I'd say chances are fairly good somewhere along the line. There doesn't seem to be too much tension between Axl and Izzy
The Official site now has some tour dates on it. South American leg from March 10-April 10
Finally something good outta the Gn'R camp! going on Jan 19th! and anyone else think they might not end up doing an American leg?

Just jokes, it is part of "Guns N' Roses Chinese Democracy world tour"
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so we might as well enjoy what we have. give it a chance at least, even though slash isnt playing the solos anymore.

yes, but the only problem I have is that we don't really have much to enjoy. Maybe I should be happy we got our album, but really I'm not, because now that it has been released GNR land is quieter than i can remember it being in a long time.
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Guys, what genre would you say Guns N' Roses belong to?

I would say Rock, but a few people I know call them a Metal band, and it got me thinking. They have a lot of really heavy songs, but I wouldn't consider them metal.

Just to pass the time, because, let's be honest, if the most exciting thing happening with your favourite band is a tab book well then you've got problems.

I call them Hard Rock
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He should be working on his album instead.

His Album is almost done if not done.. Last I Knew was he had all the guitar tracks finished and had 3 or 4 songs to finish up. That was last week
I'm trying to decide between these two amps.. I can get them both at the same price.

Trying to get some Ideas of what other people think on these amps
Slash is working on his new les Paul Custom
I think you should make endless demos and countless versions of your covers over the next 15 years until you think they're ready. Make sure you leak some demos though.
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Two switches? Eh?

Some Killswitch... meaning he'll play lots of Buckets parts?
haha I'm sure someone's probably said it and everyone's read it somewhere, but C.D released on Rockband 2 tomorrow.
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This thread is dying... why thread why?? *tries cpr* ...

Probably because there's not a whole lot of stuff goin around in GNR land... as far as we know
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That's what I was thinking of. It has a Tele body shape in the video though, doesn't it?

Yeah it sure was.

That's the closest thing I can find at the moment. it's a 7 string though, without the FR
I believe it was an ESP? in the music video atleast. May have been something else in studio
are you suggesting that GN'R aren't tight?! AND that they don't have a good time playing?! That's a mighty statement i must say...

I didn't really like that Fortus vid either. Seems too 'Slash-like' if ya ask me.

No I'm not saying they're not tight musically, musically they are.. but it's not like they just came together... Axl hired them and they became whereas before it was like Slash knew steven, Izzy knew Axl. I'm sure they do have a good time playing shows but that's not really what I meant
ORLY? And what is 'Guns like' exactly? Buckethead? Any Finck look(Primarily early 00s)? There is no Guns look. Just great players!

That is what I find my problem to be with Guns now. There isn't a "Guns" look or feel. it is "Just good Players" good individuals. not a tight group of guys having fun and playing.
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Hahaha he played it on an iPhone, awesome. Anyone know what scale he was using there? sounded kinda exotic..
Is anyone else making a slight synyster gaytes( ) connection here?

Not synyster gates.... TRACII GUNS!!! style wise anyway
oh he sure does man, I'm really excited for some songs in GNR co written by him ( if they ever get to that point)
Saw Ashba Playing with Sixx Am Live, he's pretty good. Props the guitar up on his leg like slash does though sometimes
So my girlfriends b day is coming up on damnit Wednesday and i was hoping to maybe get some other Ideas.. she doesn't really want anything so she says so I was just gonna keep it small to something like flowers. any other ideas?
for those of you wanting the Guns/Metallica show again like me... it's rumoured that Guns and Metallica will both be at a festival at Knebworth this year... aswell as Foo Fighters and a few others... Maiden.. Can't really remember.. read it over at
Oh yeah man i ****in Love that Vid!
No have not sounds squishy.

What kind of Condoms should I buy tomorrow?
Really if that kid gets the Gig I don't really care. As long as he has good presence on stage I'm cool with that... but to be honest Guns keeps turning into a bigger joke. They just keep ****ing themselves up the asshole with no lube so it bleeds
yeah so with V-Day coming up.. I'm starting to worry about gifts. I don't really know what to get my girl. It's been a bit over a month now, and I'm just not sure what to get her. I was thinking maybe a gift card but I didn't think that gift cards are good gifting for V-DAy
Happpy Mother F'n Birthday Bitch!
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and Mr. Brownstone. The riff is on the left, chord progression(sp?) is on the right.

I do believer that in Brownstone that it's Izzy that plays the descending riff, Slash plays the chords over that. Check out the live vids too.

