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that one band thats called "!!!"

Godspeed! You Black Emperor, I like it, but I can see where people would hate it


Reign Of Kindo

Eddie And The Hot Rods

Neutral Milk Hotel

Minus The Bear

Mother Love Bone

Deep Blue Something

keep in mind, I love every one of these bands
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those are a little different though.

Y2K was computers crashing

666 is a stupid random number

a calendar stops on 12-21-2012

I don't think anything natural will happen, but there is a possibility (but, then again, there is everyday)

I DO think that too many people will freak out and something economy-wise, technology-wise, or something caused by people that will screw us up for a while.

666 is the Number Of The Beast as stated in's not random or stupid (or 616 depending on your beliefs)
No, it will not, the Mayan long-count calenders predict the end of an AGE, such as the Bronze Age, or Iron Age, not the world, multiple long-count calenders have ended before. Even asking Mayan descendants will show you that not a single Mayan believes this is the end of the world, because they know that the end of a Long-Count calender is not meant to predict the end of the world.
Teacher: Now, in Macbeth, why would Malcolm not be a good king?
Me: He's a virgin?
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That movie is hella good

So let's just KEEP ON DANCIN!

Indie Folk - Elliott Smith, Neutral Milk Hotel, Iron And Wine, etc

Grunge - Love Battery, Mudhoney, Mother Love Bone, Alice In Chains, Temple Of The Dog, etc

followed very closely by Punk and its many subgenres

my favorite album of all time is In The Aeroplane Over The Sea by Neutral Milk Hotel

But honestly, I listen to and enjoy everything, I own music from Opeth to Hanson, Beastie Boys to Minus The Bear, if you name band, I likely own something by them, or strongly desire to
Despite all his rage...
either the POG, or that nifty one that makes your guitar sound like a Moog synth
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Songs that basically play to the poor hickish type people...

Bartender... ya know "Bartender I really did it this time... "
Chickenfried - zack brown band
This Afternoon - nickleback
All summer long - kid rock (really... really? Steals two riffs and thinks hes cool?)

Sampling is not the same thing as stealing...the original artists DO get writing credits, that's like I Got You by Train steals a Doobie Brothers song...
That stupid commercial jingle makes me hate television

and a good amount of Kings Of Leon songs, his voice just...grates, but the instrumentation is fantastic, so I keep listening
Walking Wounded by Bayside has a surprisingly good solo to it

Backwater by Meat Puppets

Kid Charlemagne by Steely Dan

Sultans Of Swing by Dire Straits

Working Man by Rush

Dancing Through Sunday by A.F.I. (don't judge, he's a wonderful guitarist)
Fleet Foxes
Minus The Bear
Them Crooked Vultures
Ben Folds Five
Old 97s
My Bloody Valentine
I live in Vandalia, Ohio, my older brother was the first drummer for Devil Wears Prada, and they practiced in our house all the time, but my mom, ironically, made him quit because of their, "satanic screaming music"...I almost cried when I found out they got famous

I actually kinda like it, but I know plenty who don't, absolutely gorgeous album, artwork is...odd to say the least
This always seems to happen, artists with immense talent, or intelligently crafted radio music, just don't get famous, even though they're wonderfully talented or absolutely Pop-friendly.

What are the Pit's favorite artists who were cursed with near fame?

I'd have to say:

Apples In Stereo
Matthew Sweet
Minus The Bear
Old 97s
What Made Milwaukee Famous
Butthole Surfers
This is my attempt at, like, an Iron & Wine type song, that hushed naturalistic Folky style, it's probably pretty bad, but I thought I'd give it a shot

Smoke rolls down off the mountain through the trees,
And the blackness rustles through the grit of my soul.
The flames are licking at the knife’s edge of the creek;
Translucent steam rises to the opaque smolder
In the sky…

The glorious pair rises into the violet-azure sky
A waltz breathtaking in its splendorous majesty
The inferno builds, zephyrs whip, leaves join the fray
Hues coalesce; yellows and scarlets enter the swirl
Around the peak…

Flare devours the foliage
Ash defiles the aviary
Magnificence bred through the blaze

You’re the fire that awakened my soul
tú eres el fuego que despertó mi alma
True Men Don't Kill Coyotes! It's so hardcore...
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I think the Smiths cover would fit in perfectly with their sound at that time.

At the time, yeah, but I have trouble viewing a band outside of holistically...I need to go find that album again...
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Dear You era Jawbreaker - Hand in Glove (the Smiths)
Bivouac era Jawbreaker - Something I Learned Today or Pink Turns to Blue(Husker Du)
Brand New - A Forest (the Cure)

FULLY agree with the Cure and Husker Du covers....Smiths would be cool, but I think less awesome
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I'm not trying to get in a fight, maybe you have info I dont...

