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I prefer the quality of CDs and Vinyl, but tapes hold SO much more information, it really is just uber-convenient. I will however give the win to CDs for the sake of selecting tracks rather than just skipping around hoping
I do a Folk show, so I bring my Big Muff just to soundcheck with the intro to Raining Blood by Slayer
I say in small doses, wear it, it's quite the snazzy, and could work, but use it sparingly, don't make it "your thing"
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I have both I think. Got them from a torrent called emocore I believe.

I do whatever I can to physically own all my music, the only downloads I have are for those few bands/artists who put their own stuff up free, like NIN or Brad Sucks

I just Amazon-ed the two XD
Dweezil and Moon Unit!
I always loved the name Anna Molly, before the song, but I think Incubus using it made it even more awesome XD

I DID however always want to raise my children teaching them colors and shapes wrong XD just to see how it would turn out.
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Thank sir, I might have to listen to them. I like Rites of Spring but I prefer Embrace a lot more. I think I prefer the piece to the band.

Ha, more than full agreement I did however use Rites Of Spring in a speech for my Speech class in school about the history of Emo, some kids jawdropped, because they thought FoB were like Emo made my day

I sadly had yet to find Embrace's self-titled or 13 Songs by Fugazi, definitely would've played those
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*strokes chin* I may try that band should it cross my mind. I'm a fan of Fugazi and Embrace.

Two of the best and I really wish Rites Of Spring had released more, I wasn't the biggest fan of their album, but there was a ton of potential there

but yeah, Sunny Day Real Estate and Jawbreaker are quite the amazing, that was when Emo exploded in Seattle and was combined with Grunge and Alternative, but SDRE is rather progressive as well
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EDIT: and 4. While I'm not especially fond of Emo music, I do not mind it from time to time.

Try the early 90's second-wave Emo, Sunny Day Real Estate was one of the greatest bands of the 90's, and ever. Much more an enjoyable genre than the 80's true Emotive Hardcore
Does it look flannel? Plaid? Nerdy? Then no. Learn to genre.

EDIT: and My Chemical Romance are about as far from Emo as possible...
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Where will I find knights?

Where will I find Aviators?
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The obvious one: Take 3 sheep (or pigs), paint the numbers 1, 2 and 4 on them and set them loose. They're gonna look forever for number 3.

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August Burns Red being labeled as a "christian" band by a lot of people bothers me a bit.

Well the members are Christian, and occasionally the lyrics are, so I'll take the Switchfoot route and say, "the songs aren't Christian, they're just written from my perspective, which happens to be that of a Christian"

that being said, Constellations was an amazing album.

EDIT: Hollywood Undead, amazing instrumental parts (not necessarily talented, just cool and effective), wonderfully delivered vocals...worst lyrics EVER! The only way I can listen to them is by forcing myself to view it as being satirical, same goes for Breathe Carolina
Incense and Peppermints by Strawberry Alarm Clock!
96 Tears by ? And The Mysterians

and for Rolling Stones you have to do Ruby Tuesday
I love Sonic Youth, but the random EXPLOSIONS OF FEEDBACK! put me off...

adore Pavement, but they tend to drag a bit

I also have a gigantic obsession with Neutral Milk Hotel but...oh wait, they're flawless

Billy Corgan's voice in later Smashing Pumpkins' releases (especially Zeigeist and Machina II)

when bands I love aren't well known, and it's impossible to find CDs by them in stores...damn Count Zero and their God-likeness

Bush, Gavin Rossdale has absolutely no idea how to write a hook, and it's hard to listen to them for any extended period of time
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Uncle Hartman's Tip Of The Day:

This isn't The Pit.

On topic, I haven't heard their stuff (I don't think), I've heard of them though. Who do they sound like?

Their cover of Mrs. Robinson was in Wayne's World 2
I hope you guys aren't watching this! If so!

10/10 Aphex ftw
and I love Seven by Sunny Day Real Estate, mega-favorite for a couple years
The Big M by Lust Control

XD Look it up!
the first song
Lover - Devendra Banhart
Bat Country - Avenged Sevenfold
I Believe In A Thing Called Love - The Darkness
El Torrente - Minus The Bear
Tessie - Dropkick Murphy's
Dear God - Monsters Of Folk
Gadsby was such a good book.
Banned cuz I have my first concert in a month!
Banned for a too-true sig
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Nothing wrong with that.
The New Danger - Mos Def was an awesome album. As was everything Daft Punk have done (looking forward to Tron SO MUCH). and Phish and just.. Phish.

I'm listening to Jason Mraz right now >_>. If you actually listen to more than I'm Yours, you'll realize he's actually pretty good.

Oh I have them in there for a reason, I just know the bands and genres get a lot of crap here, but I have a lot of stigma-related bands in my iTunes XD

and Jason Mraz is quite the amazing, as was I'm Yours as well. I do however think the albums as a whole are rather hit and miss
I have a playlist on my computer that includes both Hanson and Cannibal Corpse, and Brad Paisley, and Mos Def, and Daft Punk and Phish.
I believe in a thing called love...

I'm playing Two Princes by The Spin Doctors at my first concert in a month...

I love that song
We're supposed to have one, but we never have enough participants, or people who sign up to go XD

I once did bass with a trio who performed an instrumental version of Johnny B. Goode, I ripped

Thinking of doing an acoustic version of Such Great Heights by Postal Service this year
Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness - Smashing Pumpkins
Ocean Eyes - Owl City
The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place - Explosions In The Sky
In The Aeroplane Over The Sea - Neutral Milk Hotel
New Surrender - Anberlin
Almost all of Sorry Ma, Forgot To Take Out The Trash by The Replacements is just filled with random sounds, noises, talking, recording equipment, everything just making sounds it shouldn't, and a ludicrous amount of instrumental screwups, due to them being teenagers and wasted
all of Kurt Kirkwood's bass parts on Meat Puppets II, he was quite the terrible bassist XD But he made up for it by still sounding rather amazing despite the many mistakes and rushes
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Nicholas Stalactite and the Troll Nuts.

There are better pictures I could use for troll