Yeah, GNR need to do something midly interesting. And SOON!

hhahahahaha "soon" everything about everything GNR is always "soon"
^ Ahh how I've been waiting... maybe shoulda held off on my American Deluxe Tele... Oh well nothing like pissing off the rents
We've been real "dry" as far as news goes lately but I guess here's a bit on Slash.

Musician Slash wins round in lawsuit over house in Hollywood
at 18:48 on January 23, 2009, EDT.

LOS ANGELES - A judge says Slash and his wife can pursue their lawsuit against the sellers of what they thought was a party-worthy Hollywood Hills home.

The former Guns N' Roses guitarist claims real estate agent Gregory Holcomb and Sotheby's International Realty misrepresented the house they bought in 2006 and later sold.

They wanted enough size and parking for parties, but say the home was smaller than advertised and on a public street with parking restrictions.

The 2007 suit seeks more than US$1 million and punitive damages.

A judge refused to dismiss the claims Friday, but will allow Sotheby's to dispute punitive damages.

Defendants' lawyer Fredric Trester says he's confident they'll win at trial.

Slash did not speak at Friday's hearing.
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Yeah. I'd take the Axl/Izzy combo over Axl/Slash any day.

Agreed, Izzy is one of the best Song writers, and Axl is one of the best lyracists of all time. they win! IF IZzy had written songs for CD think of what it coulda been! oh yeah look out as Down by The Ocean which is to appear on CDII or whatever it will be called is written by Izzy
Cheap Trick x2
Velvet Revolver
Three Days Grace x4 haha
Motley Crue x2
Def Lepard
Judas Priest
Bon Jovi
Van Halen
Rolling Stones
The Who
Bryan Adams
Ozzy Osbourne
Theory of A Deadman
Sixx Am
Papa Roach
Faber Drive
Rob Zombie

All I can think of right now.. don't have my tic stubs in front of me
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Crash Diet is sweet, the solo is played by West Arkeen right? I've loved Bring It Back Home for ages but I don't really like Cornshucker.

Yeah West Arkeen did that solo it's pretty wicked i think... RIP Aaron!
Oooo yeah, now THAT is tasty stuff!

Recently i've been listening back to the old old stuff like Too Much Too Soon, Cornshucker, Shadow of Your Love, Ain't Goin Down, Bring it Back Home, Crash Diet, Goognight Tonight (live), Sentimental Movie, Just Another Sunday and though some are also 'unwanted illusions', they are still really great songs!

AHHH!!! CRASH DIET!!!! I LOVE THAT SONG!!! AAAAHHHH I think Asphalt Ballet did a deece job with it, but it would have been a fricken epic song if GNR actually held onto it and used it!
^ I think I will respect them more so as "real" member then I do now with albums, though it seems Fink is out... so... yeah **** could be hard.
I think the difference is that during those yearrs of 98-2008 those boys were just "in the band" nothing happened... okay they were "working" on the album sure.. but from Slash you got 5 Guns Albums and a Snakepit album with songs that were for GNR and tours. with these guys we've seen. 2 tours. that's why I don't think of them in somewhat of the same way I do include them as GNR members but not really in the same light
Yessir the SOD everything about that song is very "Old Guns" sounding, and I will take Guns in any form, as some Guns are better then no Guns. though i'm still holding out to a 2012 Reunion!
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just droppin' in to say that this is the first time i've ever posted in this thread (veryyy ironic really) and that i've had Chinese Democracy since it available and after listening to the album about 5 or so times, it really is a great piece of work.

my current favorite song is "This I Love."

what think is funny is when they first started leaking demos years ago off the album, i heard 'Better' and instantly thought, "This is a sweet song, and i hope it's gonna be a single!." and what do ya know, it has become both, that's awesome..

but anyway, i don't like all the negative criticism from people who have listened to this album once or NOT AT ALL, tons of people bashing it b/c everyone was expecting it to be lame. how many die hard fans were turned off when they first heard more diverse GNR songs like 'Breakdown' and 'So Fine'? any real fan who's picked up both UYI albums would expect more musically sophisticated arrangements like on Chinese Democracy.

love the album, hate the wrongful and blind criticism...

but still wanting to consider it 'Axl and Friends' b/c i firmly believe Duff+Izzy+Slash+Matt+Axl is the best combination for the style of GNR.

Thank you. We have another that knows what they're talking about, I've always thought that CD has many comparable similarities musically to an Illusions album. Though i do still feel that eventually we will have a reunion. Just because Dizzy says no means nothing, this is coming from the man who says that he doesn't even know what parts he did made the album! I tried to believe that this would be a full band effort and album, but it didn't turn out that way. It is an Axl with help from Chris and contributions from other members of his touring band, using the name Guns N' Roses which I'm fine with. The album's great either way