking mixed wine," translations make it sound goofier, though...
My friend was dating a girl on MTV Made, so he showed up for a little while.
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Nothing. I'm not ashamed to admit what I listen to.

Imogen Heap is a goddess.

This times 843920754029857430905

Honestly, I've only found one band I truly do not enjoy, The Casualties, otherwise, I will gladly listen to, and be entertained by everything, and am proud of it.

I flaunt my Hanson, Boyz II Men, Good Charlotte, Feist, Owl City (massive favorite), Mos Def, Barry Manilow, and really any assorted "embarrassing music" if it fits the conversation, or if accused of elitism.

EDIT: I even liked Scream by Chris Cornell
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Isn't that just a marriage between a man and a woman a few years in?

Isn't that cute?...But it's WRONG!

References aside, that just depends on how fun each member is
and God did not create sex just for procreation, yes that was the large benefit, but it also says that sex was created for pleasure, the entire Song Of Solomon book is a love poem which graphically depicts sex, and mentions nothing of procreation.
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Perhaps you could explain why 10% of the reproductive- age population in the states are infertile.

Disease and genetic problems....that's like using the, "we were given life, why does disease kill us?" argument.
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Sam's Town

Best Killers Album

I second this motion! Always my favorite one by them, the only one that isn't MEGA frontloaded, then fails in the second half.

I'd also say Black Flag's second album, can't remember the title, the one that was half Sludge Metal...
Machina by Smashing Pumpkins
Without A Sound by Dinosaur Jr.
Binaural by Pearl Jam
Five Score And Seven Years Ago by Relient K
Matthew Sweet's entire discography XD
First Partial: The fun little riff from When You Were Young

First Full: Black Horse And The Cherry Tree - KT Tunstall
Definitely the drummer or singer from X Japan!