Having been a victim by an ex...I can honestly say that, if you enjoy it, then you are one sick **** twistedly sick **** is in no way anywhere near enjoyable, and something that haunts me every minute of every day....but for argument's sake...of course it is still rape.

You're my favorite product of boiling sugar!

I love caramel, it makes Flan so delicious!

Black Dog by Led Zeppelin was stolen from Oh Well by Fleetwood Mac.
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Really depends on the song. Sometimes I love it, sometimes, I don't.

I love the ones in A long December, someone posted earlier. But then there is not a single thing Counting Crows could do that I would dislike. a ha

His voice could make anything sound gorgeous and heartwrenching though...and his sweet dread-fro.
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Yeah my mistake. Weezer is my favorite band. I probably put that because I was singing Say it ain't So last night. Also because it is a line in All the Small Things.

That's what I thought, and I used to do the same when I was a young'un.

I would've let it go if you weren't a mod XD
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Twisted Wheel
Dinosaur Jr.
Explosions in the Sky
Basement Jaxx
Rodrigo Y Gabriela
The Klaxons
Felix the Housecat
Jap Popstars
The Chapters
Fleet Foxes
David Kitt

Theres a good few more I just can't think of, they're the ones that spring to mind.

So, now that we've concluded how much I hate you...
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They fit in certain songs. It just depends on the song. Someone was singing "Say it ain't so" by Blink 182 at karaoke tonight. I think for that song they work.

All The Small Things...

Say It Ain't So is a Weezer song....
For The Girl by The Fratellis XD happiest riff ever!

Ohio by Neil Young works well

What annoys me more is the held out "oh" or "whoa"

EDIT: and anyway, it's better than "mmmmm-mmmmm-mmm-mmm" damn Canadians.
.38 Special, opening for REO Speedwagon and Styx, .38 Special was terrible, the headliners were amazing, but Styx stole the show

A.F.I. definitely one of the greatest concerts I have ever been to in my life.

EDIT: Gallows opened for A.F.I. but I was late because the venue moved, and my GPS didn't know that XD Not a big fan of Gallows anyway.
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Highway to hell is very much comparable with the rest of their songs. There was one slow AC/DC song which stuck out from the others, but I cannot remember the name, but it wasn't well known.

Ride On?
Hey, Soul Sister by Train was pretty out of their style, but that whole album was an awesome change-up for them

Killing In The Name Of - Rage Against The Machine, no rapping, more just rhythmic mantra chanting

Brick - Ben Folds Five (at least at the time)

Here Comes Your Man - Pixies, much poppier than usual
Smashing Pumpkins:

overrated: Bullet With Butterfly Wings
underrated: Galapagos
Primus is technically Metal, in some sense, so there ya go, and I imagine any Jazz-centric Metal band will have used it at least once, not sure, but maybe Athiest or Nile? (just guessing)

Slapping/popping on a fretless should be minimal, it will be bad in the long run, but worth doing in the short.
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That's even better than the singing goat!

James Hetfield?
Emo and Goth have nothing to do with cutting

Emo is an angry genre of music, circa 1985, not this whiny Pop-Punk ruckus that's out today, get your genre and subculture facts straight before you bash
What are some of the Pit's favorite songs sung in the Spanish language?

I for one have to say Hechizo De Amor by Tiger Army and Carmencita by Devendra Banhart
Pit, I just finally acquired an N64, now these are the games I have:
Super Smash Bros.
Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time
Vigilante 8
Perfect Dark
Rush 2049
Pokemon Stadium
Mortal Kombat 4

now, I know I need Banjo Kazooie, Mario 64, Mario Kart, and Goldeneye, but does the Pit have any more wonderful suggestions? Synopsis would be nifty as well
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Ōdishon? (Audition)
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cant think of the name,

but a really really messed up japanese movie that has to do with some girl like torturing a guy for revenge and another guy finding the guy like without an arm and leg and at the end he is just screaming to call the police like down the stairs or something.
I havent seen it but I read a description about it online

also Fight Club is pretty weird although its my second favorite movie of all time.