But Mellon Collie, even as a double album, sold 18.5 million records. I don't think SD sold even 9 million.

Wiki (which is a more credible source than people give credit for) has Siamese Dream at 10 million worldwide, and Mellon Collie (with the numbers halved) at 3,067,500
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Mellon Collie is the Pumpkin's biggest seller. Siamese Dream for life.

Good call on Let It Be, one of my all time favorites.


Pink Floyd - Animals and Meddle > DSotM
The Streets - A Grand Don't Come for Free (just better than OPM as an album)
Mastodon - Remission (they've slowly gotten more boring/formulaic)
PJ Harvey - any of her earlier albums > newer stuff
Bjork - Homogenic (this one is really respected and sold well initally, but I think her newer stuff sells more)
Pavement - Slanted and Enchanted (they had more popular singles later, but nothing beats this album)
Boredoms - super ae (Vision Creation Newsun is great, but this was the first glorious transition from noise to psychedelic krautrock)
Liars - Drums Not Dead (their most experimental and still their best)

Mellon Collie is considered a higher seller because it's a double album, so each sale is counted as 2, technically Siamese Dream is higher
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I have heard a bit of it and what I did hear was pretty good, I think I may check out more soon. Although I was refferering to the current Fleetwood Mac lineup.

I thought you would be, and props to Stevie Nicks! Landslide and Rhiannon are probably my favorite Fleetwood Mac songs
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Fleetwood Mac's other albums are just as good as Rumours.

Have you heard the early Peter Green-era? Back when they were sweet-o Blues Hard Rock, and Led Zeppelin ripped them off, and Santana covered them?
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Isn't Opeth's Blackwater Park considered their hit?
Anyways, I think Morningrise is their best album.

I think Ghost Reveries and My Arms, Your Hearse are a bit higher rated and selling, and Watershed sold rather well
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I could imagine them selling better since they went to a major label, but reviewed higher?O_o

Tim was reviewed higher, Pleased To Meet Me was semi-panned
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I was under the impression that Let It Be was the 'Mats most popular and critically acclaimed album >.>

I was too, but I guess Tim was higher reviewed, and Tim and Pleased To Meet Me sold better
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Wish You Were Here by the Floyd. At least twice as good as DSotM.

Here here! The eponymous song was gorgeous, and a whole, the album was beautiful
What are some albums you love, that didn't get nearly as big as the band's breakthough/biggest hit/critical success etc, but were probably much better?

Mine would be:

Antics by Interpol, so much better than Turn On The Bright Lights

Revelations by Audioslave

Let It Be by The Replacements, absolutely kills Tim

Bleach by Nirvana, I personally thought it destroyed Nevermind and In Utero

Can't Love, Can't Hurt by Augustana

Blackwater Park by Opeth

Humbug by Arctic Monkeys

Alchemy Index by Thrice

Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness by Smashing Pumpkins
The Decemberists should cover Aqualung by Jethro Tull!

The Mars Volta covering I've Seen All Good People or Time And A Word by Yes

R.E.M. covering Vindicated by Dashboard Confessional

Counting Crows covering Free Falling by Tom Petty

Panic! At The Disco covering In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida by Iron Butterfly! Think before you judge XD

Jeff Buckley covering Behind Blue Eyes by The Who!

Stray Cats covering Miss Murder by A.F.I.

Barenaked Ladies covering What I Got by Sublime

Alice In Chains covering Man On The Silver Mountain by Rainbow

Maroon 5 covering Crazy by Gnarls Barkley

Interpol covering Suzanne by Leonard Cohen
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I think if Owl City covered Take On Me by Aha it'd probably be well received. Even though Owl City is nowhere near my favorite band.

I adore him, and I think that'd be pretty swell

I think he could pull off most 80's New Wave'd be pretty hardcore
I wanna hear Minus The Bear do Hey by Pixies
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Make the best use of your adversity and learn some AC/DC tunes.

I did however take advantage of it and play a Kings Of Leon song
Welp I picked up some vocal spray, which is helping, but sadly not too long :-\
Pit! I need help! I have my first gig coming up, a solo Folk thing, but I'm getting a bit sick, and losing my voice...It's too short notice to cancel

Now I've been drinking a lot of tea with honey, and water with lemon juice, avoiding talking, etc

Any other tips to get my voice back by tonight?
Me First And The Jacob Jacobs!
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Metallica (For obvious reasons)

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