Ichi: The Killer?
We tend to have a massive, semi-clothed dance orgy going on in the middle

this year after Homecoming, about 3/4 of the school (no exaggeration) contracted Swine Flu XD
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That's part one of Un chien andalou. It's so old that it's in the public domain now.

Got me a movie, I want you to know! Slicin' up eyeballs, I want you to know!
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I'm a little afraid to.

Oh and all the pre-LOTR Peter Jackson movies. I mean I liked them but they were just one clusterfuck of fucking mindblowing crack-induced weirdness.

Dead Alive/Braindead still gives me weird nightmares, the ending made me want to hardcore cry, but I loved it.

and Bad Taste was just painful. Meet The Feebles was hilarious however.
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careful of what?

Complete control over cautionary hope XD
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Well that's no fun, haha. Try talking to the guys there and asking what day and time the trucks come in, so you can be the first one to pick through it. We've had to do that a few times. And N64s are kinda rare, so you'll have to get lucky for that. And most of the games you'll find are old sports games.

Hate old sports games, HATE THEM. But I've resorted to constant Goodwilling for my SNES since mine stopped working, and may try some other assorted thrifty goodness. I'm excited for this though, wanted an N64 since I was 5, and I just went out of my way to befriend people who had them XD
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If there are any Goodwills in your area, check those out for older systems. Me and my friends have gotten 3 N64's, a few Sega Genesis, an Atari, a couple gamecubes, a playstation, and a ps2. None of them cost us more than $24

Mine all fail, I can occasionally find the games, but rarely, either no one turns them in, or they go the day of, I look every other day or so, same with garage sales
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Doesnt ebay do this thing where you set a limit, and it automatically bids for you?

I'm trying to be careful.
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I have never used it, despite really wanting to lately.

Also, if you want an N64, get an emulator and a USB controller. It's a lot less hassle than trying to acquire one (not to mention games) that still works. And trust me, the gameplay is still the same.

I've gone the Emu route, not nearly as fun, and computer is kind of a fail anyway, much prefer the old school setup, same with my NES and SNES
How many people find this to be the single most bittersweet, stressful website known to man?

The second I make a bid, I have this thing tabbed, ready to text me, and IM me if I get outbid, then war it out with the other guy until I win.

I really want my N64

Anyone have any nifty Ebay-related stories, or agreements?
The plot is one of the single least entertaining, least intelligent things I've ever experienced, but the beautiful visuals more than make up for it

But yeah, I recommend Dances With Wolves: In Space, it's not a bad movie, if you don't hate Ferngully, and the Ewok battles in Episode 6, put in a blender with The Matrix
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Frankie Teardrop by Suicide is pretty intense

OH GOD! I tried to forget that song for so long! Curse you Turkeyburger! Curse you!

*crawls into the corner, fetal position, whimpering*
"There goes Frankie Teardrop...."
I was so excited to say More Than Words, curse you pit-monkeys!


Play With Me
because Jesus was violent XD

oh geez, rednecks have now influenced people about Jesus more than Jesus XD
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All those parts of The Bible.

Causing problems where they don't need to be caused

here's to hoping you didn't just **** up this thread into a religion debate, jackass
Pit, what are some of the major plotholes in a movie that are just so blatant, you can't ignore and enjoy the movie? The major skips in logic that just cause you physical pain to witness

For instance, in Citizen Kane, he dies alone, and WHISPERS his last word, then a minute later the nurse runs in to see what happened...WHO HEARD HIS LAST WORD?!
Dead Alive, or Brain Dead outside of America, about right when the party begins to go to hell, I'd start crying and search for a gun

but more often I get the, "why doesn't he just tell them!?" moment, that pisses me off, you could tell them, convince them of truth, and then you'd have an extra helper rather than extra hurdle!
Would you like some cheese with that whine?
Pit, I just discovered that I share a birthday with Robert Pattinson, what do I do?